M*A*S*HCast #2 – To Market, To Market

M*A*S*HCast #1 -  Season 1, Episode 2: To Market, To Market

Special Guest Star: Max Romero (PLASTICAST)

Air Date: September 24, 1972

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11 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #2 – To Market, To Market

  1. Fun episode! Always great to hear Max outside of the Plasticast (and on it as well!). His remembrances of his Dad’s military stories remind me of my own father’s, who will still share them with me from time to time. He was in the Army in-between Korea and Vietnam, so while he missed combat (thankfully), he has some interesting stories about life in the military.

    Robert Ito! Yes, he was famously the Ninja/Kyodai Ken on BTAS. One of the series best made-for-TV villains, who sadly doesn’t get a lot of love, since he had a two-episode arc and according to Bruce Timm, is most definitely DEAD at the end of “Day of the Samurai”.

    Wayne Rogers did indeed seem to be having a lot of fun on the set, which makes it all the more curious why he left.

    Great job fellas! If you hadn’t told me you had to re-record part of this, I’d never had known. The enthusiasm was genuine.


  2. Great episode guys! I was very sorry to hear the passing of David Ogden Stiers. While I will always recall him as Major Winchester, another generation will remember him for all the voice work he did for Disney in recent years (Beauty and the Beast, etc). He also appeared in 5 Woody Allen films over the years. My favorite moment of his in an Allen film is his brief appearance in Another Woman (1988). He does a spot-on impersonation of a younger John Houseman in a flashback.

  3. Good stuff again! Excited for next month’s episode. Keep it up. This particular episode is extremely memorable to me. I think I’ve seen it more times than any other episode of M*A*S*H so that could be part of the reason. It has the nostalgia factor.

  4. After looking through an episode guide after the previous podcast, it turns out I missed a bunch of Season 1 episodes, including this one. You and Max did a great job with this episode and I particularly enjoyed the Vietnam-era stories Max shared from his dad.

    Robert Ito will forever be immortalized to me as Professor Hikita in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (there’s a Film & Water episode for you).

    If you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to see a man about a desk…

  5. “To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
    Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.”

    That happens to be my wife’s most oft quoted nursery rhyme, and it also makes for one heck of a MASH episode. It’s a goofy, fun adventure that still manages to show us that Hawkeye and Trapper have their hearts in the right place. It also sets the precedent for bringing talented guest stars on to the show. Great stuff.

    My favorite scene is when Henry and Frank enter Henry’s office after the desk-napping. Frank is staring at the missing wall, and Henry is oblivious to everything around him, apart from his missing desk.

    Great (podcast) episode, gentlemen. I’m glad to hear that Max is slated for some future appearances. I’m already looking forward to next month’s episode.

  6. Great episode. I definitely had scenes pop into my head as you were talking about them. And I agree with Max that this is one of those “iconic” MASH episodes. Whether it was because it was rerun more often (unlikely) or used in syndication advertising I don’t know, but this one is one I think of before I think of others. Like the one with Trapper’s horizontal pin-stripe suit, or the one with Henry going BOOM on the latrine, or the one with Radar & Henry stuck in the showers by a sniper…To Market is one of those episodes that I remember right away.
    BTW, Jack Soo and Robert Ito are both Japanese-American, not Korean.

  7. There are quite a few episodes where the laugh track is irritating. The two where it is unbearable is “To Market To Market” and the McLean Stevenson written episode “The Trial of Henry Blake” which is in my bottom five of episodes and the worst one of the Stevenson – Rogers era.

  8. Another great episode. I would have never imagined how much I needed a MASH podcast until I actually heard this show. I was very sad to hear of the passing of Stiers. While I like the show throughout its run, I personally find that things gelled a little more for me once BJ and Wincestor were cast. Frank was always a bit over the top for me. Again, I liked him fine, but I just found Wincestor more appealing. And that scene he had in the finale when he discovered the band he had been working with died…that always stands out as one of the most powerful moments in what was already a pretty powerful episode.

  9. Hey Rob and Max, I know I am late to the show here, but wanted to just say “good job” and that I am very much enjoying the MASHCast two episodes in. Reruns of MASH (on FX) were something of appointment viewing when I was in college, so this show will bring back lots of memories I am sure.

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