JLUCast Season 2 Wrap Party

Chris and Cindy look back on Justice League Season 2; Which moments and episodes stood out in this stellar season? Which stories and heroes shined throughout the entire series? Plus listener feedback, Apple Podcast reviews, and a preview of this year’s annual House of Franklin-Stein series on Super Mates!

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26 responses to “JLUCast Season 2 Wrap Party

  1. Being an unapologetic Flash fan, the best Power Action Feature moment in Season 2 is Flash stopping his own heartbeat to outsmart and then take out the Justice Lord’s Batman. He outsmarted and took down Batman, something few characters in the series were ever able to do. Why that isn’t the mike drop on the best action moment in the season is beyond me.

    But, the moments you two mentioned were good, too. 🙂

    “Comfort and Joy” is my favorite episode. I use it in my classroom for a holiday lesson on identifying and analyzing genre story tropes (holiday stories in this instance). It’s a fun lesson.

    Another great episode, Franklins. Looking forward to what you do with Justice League Unlimited.

  2. I wasn’t planning on commenting on this (what is there to say? “Nice reading that iTunes comment, Cindy!”), but I loved the playing of the HOF trailer at the end! It reminded me of the Saturday Morning line-up previews they used to do on Friday nights. Well done.

    I hate hearing that JLU won’t be back until next year, but I totally get it. Onto HOF!

  3. Once again, I am remiss. I did leave you a 5-Star Review, but again, I realized that it is published on the CANADIAN Apple site, so you’ll have to go into that Apple Store to receive it. Sorry, for being so sorry, Eh?

    1. Ach! I should have looked to see if there were any international reviews. We appreciate it either way Gord. Thank you! We’ll read it the next time we do reviews…if my old rattled brain can remember!


    2. It annoys me that they do that. Why do ratings and comments need to be sectioned off by country (and why can’t an Apple Podcast user no see them all without having to check every single country in a long scroll just in case)?!

  4. Impresses podcast most impressive. So you finally got to the season finale cool. Of course my justice leaguer will be Superman. No surprise there. Hey for the season he can do half bad then again for justice league Unlimited my leaguer will probably be Huntress. No I don’t care that she doesn’t have much to do most of the episodes. I’m fan girling out on this one. So I’m picking my two favorite characters. I mean I know she has some decent stuff to do in the team up she has with the question green arrow and Black Canary. As well as the battle royal episode. And this some in the second season. Think she shows up at least once in the first season. But, that’s what I’m going with. Slightly sad that the suicide squad movie isn’t doing better. Since when you got to the task force X episode it may have helped for cross synergy. Bar as the two true freaks folks call it blatant coattail riding episodes. An odd joke they do from time to time on their podcast. Any rate I have enjoyed most of these podcasts and it did bring back good memories of the show. Though I will be looking forward to when you do the house of FrankLenstein.

    My keyboard is dead some having to do this with my Dragon type and talk software. So some of this may not make sense. Then again my dyslexia will not hamper my spelling as badly as it normally does. I normally only uses for fanfiction. Or when submitting stuff I’m trying to write. At any rate, it has been a lot of fun hearing what y’all have had to say about the justice league and will be fun to hear whatever foreign movies you decide to view. Though in truth I’m looking forward to hearing which superhero comics y’all review that have a horror elements in them. Since it’s mostly what I listened to those episodes for. At any rate can’t wait to hear the next podcast. And yet I’m still on YouTube. It’s everyone’s favorite madwoman’s Liz Anne Oswalt on YouTube.

    1. Huntress definitely has some great moments on JLU. Her relationship with the Question is another one of those great elements that the DCAU creators did better than the comics even. Looking forward to talking about her, Question, Black Canary, and Green Arrow…who of course we get to talk about right out of the gate!


  5. I watched Season 1 of Justice League when it first came out, but missed Season 2 for some reason I can’t recall. Therefore, I’ve enjoyed filling that gap in my TV watching history. I’ll eventually pick up Justice League and Justice League Unlimited on DVD or Blu-ray (or however it’s available). I just need to finish my Super Friends collection first.

    Thanks for another remarkable episode.

  6. This was fun, Franklins. Thanks for another great season! I *just* reviewed the show in Apple Podcast, so you’ll have at least one review to read when you do this next year.

    I’m going to “fan up” with Liz Anne here — Superman for best hero, “Hereafter” for best episode, Vandal Savage for best villain, etc. Logical arguments to the contrary will be accepted, politely considered, then summarily dismissed for no reason other than personal bias.

    I very much appreciated y’all’s analysis on the morality and immorality of the Justice Lords and all the places they deviated from the Justice League’s path. Social psychologist Philip Zimbardo has written about how when someone does wrong, people generally assume it’s due to a moral flaw in that person. He points out that just as often, the specifics of the situation determine the difference between the person who makes a good decision and the person, who, under different pressures and influences, makes a bad one. He also says the leaders who blindly put people in morally difficult situations bear some of the blame. His colloquial analogy is that it isn’t just bad apples, it’s also bad barrels and bad barrel-makers. Your analysis hit some of the same points.

    As a vocal veteran on these comics pages, I appreciate all the praise y’all gave John Stewart. At the time the Justice League series first aired, it felt like DC Comics was using military service primarily as a way to explain how bad guys got their skills or went crazy. Even superhero veterans like Hal Jordan (i.e., Parallax) and Captain Atom (whom they intended to make Monarch) were morally compromised. A lot of people complained when the cartoon made John Stewart a Marine and that carried over into comics, but I was happy for the positive representation. And as far as I was concerned, it did nothing to negate the architect aspect of his character; it only explained how he paid for college. Americans as diverse as Jimi Hendrix, Steve McQueen, Denny O’Neil, and Frederick W. Smith (the founder and CEO of FedEx) have gone from military service to great accomplishment in other fields.

    Chris, I know you have a full schedule with House of Franklin-stein, next season of JLUCast, Superman Movie Minute, and real life, so I don’t want to ask too much. But if you and Ryan manage to fit a KnightCast episode somewhere in all that, I will be appreciative (and also amazed).

    1. Thanks for the review Captain! Very kind of you!

      I had no idea we were on track with a prominent Social Psychologist. I somehow feel smarter!

      Good point on John Stewart’s military service being a positive example. There are too many “Former (fill in the blank) gone rogue” villains. I guess I had somehow forgotten Denny O’Neil was in the Navy until I read his son’s wonderful tribute in the Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Special.

      Knightcast ain’t dead. Ryan hasn’t cancelled it yet! I’m sure we’ll be back to Gotham at some point in the next year.


  7. Yes, as surely as the chill night takes over from the daylight, gone is the color-splashed springtime and we approach the spooky autumn and the House of Franklin-Stein. That old stone media cabinet turns, inexorably turns — ah, it’s rotated all the way now — and where once it displayed some DC animated discs, instead now we face this year’s classic horror assortment. Another season of House of Franklin-Stein, another promising batch of fright films.

    So I understand that one of the movies involves a nightmare on some street or another, is it? Let it not be said that newer films aren’t welcome in Casa Von Vandiver, particularly if the Franklins recommend it. Will be sure to give that one a try this year. I expect there will be nightmariness and a street!

    1. Yeah, sounds like some nightmares are coming. But you know who else causes nightmares? A certain skull-faced doctor (who beat a certain hooded-skull-face-guy to media by several years). I wonder if he’ll rear his bony head again? Hmmm…


  8. batman should have WAY more trouble with Dr Destiny than SUPERMAN! God-like alien who gets MORE POWERFUL everytime he goes outside or normal 30 year old who street fights every night, which one’s more likely to need sleep?

  9. Loved the podcast loved the wrap up.

    So… In the Justice Lords universe…The Thanagarian invasion is still scheduled, right? I wonder, did they decide to call it off because their Hawkgirl disappeared, or just come in without subterfuge ?

    1. Oh wow, I had never thought of that! I guess Batman was still active, unless he turned himself in when the League left. Could Batman repel an entire alien invasion? I guess the other heroes soon to be seen on JLU were around somewhere. I want to know what happened now! Great idea for a follow-up in the new Justice League Infinity comic.

      Also, were Dr. Fate, Aquaman and Grundy alive and free to stop Icthultu? If not…not much Earth for the Thanagarians to invade!


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