M*A*S*HCast #42 – Operation Noselift

M*A*S*HCast -  Season 2, Episode 18: Operation Noselift

Special Guest Star: Cory Drew

Air Date: January 19, 1974

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Theme music by Johnny Mandel

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5 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #42 – Operation Noselift

  1. Another fine episode from Cory and yourself. I would propose a title of the “Major C. Dobbs” episode, that is to say not that it’s the worst episode ever but if I had to rank this season episodes this one would be at the bottom. I just never really enjoyed it when I was little, for as you said before, you found it was icky or wrong as to Hawkeye’s friend with regards to his behavior and attitude. I certainly would not have a friend like that hanging around. Not one of my favorites to revisit or rewatch.

  2. I am just not a fan of episodes where women are used as a commodity. I get this was the early 1970s, but it was always creepy to me.

    A little odd they didn’t have Klinger in this one. A scene with the plastic surgeon seeing Jamie Farr’s nose (and his outfit) would have been funny.

    I also didn’t think Baker’s nose was that big, but as you said, maybe he was just always self-conscious about it, getting teased as a kid.

    On a side note, while I think Henry liked Hawkeye and Trapper, I always thought he would have been happier with two “normal” people as his top two surgeons. He also seemed to make an effort to get along with Frank, more so than Potter ever did. Potter was never nice to Frank and seemed to go out of his way to be rude to Charles.

  3. Rob, all your guests are great, but Cory calls attention to little character bits — especially between Radar and Henry — that I failed to fully appreciate when I watched them. I end up getting double the pleasure from those scenes.

    Agree with everyone on the sexual assault and all the implications you intentionally try not to think about as a MASH viewer. Thank God we’re beginning to approach a point where no one thinks those scenes are funny anymore.

    Patricia Stevens was the hands-down MVP of this episode with her great lines and even better delivery. “Hey, is Dr. Robbins in here?” “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised!”

    Hmm…could Velma have secretly been the Barracuda?

  4. It’s great fun listening to Rob and Cory together. You guys have great rapport and it makes the episode extra special. It was a pleasure seeing a bit of the “live” version at Boston Fan Expo. Wish I’d had more time to talk, Cory! But wow, that Squidward recording was awesome!

  5. There is much misogyny in this show. That is not unusual for it’s time and place. I applaud Rob for calling out boorish behavior, and near-criminal behavior, shown by many male characters on M*A*S*H. Yet, he has not addressed how Dr. McIntyre got his nickname. In fact, did the TV series ever address it?

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