M*A*S*HCast #40 – Henry In Love

M*A*S*HCast -  Season 2, Episode 16: Henry In Love

Special Guest Star: Ken Holtzhouser

Air Date: January 5, 1974

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Theme music by Johnny Mandel

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8 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #40 – Henry In Love

  1. Such a great episode and such a great discussion.

    A few of my notes on this.

    1) My brothers and I still say ‘its nice to be nice to the nice’. Too funny. Perhaps even better is Margaret aping it back to Frank, knowing he is trying to be flirty. Love that.

    2) In high school, a friend’s girlfriend said that we should go out. I assumed she meant as a double date but she meant her and I while she was still dating my buddy. I remember saying ‘Someone here cares about Justin. And I think it’s me.’ I learned a lot from MASH.

    3) I love how Hawkeye describes the kiss as her trying to perform a tonsillectomy on him. Perhaps my favorite line.

    I am a Trapper guy. I think he might have let things go a little farther but would not have sealed the deal as it were. He cares about Henry too!

  2. Hey Rob, another great episode. M*A*S*H*cast brings me back to the early 80s when the show aired in syndication on TV38 in Boston.
    You can check out Sunburst on Amazon Prime or DVD under the title Slashed Dreams. Likely retitled to capitalize on Robert Englund’s popularity as Freddy.

  3. A truly fun episode of MASH and a great discussion.

    A couple of things
    1) have you ever wondered how the Officers’ Club got the ingredients for peach blow fizz when in a previous episode they didn’t have any of the ingredients for a banana daiquiri?
    2) isn’t this the second or third time that Henry has had to balance the checkbook for his wife?
    3) the line that always cracks me up is when Henry is talking to one of his kids and says “You mustn’t hit her with the dog”. I’ve always wondered how the kid did this. Did he grab the dog by the tail and fling it at her? Was the dog so large that the kid did a version of cow tipping but with Fido?

  4. I’m not sure if I saw this episode when I was a kid or not, but knowing me, I would have missed out on the whole infidelity angle. The jokes are all I would have cared about. Watching it now, it’s a VERY mature story, and far from typical sitcom fare. And as usual, the writers and cast pulled it off amazingly well.

    Fun discussion as always!

  5. So, completely inspired by this podcast, I got the DVD set for Father’s Day, and my wife and I are doing a rewatch of the series. We got about five minutes into this one and skipped ahead. As much as we love this show, the constant references to adultery on deployment (mostly in the early seasons) are difficult to take. Sitting together and watching Henry nearly completely destroy his family would have been WAY too uncomfortable — more so because that sort of thing really does happen.

    That said, I still enjoyed the podcast, and I still have comments.
    1) I’m glad to say I stuck around long enough to re-hear “your Attilas the Hun.” That line would be funny even if he’d meant It as a joke.
    2) The closing line of the stinger (“And you’re in love with her mother?”) was my favorite.
    3) Good job on learning that the peach blow fizz is a thing, as the kids say. Rob, the diligence of your research could get you promoted to sergeant major (or is it demoted? Hmm). But did I hear you wrong, or is there no peach in the thing? Maybe it’s a reminder that surrealist humor is not new.
    Must get some sleep now. I am briefly back on an overseas military camp, it’s past my bedtime, and the window for breakfast is 0530-0800.

    Postscript: The other big event tomorrow is getting my laundry, which due to an accident of timing they’ve had for four days. They don’t talk nearly enough about laundry on MASH.

  6. A little more research reveals that some recipes have peach and others (like the one you found) just look peachy — color-wise, I mean. Regardless, this is one of those drinks that has so much fruit in it that it’s practically nutritious — in moderation, of course.

    I will now return to enjoying my fresh, clean clothes.

  7. I wasn’t a big fan of this one. I never liked how Trapper and Henry casually cheated on their wives all the time. Henry wasn’t as blatant about it as Trapper was but this was pretty disgusting.

  8. The “I’m Captain Pierce, the African Explorer” is a reference to the Marx Brothers’ movie “Animal Crackers.” Groucho played Captain Spaulding, the African explorer who shot an elephant in his pajamas (“How he got in my pajamas, I’ll never know”) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Spaulding

    I would say tour first go-to for any Hawkeye non sequitur would be the Marx Brothers or Groucho.

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