M*A*S*HCast #51 – Officer of the Day

M*A*S*HCast -  Season 3, Episode 3: Officer of the Day

Special Guest Star: Captain Universe

Air Date: September 24, 1974

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Theme music by Johnny Mandel

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4 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #51 – Officer of the Day

  1. Great show as always, my favorite lines from the episode was from Hawkeye. “We still have one hidden mikes in the latrine. We thought we make a album for you.”
    Another hit episode from this great season.

  2. Thanks for the great discussion. I enjoyed hearing about how Captain Universe’s father used teaching moments from MASH with her. My wife and I try to do the same thing with our daughter, but when we try we just get grunts and “I know” in response. Hopefully, some of it still sinks in.

    I’d heard of the rule of three before, but had never noticed it at play in this episode. Well spotted, Captain.

    Finally, I wonder about Hawkeye’s service as Officer of the Day in this episode. It seems like it’s Hawkeye’s first time in the position. Are there that many officers in the unit that Hawkeye has never had to serve as OOD before? Perhaps, it isn’t a duty that doctors normally perform, and Frank just assigned it to Hawkeye to punish him?

  3. It’s probably been mentioned before, but Frank isn’t really a military man. He likes the idea of being a military man, but he wants it to be like in the movies and has no basis in reality. It’s not solely incompetence, just his attachment to his imagined grandeur and majesty of “being an officer”. Margaret probably knows that, which is why she pushes him so hard sometimes and is annoyed other times. That did shine through in this episode nicely. That and all of Hawkeye’s great lines made it hilarious!

    And Captain Universe was a great guest! Please come back sometime!

  4. I never quite got the idea of the OD position. It looked like he was doing a bunch of administrative stuff that should have been Henry/Frank’s job. I wonder if they came up with this idea with McClean being gone for whatever reason.

    Nice mix of comedy and drama here. This is Flagg as his most evil. He was kind of a cynic in his first episode and something of a bad cop to Trapper’s good cop friend the next time. But here he is downright cruel.

    I did wonder what happened to Klinger once he and Flagg got to Seoul. Did Hawkeye give him a three day pass so he wouldn’t be AWOL? And did Flagg try to hunt down the prisoner? I guess he went to a POW camp.

    I enjoyed your guest. Looking forward to more from her.

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