Let’s Roll: Stupor Powers!

Last Christmas, Siskoid played Stupor Powers! The First-Class Role-Playing Game for Third-Rate Heroes with a group of players. Now, Siskoid welcomes the game's co-designer and comics pro Steve Ellis (Only Living Girl, High Moon) to the Fire and Water studios to discuss the genesis of the game and more besides. Then, Siskoid talks about where prospective GameMasters (of any game) can START in our GM Advice column (plus you feedback on the previous episode).

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3 responses to “Let’s Roll: Stupor Powers!

  1. Nice. I would certainly be interested in a fun, low commitment, Mystery Men-style game like this. Listening to the two of you describe Stupor Powers, I thought The Tick would be another super hero property that would translate well into this game. In particular, I’m thinking of being able to make a PC like my favorite character from the animated series, Sewer Urchin.

    I also enjoyed your advice for starting GMs. I know the mistake I made introducing my daughter to D&D, a few months ago, is that I didn’t choose a simple one-shot adventure for our first session. Also, something I’d recommend, when looking for an RPG system to play, is that some games offer a stripped-down, basic rule set that you can get for free or real cheap, which you can use to try out the game. If you like the system, you can buy the full game, and add complexity as you and your group like.

  2. Sounds like our group of players would get along very well with Steve’s! We love the same aspects of rpg.

  3. Lots of fun, Siskoid! It was great to hear from Steve and the fun you guys had with this funny RPG.

    I’ve really been enjoying your tips for starting GMs/DMs. I’ve really taken to heart on trying to involve my players more (once again my kids) when doing certain actions. Sure they still just want to swing an axe, but I get them to describe it a bit more and I try to “yes and…” them so it creates a little story with each action. Now they want to run up, jump off the table, pirouette, and then cleave an enemy’s skull. I’ve never been more proud as a parent.

    Also your tip of “If you don’t know a rule quickly, make it up and move along” is fantastic one! The players having fun is the most important part of the game. The rules are just there to help you have fun. I know first hand what it’s like to start poring over the Player’s Handbook and see my players start to get bored because they just want the action action action! “Hmmmmm, there’s no specific rule about trying to befriend wolves attacking you so you can have them as pets to then attack the goblins? Maybe it’s in the Skills section…….”(based on a true story).

    Thanks once again for an entertaining show. I can’t wait to see what game is up next! Keep up the great work!

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