M*A*S*HCast #3 – Requiem For A Lightweight

M*A*S*HCast #1 -  Season 1, Episode 3: Requiem For A Lightweight

Special Guest Star: Zaki Hasan (MOVIEFILM PODCAST)

Air Date: October 1, 1972

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9 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #3 – Requiem For A Lightweight

  1. Either I remember this episode better than I thought, or another show (or movie) ripped off the “ether in the glove” gag, because I know I’ve seen that somewhere.

    And I had a crush on Marcia Strassman as a kid, and I didn’t even understand it. I never could figure how Gabe Kaplan landed her. The law of comedians with attractive wives in TV shows. Maybe it was all those Uncle Max jokes.

    Always a pleasure to hear Zaki stop by, and to have more confirmation that Mike Ferrell is just a really good guy.


  2. One of the oddest Mike Farrell projects I remember was 1988’s UFO Cover-up?: Live!, which supposedly aired live and featured various people allegedly involved in UFO encounters as well as a pair of purported U.S. government employees (in shadow and their voices altered) directly involved with UFOs and alien contacts. This fascinated me in high school, but I find this stuff annoying today.

    Not to step on Chuck Coletta’s shoes, but here’s a link to the special. Unfortunately, it’s on one of the loony YouTube channels.

  3. I haven’t thought about this episode in a long time! Such a classic. I can picture Trapper desperately holding his glove in the other boxer’s face and it not working. Just hilarious!

  4. I know for my 8 year old daughter the comedy is a big draw. The more absurd the better. We recently watched an episode (the name of which escapes me) where an ox wanders into Henry’s tent, while he’s shaving, and he begins talking to it, thinking that it’s Radar. That had my daughter rolling with laughter. That being said, she also is emotionally invested in these characters, and wants to find out what happens to them form episode to episode. Episodes where old characters leave, or new ones arrive appear to be meaningful ones for her.

    As far as this episode goes, I find it interesting that, right off the bat, there’s an association between Father Mulcahy and boxing. Here he serves as the referee, and we later learn that he boxes himself. I wonder if this association was planned from the beginning or just developed over time? I’m guessing the latter is more likely to be true.

    Also, this is the first of several intercamp competition episodes, where our characters have to compete against a ringer. I believe there are episodes involving a running race and a bowling tournament. Are there others that I’m forgetting? I tend to enjoy these “reoccurring episodes” (for lack of a better term), and MASH had a couple of different ones. The letter writing episodes are probably the best known.

    I’ll just end by saying thank you for another interesting episode.

  5. Is this the episode where Hawkeye says that some of the men are sneaking peeks at Trapper during calisthenics? I remember not understanding that line (and its follow-up, “Some of them are married”) until years later.

    Also, I always thought that “You’re his bag” was a Seventies reference for the slang term, like the James Brown song “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.” Although I guess that could be considered rude, regardless….

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