Justice Society Presents Promo

JUSTICE SOCIETY PRESENTS! A new anthology podcast featuring a variety of themed shows with different hosts celebrating comics and characters associated with the Golden Age of comics, Earth-2, the JSA and beyond.

The series will launch with an ongoing show called JUSTICE SOCIETY PRESENTS - CRISIS! in which Rob and Shag go through each of the classic team-ups between the Justice League and Justice Society!

Then joining the podcast feed will be THE STARMAN CHRONICLES. Chris and Cindy continue their coverage of James Robinson’s epic series from beginning to end.

Later, Ryan Daly and Max Romero will tackle the Vertigo title SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE.

In the coming months and years we’ll be adding further ongoing shows and one-off specials celebrating other beloved characters and comics related to the JSA of any era — from the 1940s to today!

Join the fight for Justice and subscribe to JUSTICE SOCIETY PRESENTS!

14 responses to “Justice Society Presents Promo

  1. My real reason for being affiliated with this particular podcast is to FINALLY give me a platform for my new show… BUZZ-OFF: THE SLASH FICTION OF THE RED BEE!

  2. The fire and water network already takes up a lot of my podcasts listening time and now your taking more. Being a huge Justice Society fan this will go to the top of my play list.
    Thanks for all the fantastic shows.

  3. Such a great idea for a show! If and when you ever cover All-Star Squadron issues 19 and 20, I have an interesting tidbit Jerry Ordway shared with me when I got him to sign those issues for me at a comicon a couple years ago. I look forward to sharing it here.

  4. YES! Yes! Yes! Yes! All-Star Squadron and Earth-2 were my favorite things about the DC Multiverse. Anything could happen on Earth-2. If Batman wasn’t safe, NO ONE WAS! I’m jumping up and down like a toddler on a sugar high in anticipation for the Infinity Inc. Generations Saga!!!!

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