Lonely Hearts Ep. 14: Reading Patsy

We're back from hiatus! Just Siskoid and Furn to ease ourselves in, in this sequel to TWO past episodes. In the main part, the boys finally read the Patsy Walker comic they bought back in episode 7, then in the Male Bag, we follow-up on episode 13, in which we asked listeners to rewrite the classic romance story "Jilted" and deliver a Romance Comics Theater based on the network's good buddy Anj's submission!

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11 responses to “Lonely Hearts Ep. 14: Reading Patsy

  1. How many names did Goodman’s company operate under before they were officially Marvel? Was it a tax dodge? I’ve read the Marvel-tell-all, and they touch on it, but I can’t recall the reasoning.

    Nowadays, it’s so easy to forget that comics were all-inclusive at one time. Patsy’s history as Hellcat is symptomatic of the fate of the mainstream comic industry to become largely capes and tights by the late 70s. This sounds like a fun comic. I know Cindy has some Katy Keene comics from Archie in the 80s that had features similar to this (including fashion submissions), so at least they tried to revive this type of book.

    I asked Dani about rewriting the Romance Theater story, but she was too busy being obsessed with Legos.


  2. In the early seventies, when Supergirl was in Adventure and later her short lived solo comic, DC would have people send in variant costumes for her to wear. Peruse the covers and you’ll see a few.

    In fact the hot shorts, halter top with puffy sleeve costume which eventually became her regular costume was a reader design.

  3. Even with the smaller crew this was hella entertaining guys! I am so happy that this continues to be a thing in the universe. RE: the paper dress/doll designs and cut-outs, was this ever a feature in any of the mainstream super-hero books? Like was there ever a paper Namor doll in his weird green gitch that you could put actual clothes on?

  4. Oh Patsy. I actually don’t have too much to say on this one, it just seems highly emblematic of the era in which it was written. I do really love the fashion parade idea though, with fans getting to submit outfit designs. I’d be fascinated to find out how many ideas were submitted any given month and whose job it was to select the winners. I’m not sure there’d be any way of finding that out, but it’d be interesting to know all the same.

    Hope you guys see fit to let Marty and Bass out of the basement for the next episode.

    1. Eerily enough; Marty DOES live in the basement of the house where we record these shenanigans.

      He’s his own lonely heart though; trying to contain Marty is like trying to contain a whirlwind. Or define a bird.

      What is a bird? We just don’t know.

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