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Gord Tolton, the producer/host of Prairie Justice: The Greg Sanders Vigilante Podcast saddles up with Chris and Cindy to discuss the JLU episode “Hunter’s Moon”. The Vigilante joins Shayera and Vixen on a rescue mission in deep space, but instead they find an angry battalion of Thanagaraians out for revenge against Shayera! And they aren’t the only ones who have a problem with the former Hawkgirl!

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “Hunter’s Moon”, music by Michael McCuistion and Kristopher Carter,  theme by Michael McCuistion.

17 responses to “JLUCast Hunter’s Moon

      1. That’s actually how I fold them. You know what, here’s the whole thing. I fold my clothes military (specifically Navy) style, even though I have never been in the military. My father was in the Sea Scouts and had a copy of “The Blue Jacket’s Manual”, which showed many things a Seaman would need to know, including folding of clothes for maximum space savings. Fast forward to this past year and Kira is in the Navy ROTC, so my dad loaned her the manual to go through (and eventually bought her one of her own). She comes out of her room, looks at me, and says “Now I know why you fold your clothes that way!” 😀

        If anyone’s interested, here are the images of how to fold things: https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/h/how-fold-your-navy-uniform.html

        1. Nice to hear the tradition continues! Considering John Stewart is shown somehow changing his GL uniform into street clothes (or period western clothes in “Weird Western Tales”), why does he have to fold anything at all? Just put them in that Guardians pocket dimension, or whatever!

          1. John did keep all of his clothes in that pocket dimension once. Then one day Sinestro stole his power battery and John was stuck wearing a beat-up GL uniform through most of a Static Shock episode…

        2. Okay, that link is great, because even I didn’t know all those tricks. I hate it when I have to give the Navy credit for something.

      1. We say Wolverine, but Timber Wolf (as Lone Wolf) had actually originated it (or Dave Cockrum, working on both characters, if you like). So Vixen as a precursor to Timber Wolf’s legacy? Yeah, totally.

  1. All I have to say is GL has some nerve telling Mari that PDA in the Watchtower is unprofessional. Wasn’t that him getting busy with Hawkgirl in the medical bay at the end of Wild Card? 🙂

  2. Thanks for a great episode, Franklins and Ranger Gord! By our modern Earth (Western Civ) understanding of intelligence collection and war, Hawkgirl just isn’t that bad, while her Thanagarian masters are terrible. She was a spy collecting intel under false pretenses on a people she wasn’t at war with for reasons of legitimate necessity. On Earth, that’s illegal everywhere it happens, but not because anyone thinks it’s actually wrong; it’s just so they can make it difficult and dangerous. It’s like a high risk, high payoff trick play in football. The defense isn’t actually morally outraged or anything. The Thanagarian High Command decided to wipe out billions for, again, reasons of legitimate necessity, but without ANY apparent effort to find a better way. In their plans, they exhibit a callous indifference to unimaginably massive collateral damage. Collateral damage is often necessary, but it should always be minimized, and you always look for another way. And the payoff has to justify it.

    That said, the Gordanians are even worse, and the Justice League should help the Thanagarian Resistance just to show the Thanagarians what right looks like.

    Finally, Kragger is clearly a traumatic brain injury victim, even though he didn’t incur the injury by impact or explosive. Even though he’s very much a bad guy, you do feel sympathy for him (as y’all pointed out). He feels like representation for all my brothers and sisters who suffered TBIs, and I appreciate it. If he’d lived, I’d want him to get treatment (on Takron-Galtos).

    Vigilante can be a great hero in general and an unforgiving, bullheaded male chauvinist in this situation on this mission. If our heroes don’t start off with things to learn, there’s no opportunity for an arc — and if they’re perfect, they’re not real.

    Looking forward to next time!

    1. Wow, you know, the League actually helping Thanagar would have been a really great full-circle end to Hawkgirl’s story. Now I wish they’d done that! They got too wrapped up in another storyline for Shayera in Season 3…not that I’m complaining!

      Thanks for the insight into Krager. Despite what he’d done, we really did feel for the poor guy! Maybe partially because how can you not like Hector Elizondo?

      Yes, character arcs are a wonderful thing, and it’s great that JLU was open to not portraying everyone as a perfect example of the best of humanity right off the bat. Even Superman has feet of clay here!


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