JLUCast I Am Legion

JLUCast returns with coverage of Justice League Unlimited Season 3, the final season! Lex Luthor escapes prison and is recruited to Grodd’s new, larger super villain group, the Legion of Doom! But first Luthor must pass the initiation test, by infiltrating Blackhawk Island! Can the League and the last Blackhawk stop the Legion and save the historical treasures housed there?

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “I Am Legion”, music and theme by Kristopher Carter.

11 responses to “JLUCast I Am Legion

  1. LEGION of Doom is a MORE Subtile than Secret socitey of Super villians. But im glad they called it Legion of Doom cuz I was already upset there was no Captain comet!
    Where WAS Blackhawk island in the comics?

    1. When the Blackhawks were fighting WWII in the European theater, the Island was in the North Atlantic (which is what Who’s Who says). The Blackhawk novel puts it where it would have been cold and miserable, northwest of Scotland (I don’t believe it). According to the DC Heroes RPG, it’s west of Spain between 1940 and 1943, which is more believable. After the U.S. got into the war in the Pacific, the Blackhawks moved house to that side of the world, but relatively late, references aggregating around 1944.

      1. so my memory that it changed…a lot is right! Maybe my pitch where the blackhawks are linked to a magic island that goes where Merlin sends it woukd work

  2. Great episode on a great episode, Franklins, but I think I got something in my eye (sniff). I’m a fan of real world volunteer flying units like the Lafayette Escadrille and their Hat in the Ring squadron from World War I, and also the Flying Tigers from World War II. On top of that, I got to support real air commandos for a couple of years in Air Force Special Operations Command. My point is — I love the Blackhawks! And props to your dad, Chris. Mine’s also 85. I don’t think he can kick butt quite like he used to, but I bet he could still make the shot that Chuck did. And great analysis of the Shayera-Wally interaction. I think you both really nailed the motivations. The writers really gave us great characterization for everyone in this, especially Shayera and Lex. Looking forward to the next episode. Hawk-AAA!

  3. Another great episode! I think Challenge of the Super Friends was probably my gateway drug into the larger DCU. I’m a sucker for any version of this classic good guys vs. bad guys story. Only Alex Ross’ JUSTICE comes as close as the joy every episode of this season brought to me.

    1. And Justice was also a riff on Challenge as well! I was just thinking if I met a lot of the Justice Leaguers through Challenge, but it was probably Super Friends #7, which came out a year before the Challenge season. Either way, it definitely cemented what the DCU and their rogues were to me.

  4. Count me as another big fan of Challenge of the Super-Friends. I’d watched SF since the beginning, which did a great job with bringing DC Universe guest stars in, so I knew before CotSF that there was a Hawkman AND Hawkgirl. And even as a kid, I was disappointed that Hawkgirl didn’t become part of the series. I was remarkably on board with more women representation.

    So this season is delightful, and this episode kicks it off with a bang thanks to its Who’s Who of villain cameos. It’s been a while since my last rewatch, so I’m looking forward to seeing it play out again. Thanks for the great show, Franklins!

    1. I never understood why Hawkgirl, Atom and even Rima didn’t make it to Challenge. I guess you could throw in Plastic Man and Green Arrow too, but Hawkgirl, Atom and Rima had just appeared the season prior. Plus, there were 13 Legionnaires of Doom, and only 11 Super Friends!

      It’s been a while since we’ve rewatched this season too, and we haven’t watched ahead. Thanks for watching along with us, and listening, Tim!

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