JLUCast Panic in the Sky

Special guest Dr. Anj joins Chris and Cindy, as the Cadmus Arc comes to a head with the siege of the Watchtower! With their founding members off the table, can the Justice League defeat an army of Ultimen? And will Supergirl survive her final battle with her clone, Galatea?  And what of the shocking reveal of who’s REALLY behind all of this?

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “Panic in the Sky”, music by Lolita Ritmanis,  theme by Kristopher Carter.

20 responses to “JLUCast Panic in the Sky

  1. I always felt that when John Stewart said “ We can’t let that stop us from doing our job. We aren’t’t here to be liked. We’re here to make the world a safer place.”
    Instead of Superman saying “ How are we doing so far today?” I wish Flash had been on hand to say
    “That’s probably what the Justice Lords told themselves every day!”

      1. Well It’s not all that far off from the JLords John Stewart when he was talking about his childhood fears about nuclear Armageddon and how what they were doing was keeping the world safe from that and what they lost in public appreciation, was made up for by the fact that it was a safer world than it had been.

  2. Grrrr. Here’s my rant for this month!
    Okay, maybe the JL can justify that it NEEDS to have this Ultra-Destructo Super Weapon. Sure. But, WHY does it have to be in operating condition and frickin’ aimed at Earth?????? Leaguer 1: “…and that’s why we need to have this horribly destructive weapon. Thank you for voting to agree with me.” Leaguer 2: “It still seems dangerous to be sitting there all plugged in with the safety off. How about we disable the power mechanism, and put those pieces in another room, where they’ll be accessible in needed. Also, let’s aim it away from the planet where all our families live!” Grrrrrrr.
    Oh well, it’s always nice to hear Anj!

      1. So basically, install a manual trigger lock and store the ammo separately, because you’re not gonna be using this in a quick draw situation, anyway. Makes sense to me.

      1. No snark. No sarcasm. I find joy listening to the voices, hosts and guests, on the Fire and Water Podcast Network! ( especially my girlfriends in Canada who tell me they love me!)

    1. There’s also the implication that the JLU set up a WMD against the wishes of the US government, president. That would otherwise be considered an act of war. No wonder the president supported Cadmus.

      1. Well, when you put it that way…yeah! I believe he said he “strongly cautioned them” or something to that effect. So they told him they were going to do it, he disagreed, and they did it anyway.

  3. Hey guys! I heard the new episode over the weekend and it was pretty awesome. I am not ready for this season to end. But I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about divided we fall. This episode however, really embarks some dark mind games for many characters, but mainly for the Kents. I also want to mention that Mr.Terrific is on the Justice League since initiation! He is standing behind Wonder Woman in that episode, but it’s just a cameo. It’s interesting how it’s hard to pin point the 3 smart people who can control the watchtowers laser beam. For what I gathered between Batman and Waller in this episode and on Fatal Five, Lex Luthor is the first on the list to be as the super intelligence. Mr. Terrific is also among the top 3, considering to what was mentioned in the Fatal Five. I read that Mr. Terrific is #3 on that spot and that the 2nd person has not yet been named as of today. I also agree with you guys, Phil LaMarr steals the show as Steel and John. I know that Maria Canals doesn’t have a line in this episode. Maybe for budget reasons, but having her in the main founders table be quiet is a whole character development, considering that she would have been outspoken if this would have happened before star-crossed events.

    1. Thanks for the clarification on Mr. Terrific, Brianna. He’s pretty prominent in Season 3, but I couldn’t recall if we saw him in S1 or 2. I believe at one time in DC Comics canon, Michael Holt was considered one of the most intelligent people on the planet, so that all tracks.

      Great point on Shayera! Yeah, I guess Maria Canals wasn’t on this one to save some money, but a silent former Hawkgirl really does show she’s much more introspective and contemplative than she would have been back in the original series! We get a bit of old school Shayera next episode, however!

  4. Panic In The Sky and Divided We Fall are my #3 and #4 favorite episodes of JL/JLU for many good reasons. But the one thing that I always come back to in this episode is Batman’s reaction to surrendering to US custody. He tells them clear their own names and not wait on the sidelines for someone else to do it. Yet that’s exactly what he does. You can make the argument that he’s clearing his own name, but as he reminded them (and us all), he’s a part-timer. Sounds like ol’ Bats is playing fast and loose with the definition of “part-timer”! I wonder how Superman would have felt if, after vowing that the Justice League would pay for all the damage he and Captain Marvel caused to Lexor City (in the episode Clash), Batman responded with “Uh, you know I’m really a part-timer here Clark…” 😀

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