JLUCast To Another Shore

FW All-Star Paul Kien joins Chris and Cindy to tell the tale of the Viking Prince! The legendary DC hero figures into the Legion of Doom’s latest plot! Can Wonder Woman and Green Arrow stop them, and what does all this mean for the Martian Manhunter?

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “To Another Shore”, music and theme by Kristopher Carter. Opening theme from The New Adventures of Wonder Woman by Charles Fox

18 responses to “JLUCast To Another Shore

  1. Grod is a total news junkie! in Secret Socitey of Super villians he’s the one that knew about all the alien invasions Captain Comet stopped You just know he knows where every dead metahuman is barried!

  2. Not that Paul wasn’t great, but it’s a shame you couldn’t call someone who knows quite a bit about Norse culture to talk about the Viking Prince.

    Putting my Arthurian hat on, I should point out an often overlooked fact about those stories. One of the main enemies of King Arthur, mainly in the early part of his reign, was the Saxons (of the same culture as the Vikings). So as much as a team-up between The Viking Prince and The Shining (or even Silent) Knight might sound, they would probably end up as enemies or, at best, antagonists.

    1. Paul was indeed a great guest, and since we weren’t deep-diving into Norse culture, but instead focusing on a character he’s passionate about, the Viking Prince, he was perfect.

      Good call on Sir Justin and Prince Jon not exactly gee-hawing.

        1. That was probably due to the “if we don’t work together, all reality is doomed” feeling.

          To cross the streams a bit, in the early periods of Pendragon a good amount of characters start with the Hates (Saxons) passion. The frequency of this decreases after the Boy King period (when Arthur defeats a good amount of the Saxon kings), so if Justin is from the later periods (most likely the Tournament period) he might have a lesser value for that.

  3. I really enjoyed the discussion about Prince Jon’s curse and considering if he was still alive, and I have WAY too many thoughts on the matter, understanding I am not an expert by any stretch (Gene will probably cringe at some of these), and going solely by the story as recounted in this episode. First, Jon wanted to be reunited with the Valkyrie in Valhalla, the hall of honored dead. But Odin’s curse covered the conditions of his death that would be in battle, but he still could possibly die in a dishonorable way to reside in Hel. Dying by cold was not *technically* stated by Grodd, so perhaps hypothermia could have killed Jon.

    Next, why was Jon in a ship in the arctic? Unlikely he was on vacation. He was trying to die, even dishonorably, probably stranding his ship on an iceberg. Meaning that even if he survived, he probably didn’t want to. So even if the heroes thawed him out, was it his wish to be revived, or was the Viking funeral in space actually a mercy at this point? I could argue yes, and of the current Leaguers, Diana would be most likely to grant that mercy. It would have been good for the show to acknowledge Jon might technically be alive, but alas.

    It was such a surprise back in the day when J’onn left. Rather than being the “heart” of this League, I’d call him the “rock”. The person everyone could count on to be there, and yes, nobody thought about if this was good for him until this episode, and it was perfect for Diana to be the one to call him out. And Flash hugging him before he leaves, just wonderful. (Because Flash is the “heart”.)

    So much good stuff for an episode that could have solely been a filler. Thanks, Franklins!

    1. Great points about Jon’s “death” or “non-death”! And yes, we should have thought of J’onn as “the rock”, since we have always said Wally was indeed the heart of the team!

  4. A thought I had. Grodd’ s plan is to recover the body in order to reverse engineer his secret of invulnerability. Now aside from whether he’s alive, in suspended animation, or truly dead, the fact is, his power of invulnerability was a power granted by Odin. Blessing or curse, it was a God-given gift. As such, there’s no formula to unlock and no amount of genetic reconfiguration will release the secret. The power is bestowed.
    (If the Viking Prince was dead, there’s also the probability his invulnerability died with him.)

    1. Men of science like Grodd and Lex probably scoff at any “god”, no matter the denomination. Much like the MCU did (especially early on), they probably see Odin and the Norse Gods as aliens using super science. So they think they are smart enough to figure out how it worked, because they are extremely arrogant.

  5. On the DC Universe Infinite forum they had the discussion about who are the three smartest men on Earth. It’s pretty much the consensus that in canon they are: Lex Luthor, Batgod and Mr. Terriffic. However, on the DC Kids You Tube Channel they did a riff on this.
    I forget who it was, but somebody trapped those three after reading an in story version of Who’s Who listing those three in that order.

    The three of them are held in death traps. The one who survives is promised a “special prize”. The other two die in reverse order, Terriffic, Batman and Luthor as the winner. Then Luthor discovers the prize is that his brain is to be removed and placed in the villains head. Before the procedure can begin the “dead” heroes arrive, save Luthor and defeat the villain thanks to Terriffic’s plan.
    The villain is confused; how could the worlds third smartest man outthink Batman and Luthor? The book says he is the third smartest man.
    Then Mr. Terriffic says “Who do you think wrote that book?”

    1. Ha, I like that! Thanks for letting us know about that. I always figure Lex is of course, technically brilliant, but isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, and that’s his actual downfall in almost every iteration of the character. His hubris does him in.

  6. Odin says something to Viking Prince in Valhalla.
    How does anyone, besides comic book readers, even know that? Grodd is an unreliable narrator. Whatever “legend” there is about The Viking Prince can only have been told by the Viking Prince repeatedly, tediously in every tavern in Europe! “Oh, I can’t be killed! Which means I’ll never see my sweetie again! Boo-hoo-hoo!”

    He was killed by the same thing that killed Wells’ Martian Invaders, “the tiniest creatures , that God, in his infinite wisdom, put on the Earth.” The quote, maybe inaccurate is from the other Welles’ version of Wells’ story.
    Still! Ancient Norman and ancient ship in pristine condition! Call the conservators and historians! That belongs in a museum!

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