M*A*S*HCast #6 – Yankee Doodle Doctor

M*A*S*HCast #1 -  Season 1, Episode 6: Yankee Doodle Doctor

Special Guest Star: Cory Drew

Air Date: October 22, 1972

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9 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #6 – Yankee Doodle Doctor

  1. Great episode! I remember this one specifically. It’s funny how you can be aware of older entertainers through send-ups like this. I knew the Marx Brothers through Looney Tunes and other send-ups like this. See also Carmen Miranda and James Cagney, although I remember Steve Lawrence’s bad Cagney from The Carol Burnett Show more vividly.

    Alan Alda is definitely in that “everything will be okay because (blank) is here” camp. I used to put James Garner, Bill Bixby and Andy Griffith in that category as well. I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones that popped in my head. Basically, if its an actor that played a likable character you grew up with, you tend to trust that actor, no matter what role he’s in.

    Fun show, and I’m glad that Cory didn’t have to take out Hawkeye in the first round.

  2. You guys sent me down the interwebs rabbit hole with this one! I know MASH was low-rated during its 1st season and it got me to thinking what else was on CBS that night. It seems a TV version of the King & I (with Yul Brenner) & then The Sandy Duncan Show were the lead-ins for the crew at the 4077.

    Network TV was certainly in a state of flux at this time. I teach a TV history class and lecture on how the sitcom was revolutionized in the early 70s with shows like MASH, All in the Family, Maude, Mary Tyler Moore, etc. But it’s interesting to note that Lucy, Doris Day, Gunsmoke, & Paul Lynde were running very traditional series that year as well. This episode of MASH becomes even more powerful when you consider what was on around the dial.

  3. Great episode fellas — I remember this one vividly from reruns, mostly because of the black and white segments. I would very much like to rewatch this episode, if only it was on streaming somewhere!

    My father is a big Marx Brothers fan, so my brother and I watched nearly all of their films as kids, so any such reference was totally on point for me. For reference, my brother and I were Groucho and Harpo (respectively) for Halloween when I was in the second grade and he was in in the fourth.

  4. So, relative to the Marvel vs DC movie bracket competition, the Korean War is considered a safe space?!

    Seriously though, I continue to enjoy the new insights that you bring to these MASH episodes that I’ve seen countless times before. Yankee Doodle Doctor isn’t an episode that ever really stood out to me. Perhaps, it’s because I never really got into the Marx Brothers. Regardless, I loved the discussion.

  5. Good news! I just discovered that MASH is streaming on Hulu. I just started up this episode.

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