M*A*S*HCast #15 – Tuttle

M*A*S*HCast –  Season 1, Episode 15: Tuttle

Special Guest Star: Kevin Lauderdale

Air Date: January 14, 1973

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Theme music by Johnny Mandel

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11 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #15 – Tuttle

  1. I don’t specifically remember this episode, but I can totally see this ploy of a fake employee working in my office environment. We’re hiring a lot of people right now, and if someone invented a “Tuttle” I think they could totally pull of the hoax with 95% of the folks here, because we have no idea who half of these people are anyway.

    Hot Breath Hoolihan. Who knew? Good on Kevin for bringing the knowledge. Fun show!


  2. This is one of my favorite episodes. I always love the way Henry and Frank keep acting like they knew Tuttle and how we saw “Sparky.” Nice tuch with his ending credit – Captain Tuttle as himself.

    Thank you all your hard work on this podcast series.

  3. As i was listening to Kevin, I was thinking that I’d like to go back to hear his visits to Film and Water, then I was thinking how much we had in common, then I realized that I already have a bunch of his “Transcriptions” in my queue! Kevin, can I be your friend?

  4. Not an episode I know by name and haven’t watched in a long time, but oh yes, I remember this story quite well. Tuttle is hilarious, and a great trip down memory lane.

    I think Kevin is the network winner for researching. What a fantastic find! And thank you for sharing that audio clip, Rob. LOL!

  5. Tuttle is yet another great MASH episode. I tend to lump this one in with Private Charles Lamb, where Radar creates a false identity to save a lamb from becoming Easter dinner, and with Bombshells, where Hawkeye and Charles spread a rumor that Marilyn Monroe is visiting the camp. Each of these episodes is an interesting look at the sometime absurd workings of bureaucracy, as well as the underlying social psychology that fuel such absurdities. All of which I feel were well covered in your discussion.

    By the way, have I ever mentioned my theory that Shag is just a character that Rob originally made up so that he could have a co-host for the Fire and Water podcast?

  6. My major complaint with this episode is the overuse of the name “Tuttle”. I watched a syndicated version of the episode and counted the word “Tuttle” nearly 60 times. I’m sure if I watched the actual broadcast episode with all scenes intact it would probably have exceeded 70. Didn’t the writers ever hear of a pronoun?

  7. I guess I’m in the minority on this one, because I didn’t think the premise stood up. I remember thinking that all of the MASH characters who thought they had met Tuttle were idiots. Maybe I should watch it again, but I don’t remember this one fondly at all.

    Hot Breath Hoolihan, huh? Sounds right. The character just showed up in the book with the name? I wonder if Richard Hooker was a Jimmy Durante fan.

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