JLUCast : Initiation

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED coverage starts here! Chris and Cindy review JLU Season 1, Episode 1, “Initiation”! Green Arrow refuses membership in the new, MUCH larger Justice League. But when Green Lantern, Captain Atom and Supergirl fail to stop an atomic monster, will the Emerald Archer step up to the plate?

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “Initiation. Justice League Unlimited theme by Michael McCuistion

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  1. I love this episode so much! (In a way because Green Arrow is being used like Hawkeye.)

    Guys, while Justice League was great, you’ve moved into the era of the show I most loved. More heroes, better action, just awesome. Very happy you’re finally there!

  2. Chris, thanks for mentioning the Green Arrow/first new member of the JLA bit of DC trivia that I know I know I know I know I know I know was on Timm nd Co.’s mind when coming up with this premiere episode.

  3. I love this episode … Supergirl kicks all the butt.

    There is something about how JLU portrays Kara. She’s young and brash. She wants to do the right thing. She wants to help. She is trying to impress as a young hero. She is a touch rebellious. It all just works. And this first season shines such a light on her.

    I love how she sticks her tongue out at Captain Atom, completely juvenile, then feels sheepish about it because she is trying to put on these adult airs.

    Just fantastic. Thrown in Brimstone (BRIMSTONE!) and you had me at episode 1!

    1. Great observations about Supergirl, Anj (imagine that). I like that Kara is both brash and concerned with living up to the “family” legacy. It’s a great angle for the character, and the creators do a wonderful job with her throughout the series!


  4. A lit bit of Kin Shriner (Green Arrow) trivia: he and his twin bother Will Shriner (comedian) are the sons of the late, great Herb Shriner, who was a humorist in the style of Will Rogers on radio and early TV. He would probably be better remembered today but unfortunately, he and his wife were killed in a car accident in 1970. He was driving one of the 40 cars he owned, a restored Studebaker Avante when he lost control of the car and crashed into a palm tree.

    Here is a clip of Shriner with Orson Welles:


    I am so happy that you are covering the JLU episodes. This is the show I wished had been on TV when I was 8.

    1. I was aware of Wil Shriner via his short-lived talk show back in the 80s, but I had no idea he was Kin’s brother. And unfortunately, I didn’t know of their famous father. Thanks for the knowledge!

  5. Great episode of the show and the podcast! I am actually new to JLU. I watched Superfriends and read DC Comics while growing up in the 70s and early 80s but didn’t watch JLU when it first aired. I’m looking forward to watching the episodes as you cover them on the podcast. It seems like a great show with the expanded group of heroes and single-episode stories.

    I really enjoyed the first episode. Green Arrow is perfectly voiced by Kin Shriner (who I am a fan of because I’ve been watching General Hospital for 40 years). As you note Green Arrow makes a great POV character, and it’s interesting that this is only his second TV appearance following his guest spot on one episode of the first season of Superfriends in 1973.

    Looking forward to future episodes!

  6. Glad to have the podcast back, covering what I believe to be the DEFINITIVE interpretation of these characters in ANY medium. When certain fans go on and on about how Batman can’t interact with the more “fantastical” elements of the DCU, I point them directly to JLU. The writing, voice acting and animation is top notch throughout and, regarding this episode, we get the Green Arrow I enjoy the most. When I read any GA comics, it’s Kin Shriner’s voice I hear. Looking forward to navigating through this wonderful series with Chris, Cindy and any special guests they have lined up.

    1. Thanks Mick! I agree, this IS the ultimate iteration of the DCU for me. You also hit the nail on the head when it comes to Batman. Somehow TImm and Co. have Batman going on the most fantastic of adventures, but he’s still the “grounded” BTAS Batman, and not just by voice.

  7. In Superman: The Movie, there are notes in the title theme that scan to the spoken or sung word “Superman,” surely arranged that way by the legendary composer. Some other Superman themes have something similar. So does this new rockin’ JLU theme. Certain notes seem to sing out:
    – Jus
    — tice
    – UN a LIM i TED
    (Yeah, one extra impish syllable sneaks in.)
    I count two times you can sing this in the start of the song and then five more in a row at the end. Cindy ought to appreciate hearing you give it a try, Chris — I understand the repetitive sorts of songs

      1. Ha! I’ve heard that in the theme too, Doug. Heck, the orginal JL theme KINDA has that too. Although you can also sing “Twins of Evil” to it too. 😉

        Shirley Walker’s STAS theme defintiely has “Superman” in it:

        “Superman, Superman, Super-Superman, Super-Superman!”


        1. Dad came up with these lyrics to make me and my sister laugh when we watched the opening and closing credits of STAS:

          Superman…. Superman….
          Wears on the outside his underpants!

          Superman… Superman…
          Maybe he should call them outerpants!

  8. Sorry to give feedback on your feedback, but this may be our only opportunity to mention The Abominapolis Phibes Hundred!

  9. Firestorm being taken down by Deathstroke (DEATHSTROKE?!) does sound pretty lame. And Firestorm being taken down by the Shadow Thief (SHADOW THIEF?!) using the Shining Knight’s sword is even lamer!

  10. Impressive podcast most impresses. This seems like a decent enough story. I like this episode. Though to be honest Grail is the one with who did my favorite version of green arrow. Though he was pretty cool on this cartoon they did pick the perfect guy to voice him. No I was more in vested in the Huntress and question romance. Black Canary and green arrow were pretty cool too. And other than Grail this is been the best version of green arrow. And he’s definitely perfect person to be peeled the character for this episode. Though it didn’t bounce around from episode episode. Though I did like his great speech on the very last episode as to why the justice league should keep going. Back to this episode it was pretty good and as a kind of cool buddy dynamic green arrow and Supergirl work well. Interesting it would have to be someone underage for Oliver to have a female friend that he thought of as just a friend. The flash may pretend to be a horn dog. But, green arrow is the real deal. He’s not as bad as Hal Jordan but still. Though his platonic friendship with Supergirl throughout this entire cartoon becomes a prequel dynamic. Especially in her last episode was used decides to stay in the future to become part of the Legion of superheroes. I didn’t really pick up on green lantern trying to be sexist. But he did kind of screwup calling her by her real name and not her codename.

    However, I can’t remember if in the cartoon she used her secret identity or if she went by her kryptonian name. Because if she’s Linda then this is no different than when everyone called Superman, Kal. Since after all no one knows that his birth name and that he just goes by Clark Kent. Well I guess Clark Kent is his actual name but he was bored as. But he still answers to it so it counts. Supergirl does get a decent amount of characterization throughout the show. This kind of is the start of it. It’s though I think of her two best friends is being Oli and once she gets over her Jan moment.Star girl. Though she almost goes down right to the point of being Jan Brady to Supergirl’s Marsha. I do like that he defeats the thing with his known talent. Kind of like when Barry or Wally wins the day using speed because it’s well what they do. In truth this is pretty much perfect casting. Then defeating brimstone was pretty cool. And the friction between Capt. Atom and Supergirl makes sense. The letter most teased twentysomething years old. He just doesn’t have the attitude of anyone at least 30. The acts the way he does what he thinks he’s supposed to. And doesn’t really strike me as the man out of time version of Capt. Atom from the comics.

    Just some 20-year-old kid who got to his position through following the orders and probably went to ROTC. While he’s probably seen action I don’t think he’s had a lot of life experiences. Also how he reacts in later episodes is someone just following orders. As for green lantern. He just seems like the plug in guy. Like we needed someone to say these lines and fit this type of attitude. So that green arrow and Supergirl could have the dynamic and they did. And give us a reason as to why green arrow joins the team. While Canaries appearance is the cherry on the top of the cake for the reasons he decided to join. I think the initial working with Supergirl and the others is kind of what convinced him that he was needed here. He just couldn’t figure out a way to say it for a playoff as he did till he found it. Can’t wait till the next podcast.

  11. Since I’m getting in on the ground floor with your JLU episodes instead of playing catch-up for once, I’m going to do a watch-along! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. It arrived during a time that I wasn’t really paying attention, which is odd, because I distinctly remember watching its predecessor.

    And, if you’ll allow me a shameless plug… I have a DC Comics Guy blog on which I’m currently looking at Metamorpho. I mentioned that on our Classic Horrors Club Podcast and my co-host sang a bit of the theme, just like you did on this episode!

    Finally, I’m going to do it… right now… become a Patron. Shame on me for not doing it sooner; I have taken advantage of the network and it’s fine shows for much too long! I love what you all do.

    1. Wow, thanks Jeff! I caught Rich singing the “Metamorpho” song! I’ve been enjoying your recent blog entries on Metamorpho, Eclipso and Man-Bat. Everyone should check Jeff’s blog out, and of course the Classic Horrors Club podcast, which I always plug over at the House of Franklin-Stein on Super Mates! Jeff and Rich are the best!


      Thanks for your Patronage, and for following along with us on JLUCast. I think you’re going to LOVE this show. If you liked Justice League, JLU is THAT much better! I’m not overselling it!

    1. That could have very easily made the “JL Communicator” list Tim, and perhaps it should have even won it! She is great, and this series is too. We’re so glad to be here! Thanks for listening!

  12. Great show and great listener commentary. I don’t have much to add, just that I liked how JLU’s shorter stories pack so much into 22 minutes, and still takes the time to add little bits like Supergirl’s snide banter to Captain Atom (and that mock salute!), a Chong-Mai farmer testing Green Lantern’s energy bridge with his foot, and explaining how a boxing glove arrow can fit inside Green Arrow’s quiver.

    I also did not hear a mention about the new opening credits for the show, which at first would show clips of the episode we were about to watch. My dad said it was inspired by an old sci-fi show called Space 1999, as well as Murder She Wrote (though I think he was kidding about the second one).

    Oh, and remember when Batman and Robin had superspeed in “Time Out of Joint”?

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Isamu! 😉

      Yes, I realized after we recorded the first two episodes we didn’t cover the new opening, so we’ll talk about that in Episode 3. I hadn’t really watched Space: 1999 until recently, but was aware of it thanks to Power Records, Mego and Mattel figures, etc. I have since watched a few episodes and really enjoyed them! But they did “spoil” a lot of action, like JLU does here. I know at some point they go to generic clips from previous episodes, since Timm and Co. found it hard to find non-spoilery big action moments to “sell” each episode.

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