JSA in the 90s Promo

It’s the year 1992 and the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, the world's first superhero team, make a triumphant return after six years trapped in another dimension. Finally home, the JSA find themselves relics in a world that has moved on. It's the age of pulse-pounding action, where the rules of Fair Play are tossed aside for gritty violence.

Our heroes ask themselves, does the world still need a Justice Society?

Oh yes it does… Join me, the Irredeemable Shag, for JSA in the 90s. We'll delve into the 10-issue JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA ongoing series drawn by the iconic Mike Parobeck, we’ll explore the 8-issue retroactive mini-series, and unearth hidden gems from the era!

Join us for JSA in the 90s. Available as part of the JUSTICE SOCIETY PRESENTS podcast feed beginning in August 2024.

2 responses to “JSA in the 90s Promo

  1. Looking forward to checking out this one, while at the same time not feeling confident I have hour+ interest in single issues of JSA (any volume.) Hoping you either do storylines or shorter episodes than JLI. But obviously I’m never the target demo. Despite occasionally tapping A.S.S. in the ’80s, I didn’t have much regard for the JSA until Starman #11, and I still haven’t read but one issue of The Golden Age. I was actually more drawn to Infinity Incorporated, or rather the idea of it, until I finally read a bunch of issues. It also hurt that the JSA title was never quite what I wanted from it, though it came closest during the Rags Morales run. If you make it anywhere near that far, I have a weird fascination with Alan Scott’s Sentinel period in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly on into Underworld Unleashed. Don’t forget the Batman/Superman Magazine material!

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