Let’s Roll: Dream Park

Dream Park - it's a series of novels by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes ABOUT the future of role-playing, and then turned INTO a postmodern role-playing game by R. Talsorian Games. Siskoid not only ran this game for years, but also modified it considerably to suit his purposes. He re-invited one of his key players, Daniel "Pout" Ouellet, to discuss the experience of playing a player put through his paces by a GameMaster played by a GameMaster. It gets META! Plus, our GameMaster Advice column, and your feedback from the previous episode.

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One response to “Let’s Roll: Dream Park

  1. Thank you for this introduction to Dream Park. This is an RPG that I hadn’t heard of before today. I like the concept, particularly the meta aspects of it (e.g., players role-playing as players and the GM as an NPC). Now that I think of it, I bet you could modify Dream Park to make a decent Hunger Games RPG. The two certainly seem to share similar DNA.

    Wait! You’re recommending that all adventures don’t have to start in a tavern?! Well, I guess that’s okay, as long as I still have an opportunity to use my +1 flagon of ale guzzling at some point in the adventure.

    Finally, one thing about this show that I appreciate is that you post actual character sheets in the gallery. Having the sheets for reference helps me to get a better grasp of the flavor and mechanics of the game you are presenting. It also sparks my imagination regarding what type of character I might play in that game system.

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