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Cindy and Chris Franklin bring you JLUCast covering the entire run of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series! Coming soon to the Fire and Water Podcast Network!

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          1. I like Scott Bakula as a rule, but Enterprise lost me quickly. I do need to go back and watch the last two seasons, since everyone tells me they are quite good. Well, except for that horrible ending with Troi and Riker looking 20 years older but set during TNG.


  1. Just when you think the FWP Network can’t get any better! A podcast about what is very likely the best interpretation of the DC Universe ever. I can’t wait to re-watch the series and listen along!

    1. Thanks Max! I’m looking forward to re-watching these myself, as I haven’t seen much of Season 1 and 2 in a long while. Cindy was ready to record this weekend, but alas, we do need SOME notes.

    1. I knew at some point the fire and water network would cover these cartoons I never knew who would do it but Chris and Cindy Franklin are most certainly the most appropriate individuals to cover this amazing series of animated genius

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