M*A*S*HCast #14 – Love Story

M*A*S*HCast -  Season 1, Episode 14: Love Story

Special Guest Star: Shawn Myers

Air Date: January 7, 1973

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Theme music by Johnny Mandel

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7 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #14 – Love Story

  1. I enjoy this episode, but don’t have a lot to say about it. I do find it interesting that it is so thematically similar to Edwina (i.e., both focus on a socially awkward individuals struggling with romantic relationships). I wonder if they aired these two episodes back-to-back intentionally, or if it simply happened due to random circumstances?

    As an aside, my daughter has now seen many of these episodes multiple times, and she is starting to notice and comment on inconsistencies in the show’s continuity, which I find incredibly amusing. That said, I don’t think she’s caught this one yet, where Radar was once engaged.

  2. Rob, great show as always!

    Margaret being a stickler about fraternization makes sense, what with her being an Army brat, career officer, and a military star-f***er. She can’t stand the thought of an officer being with an enlisted man when there plenty of officers to dally with.

    Frank is the type of person who already was an asshole before his time in the military. Having said that, he would definitely want to exert whatever authority he can whenever he can, since he has no respect or authority with his subordinate medical colleagues.

    And as a former military medic, I can tell you that there is a perfectly good reason for an enlisted man to wear a lab coat: they’re a lab technician.

  3. “Ah, Bach” is a classic Radar line.

    Not that I spend lots of time thinking about Frank and Margaret, because Lord I do not! (*shudder*) But I just now had a thought on why they don’t use Margaret’s tent. As head nurse, people come to her with problems and questions a lot. We’ve seen it at least twice this season, and you could see that it might be a general expectation of her job and happens off camera as well. So maybe, they avoid her tent for fear of being interrupted, since the staff would check there when Margaret’s needed. The same concern doesn’t apply to Frank’s bunk because … who would be looking for Frank? Right?

    Further, imagine one of Margaret’s old beaus making a surprise visit at her tent.

    Another great episode, Rob and Sean! Keep on MASH-ing, gents!

  4. I thought you guys missed a piece of trivia, but I now realize I can’t confirm this as true – I was always under the impression that Mary Kay Place did the voice of Radar’s fiance on the recording. She has a distinctive voice, and I could swear that’s her. But I’ve looked all over the internet to confirm this with no luck, so I could be wrong. If true, though, it would be an interesting side note since, as you mention in the podcast, Mary Kay Place is one of Radar’s more notable encounters (I think I’ve been slaked!) as well as co-writing one of Margaret’s best episodes, Hot Lips and Empty Arms.

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