Justice Society Presents – Stargirl: The Lost Children


In this episode of JUSTICE SOCIETY PRESENTS, Sean Ross joins Shag to praise the recent STARGIRL: THE LOST CHILDREN mini-series written by Geoff Johns with art by Todd Nauck! Stargirl and Red Arrow discover a teenage hero from the past has gone missing, they set out to find him... only to discover he’s not the first teenage hero of the Golden Age to have vanished without a trace. What happened to these kids, and why were they erased from history?! Plus we cover YOUR listener feedback from the STARGIRL SPRING BREAK SPECIAL!

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21 responses to “Justice Society Presents – Stargirl: The Lost Children

  1. I read this series and enjoyed favorite new characters Jenny aka boom and lady bug I have gotta read some red bee comics . I know lady bug isn’t in them but from some covers I’ve seen the red bee look pretty cool . I also like Salem the witch as dr fate’s side kick now really need a dr fate series with him his trying to raise a young witch .

  2. Thanks for all the great content on the Fire & Water Podcast Network! I became a big Geoff Johns mark during his run on the JSA. In fact, that book (along w/ Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing, Robin, and Birds of Prey) brough me back to DC after a long sojourn in the mutant wilderness at Marvel. Speaking of the mutants, I think I first really encountered Todd Nauck’s work in the Nightcrawler series about 10 years ago or so. And I firmly believe that Stargirl is the best of the DCW series with only Legends being a serious (or not so serious given the zany tone of that show) rival. If you like Geoff Johns, I highly, highly recommend the work he and Gary Frank have done together at Image with their Mad Ghost imprint. Geiger was very good, but Junkyard Joe may have been the best comic from any company I’ve read in the last few years–GI Robot with plenty of heart. I’m looking forward to your shows on the Mike Parobeck JSA series and recommend doing an episode on the Virtue and Vice JLA/JSA hardcover from the 2000s. Again, you guys are awesome!

  3. I guess I’m that old man screaming for you kids to get off my lawn. As fun as this book was, I keep getting tired of the bait and switch DC keeps pulling on us. They did it in 1999 with the Return of the Justice Society. They had a great series set in 1945 and were teasing a post war series. Then the final issue came out and did a time jump to the then present.
    This book has the audacity to bill itself as part of the “New Golden Age.” But then it chickens out by saying the kids can’t go back to their own time. Why? Rip Hunter has already said history would rebuild around them. I suppose it’s because they feel a book set in the Forties wouldn’t sell today. So why then not just introduce them today? I think it diminishes and cheapens the whole concept.

  4. Speaking of the blue beetle I’ll go ahead an recommend a independent comic anthology called lucky comics . What does this have to with the blue beetle I hear shag shout, well the Star of the comic series is none other the grand daughter of patrol Dan Garrett golden age version and is beetle girl . Keeping her grandfather legacy a live as beetle girl you can also get several books of just her adventures including her team ups with other golden age heroes and yes shag in comic they even parody your beloved hostess ads or was that the guy who did knight man podcasts thing ? It’s beetle girl issue 30 . And you pick up luck comics on Amazon.com cheep for 5 bucks each . There black and white. But fun quick reads . Sorry if I’ve mentioned them before I may have forgotten if I did .

  5. I wouldn’t count out Per Deglaton as the ultimate big bad just yet, I consider the current JSA and this as companion comics and that used the Snow Globe as a big McGuffin as to why Helena Wayne Huntress is back in the Prime DC Universe. (she’s also time displaced in the opposite direction from the lost children so it is potentially deliberate). Guess we’ll see when the two cross over in the next JSA issue, whenever it eventually comes out!

    And for the record, I am also a fan of the Teen Witch and her talking cat, one of which is named Salem! 😀

  6. Great episode. I too enjoyed this series but thought it could have been condensed a bit. Geoff Johns has written so many good comics over the years – just not as many recently – but I will still always give him a chance. And the Todd Nauck art was perfect for this story. A true successor to Young Justice.

  7. Fantastic episode! A few thoughts about some of what y’all talked about.

    1. While I need to finish the series I want to echo y’all’s comments about the Stargirl series. Much like Superman and Lois it benefited from being separate from the overall CWVerse. It also felt different because originally it was intended to be on the DC app that preceded the current app. My wife and I are starting to watch the series from the first episode and outside of one thing she is enjoying it as well.

    B. Maybe I’m just getting soft in my older age but I’m so chill when it comes to continuity. In my younger days I was like Shag. It HAD to matter. Now I just takes things as they come. Johns’ idea works for me because of that.

    3. Sean asked what Dark Crisis was about and the answer is depression. That’s not me being snarky. The whole story revolves around one character and how their depression nearly ended reality. The lead up to it was fun (for me anyway) and it had the single best like from Psycho Pirate ever. During one of the lead in stories he is escaping and says, “I have to go! I’m needed in another event!”

    4. I did not get to read this series before listening but I am now looking forward to it.

    Great job as always.

      1. She keeps getting the bad guys confused in their civilian guises. Except for the Gambler obviously. Icicle and the Wizard are giving her a particular hard time.

        “They’re all a bunch of middle aged white men with short hair! I can’t tell them apart!”

  8. Just read issues 5 and 6 of star girl and lost children and honestly. I feel like Rip hunter is kinda of a Jerk . Here his saying you can’t have friends and family yet he does . Also I do like that BatLash is mentioned the end of story . Frankly I think there might be away to save the young time master and all it needs of for him to spend time with booster gold . Also who’s sparky gonna be the side kick to cause isn’t there two blue beetles in the Dc universe right now . And is secrets gonna be the specters side kick ? Not mention I can’t help wondering what’s pinky and gonna do and TNT has no memory of being a adult and owns a house .

  9. Yeah, the ending was sloppy, in my opinion. How hard could it really be to send the sidekicks back to their proper time? Especially now that DC ended at least three events by saying the multiverse is back. They probably couldn’t get Roy Thomas back to write it considering how he feels DC destroyed the integrity of his beloved JSA. But Robinson, Waid or another good writer with a genuine love for the characters could certainly give it a try. And maybe it’ll surprise the powers that be and people will actually like it.

  10. Thanks for another thoroughly entertaining episode, and the very kind shout-out. I agree so much about the confusing villains but I enjoyed this book hugely. If we don’t get at least a special showing what Blue Valley is like now it has a couple of dozen new superheroes I’ll be very upset. I expect Stargirl’s Mam, Barbara, will set up a system to get tracing modern day relatives of these unfortunate kids. The Todd Nauck illoes and Matt Herms colour art was indeed glorious.

    Arrowette was indeed connected to Green Arrow in being the daughter of Oliver Queen’s version of‘Batwoman, Miss Arrowette

    As a Baxter, I find the scapegoating of Corky, he of the super-cool raccoon hat, offensive. As you indicated, the real baddie here is Drip Hunter.

    I love Shag’s Per Degaton sidekick idea. Per Degateen? Pee Wee Degaton?

    An I the only one who thought Maser was a take on Quasar? The look was very similar to Quasar’s classic look.

    How could you forget the Courtney was on Justice League Canada… And still is, I reckon

    In the feedback, there was talk about Golden Age superhero cars. The other day I came across one I hadn’t heard of previously… The Boy Commandos had an AtoMobile! Great pun, and wotta vehicle – look it up!

  11. Great episode. Always love this Justice Society Presents episodes, and as much as I’ll miss the JLI podcast, I look forward to this as its successor.

    I really dug the idea that the baddie should have been Per Degaton, and his own teen sidekick. To add a wrinkle, I think his teen sidekick should be himself! A younger version of himself. Since he always ends up getting his mind wiped, why not just expand the concept to it being his younger self. Like a never ending loop.

    I enjoy the speculation, and I do wonder if/when we’ll get a Young Justice Society, and what we’ll be exploring there. It’s a great idea, I just don’t know if Johns has the creative time to output such a series.

    The Boom was probably my favorite character to come out of this. Especially after your thoughts on Jay and Joan “adopting” the super hero community, and having always wanted children of their own. As a dad, and a dad of an adopted child, that hit me in the feels in a good way.

  12. When I buy a miniseries in hard copy month by month, I make a point of rereading the entire thing after I get the final issue. This mini I read digitally and somehow didn’t even think of rereading it. What a weird blind spot, and super annoying, because I LOVED this mini! I agree with everything said on the show and in the comments, with my arms folded and a bass “YEAH.”

    It was strange having some of the variant covers showing S.T.R.I.P.E., but you know, issue #2’s variant A was drawn by Mike Maihack, one of my favorite cartoonists, so I’ll allow it. Mike also does some wonderful Supergirl/Batgirl comic strips, and he might be the one artist that can bring peace between Dr Anj and Stella.

    I thought issue #5’s cover looked familiar, and I was thinking of Young Justice #51. But looking at them side-by-side, they’re thematically similar, not an homage or anything. Still, any excuse to look at Nauck’s YJ covers is fine with me.

    Ok, I’ll get on the reread effort soon. And my life is now complete thanks to Sean verbing my name. Wonderful show, guys!

  13. There seems to be a general consensus among Flash fans that Judy Garrick a.k.a. The Boom is a wholly unnecessary character and there is a lot of resistance towards her getting more of the spotlight. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Jay and Joan said for years that they couldn’t have children. I, on the other hand, like the character (aside from the somewhat ridiculous code-name) and can’t wait to see more of her. Looking forward to the Jay Garrick: The Flash mini-series for a chance to get to know her better.

  14. I greatly enjoyed this mini-series and your coverage was a worthy follow-up to your episode on the Spring Break Special. Call me crazy, but Shag and Sean are a highly entertaining podcasting team.

    I appreciate you talking so much about Todd Nauck, because this doesn’t work nearly as well without him drawing the heck out of all of these characters with personality. This could have felt overstuffed, but it wasn’t.

    I hope we do see some of the characters sooner than later and not just because we need another Shag/Sean episode talking about it. Make mine Young Justice Society!

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