Justice Society Presents: JSA World War II


Network All-Stars Shag, Rob, Ryan, and Chris review the brand-new DCU animated movie JUSTICE SOCIETY: WORLD WAR II!

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18 responses to “Justice Society Presents: JSA World War II

  1. I’m listening to the show now. More later, but I want to say that according to Wikipedia the advisor character is an alternate version of Psycho-Pirate. He even has a brief line about being an actual pirate, which is how he ended up in Atlantis.

      1. Right or wrong, it isn’t the first time an established character was adapted such that it becomes merely an oblique reference to its comic book version. I don’t mind the different take on Psycho-Pirate, but a move overt suggestion of who the character is would have been preferable.

  2. Watching JSA World War II
    Aquaman: “Heil, Hitler!”
    Me: *clutching pearls* ” Oh, no. Not Rob”

    Great show guys, overall I believe I enjoyed the movie much more than you did and seeing it with my “civilian” husband I’d see that the appeal before the hardcore fanbase is definitely there.
    And yeah, I totally thought Shakespeare was Tex and the guy in the cell Kamandi.

  3. What a bunch of Old Nellies you guys are! For most of this episode I felt like I was listening to the two old guys in the balcony on The Muppet Show kvetch with some of their friends from the old folks’ home. Well, as I told Shagg the other day, I respect you all enough to let you be wrong. Haha!

    I am totally kidding, gentleman. I actually agree with most of the quibbles you all brought up about the film. They just didn’t bother me to the same extent. There are two reasons for this, I think. The first is that it became clear to me very quickly that this was a world-building film meant to establish the characters and potentially set up future conflicts. This is why I was okay with certain answers not being given (like who the kid is in the cell and how he got Superman’s costume) or conflicts going unresolved (like Aquaman turning tail and running once he realized what he had done). I don’t know whether or not these will be dealt with in future movies, but these very much felt like setups for future story points.

    The second reason goes back to the experience I had reading about the Earth-2 heroes while growing up, particularly in All-Star Squadron. Whenever I read stories with the JSA or the GA heroes, I always had a sense that anything could happen. Earth-1 was always going maintain the status quo no matter what, but on Earth-2, all bets were off to a certain extent. Here, Batman could die, Superman could get old, and Wonder Woman could get married and have a daughter. Also, my introduction into the idea that heroes could suffer great anguish came from All-Star Squadron #’s 19 – 20. So, my sense has always been that Earth-2 could be a darker and more dangerous place than Earth-1.

    I think this is why I’m okay with a Superman reluctant to join the fight or a Nazi-controlled Aquaman along with the other changes. Speaking of Aquaman, I don’t know if this will make Rob feel better, but this film might actually provide an explanation as to why the Earth-2 Aquaman (who DOES exist, Shagg!) was reluctant to participate directly in battles with the other heroes. An Aquaman dealing with the shame and embarrassment over his part in the attack could make for a compelling story…if they ever decide to do it.

    With that said, I agree that the strongest parts of this film are when the JSA is fighting Nazis and that it does indeed feel like a different film when the team travels to Atlantis. However, I disagree about the pointlessness of Barry Allen’s presence in the film. Back to the world-building idea, I really like that the JSA is serving as a more direct inspiration to the formation of the JLA. And, Wonder Woman giving Barry her engagement ring was a touching moment that resolved quite nicely the conflict he had been having in committing to a relationship with iris.

    Finally, something that hasn’t really been mentioned: the concept of traveling both through dimensions AND back in time is a really good idea for future JLA/JSA team-ups, and I hope they keep it. That way, there is no fear of the JSAers being so old as to push believability even for comic book characters. And, we won’t need the weird energy from an exploding Ian Karkull as an explanation for their extended youth.

    Thanks for the discussion, guys! As always, I enjoyed hearing your thoughts!

  4. Figured I’d watch the movie before listening to the review. Here’s my pre-podcast thoughts. There’s always going to be someone not liking a movie. I liked this one. I didn’t think of this so much of it as a JSA adventure than I did of it being an Elseworlds story. Is the kid with the suit package Jimmy? Also reminded me of Kamandi. I also thought maybe the advisor was Felix Faust.

    Well, that’s my two cents. Time to hear what you all think…

  5. Agree with the majority of your conclusions. I find it odd that the ‘turn’ was really to just regurgitate The Flashpoint Paradox DTV plot. They started with Aquaman vs Wonder Woman b/c Barry travels through time/multiverse and incorporated the JSA. Flash (to the creators) is essential, b/c it gives them license to destroy (literally and figuratively) all the iconic characters featured without any consequences. Barry can just go back to ‘Earth 1’ and he and Superman can meet the “real” Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Aquaman in other films, while the Earth 2 ‘JSA’ is gutted and filleted.

    I did think of you guys when ‘Shakespeare’ first shows up, “Kent Shakespeare? WHO IS THAT?!?!?!” 🙂

    Also, this is the only evidence I’ve found that supports the Advisor being this world’s Psycho Pirate. The video is from Warner Entertainment and features the Voice Actor, Geoff Arend, who in the video (and not the film oddly) is credited as Charles Halstead (real name of the Psycho Pirate).


    If this is too long, here’s a snapshot:


    And finally, that Kamandi short was the best thing about this entire release.

  6. Five members does not a Justice Society make. Hawkman IS the team’s leader, period. Aquaman being telepathically controlled by a Psycho-Loki-Pirate – a slap in the face of the mental master of marine life. Black Canary was a teenager when World War II was going on. Hawkman’s voice!!! huh?

    Ok this is an alternate world take so that said,
    it is ok. But considering expectations going into this movie, it was farther afield from the source material than was the Justice League animated series from the original comics JLA, IMHO. And the writers cribbing golden age Namor angst and MCEU Loki mind games into this JSA tale, hard pass.

  7. Hang on, so are there two WW’s and two Supermen – one on each earth? Lunacy!

    Glad you guys saved me $6! And two people I knew who received screeners told me how great this movie was! I’m torn. I have no idea who to believe anymore…

  8. Impressive podcast most impressive. Sorry to hear the movie wasn’t to y’all’s liking. Still I’ll have to rent it some day. Hmm old school Authar as the villain sort of interesting. I may have to see it just for earth 2 Supes. Any way can’t wait for the next podcast.

  9. I don’t normally follow the DC animated movies (the only ones I’ve seen are Death of Superman and Throne of Atlantis), but this one did pique my interest. Now, I know to temper my expectations, if I ever give it a try.

    Thanks for another remarkable episode. I always love these F&W Network team-up episodes.

  10. Not repeating all of the complaints, because I also have them. But, has anyone noticed the entire pacing in conversational scenes is very draggy and stilted? Kind of like, that the animator didn’t know how a conversation works, or didn’t know how to trim.

    That, and I will also reiterate my great disappointment in the choice of the car we got. When you say, “JSA” and “World War II” – that should pretty much carry the movie. I didn’t need Barry Allen and convoluted time travel. Jay Garrick seemed like a bit player in what should have been his own film. Okay, DC doesn’t have confidence in it’s repertory list to not make a video without it’s A-Listers. To me that says more about how DC has treated that back list over the years, and that, folks, is the problem we face in comics. The JSA, Legion, New Gods, etc, can’t excel if you don’t put them forward, and present their stories.

    I guess I can be consoled that we didn’t have Joker and Harley Quinn appear. Sorry to have said that out loud.

  11. I hit pause on the podcast, when you told me “spoilers ahead.” Then looked up how easily it would be to watch this (e.g., is it on HBOMax?). Since it was going to involve either renting or buying (and I agree with Rob on the ‘blind buy’ issue), I decided to just go forward with listening to the podcast and endure the spoilers.

    Holy cow.

    I have to say – as usual, you guys entertained me. I laughed quite a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, even if I’m a bit leery about the content that you discussed.

    In the course of one hour of your podcast, I’ve gone from, “oh, I should rent this,” to “oh, I need to not waste my money,” to “I’m kinda curious about this train wreck.” So….yeah.

  12. I’m really enjoying this new podcast and congratulations on your 10th anniversary. I agree with so many of your points about JSA World War 2, especially when it came to the Aquaman/Atlantis segment. I’m surprised that no one mentioned this but the whole Wonder Woman vs Aquaman/mind controlled Authur plot could have been avoided if Wonder Woman had her lasso of truth. It was completely convenient that the character was missing one of her signature weapons. Throughout the movie I keep saying “use your lasso”, but it never showed up. I guess if she had it, the movie would have only been an animated short. Great show and looking forward to more JSA in the future.

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