Let’s Roll: AD&D Planescape

Siskoid welcomes back Jonathan Schaefer-Hames to discuss what stands as both gamers' favorite D&D setting of all time - Planescape! From the City of Doors, your philosophers with clubs travel the wide, magical multiverse in this critical darling of the AD&D 2nd edition era. And in the GameMaster's Advice segment, Siskoid talks about in-universe information services and how they can be deployed to enhance any number of campaigns.

Relevant images and credits in the Let's Roll Supplemental.

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2 responses to “Let’s Roll: AD&D Planescape

  1. Great episode you two!

    Man, Planes ape sounds like a blast! As a fan of multi genre campaigns, it seems like it would be right down my alley; especially since I am also a big fan of PCs having debates. Seems like the heavy focus on philosophy would really open up some nice character development.

    Well, Siskoid, I guess we know what we’ll be playing in the old folks home. Maybe D&D will have a fun edition by then.

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