JLUCast Chaos at the Earth’s Core

Enter the Lost World of the Warlord! Special guest JT The Exterminator joins Chris and Cindy to discuss JLU Season 3, episode 3 “Chaos at the Earth’s Core”! The League are pulled into the mystical realm of Skartaris to help Travis Morgan and his allies fend off Deimos, who is getting back-up from the Legion of Doom!

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Clip credits:

Clips from Justice League Unlimited “Chaos at the Earth’s Core”, music by Lolita Ritmanis, theme by Kristopher Carter.

14 responses to “JLUCast Chaos at the Earth’s Core

        1. White Kryptonite. I never understood the logic of how that “proved” the existence of Krypton in the 50th century in that old Superboy story…

  1. “Hey kid you want some white Kryptonite?
    Rookie “What’s that one do?
    “kills plants”
    “Earth plants or Kypton plants? I mean why kill plants on a planet that blew up?
    “multivese kid. Someday your gonna run into Super Swamp-thing!

    1. I watched a Jack Ryder exposé on this. Turns out there is no “white kryptonite.” It’s just concentrated Roundup!

  2. Great episode on a great episode, gang! I’m happy to see Fire & Water is honoring the diva clause on my guest contract: “When appearing on a Justice League-themed podcast, Captain Entropy will always be followed by JT the Exterminator, like the exquisite chocolate soufflé after a perfect steak.” Seriously, except for the fact that Courtney is hard to take in the first half, I loved this episode. I loved Warlord. Since we Air Force officers are constantly falling through portals to strange other worlds (see the Stargate franchise), it was always totally relatable. I wonder what the per diem pay is for Skartaris? The Leaguers other than first half Courtney are great, too, and it’s nice to see how they and their relationships have developed. You all covered that very well. I’m sorry Cindy isn’t down with the tough guy talk, but that’s just a matter of taste. Cindy, I heard “cringeworthy” (or the modern equivalent) and I heard scoffing noises, but I’m still not 100% sure what part bothers you. Does the word “cheesy” cover it?

  3. Because I love blowing the minds of old comic book nerds who aren’t still reading most of the continuity…

    Two characters you mentioned in this episode are dating nowadays. Take your guess… Done?

    What if I told you it was Jimmy Olsen and Silver Banshee?

    You’re welcome.

  4. I have to say Silver Banshee’s design is the best one from Byrne’s Superman run. It holds up over time, other artists can adapt it well, it’s beautiful and scary at the same time. The character herself and her powers always seem to change, but that’s more on the writers, and goes to show why it’s so hard to describe her deal except for “she looks cool!”

    Great coverage of this episode, gang! I’m sorry for Cindy, but hey, you got ‘er done!

    1. I think you’re right Tim. Byrne tapped into something that hadn’t quite crystalized into horror beauty yet. We can see what Jimmy sees in her…apparently!

      Cindy is a trooper. If she made it through Doctor Phibes with me over on House of Franklin-Stein, she can handle Warlord. 😉

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