M*A*S*HCast – Mike Farrell

M*A*S*HCast -  Mike Farrell

In this special episode, Rob has a chat with Capt. B.J. Hunnicutt himself, Mike Farrell!

You can also watch this interview on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OirZkmbqRYM

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26 responses to “M*A*S*HCast – Mike Farrell

  1. Agreed. That was a great interview, Rob. I admired the incredible restraint you showed in only geeking out as much as you did. I doubt I could have exercised that level of self-control.

    As for the interview itself, I particular enjoyed hearing Mike Farrell talk about his experience when first joining the show. I also liked learning about the collaborative creative process behind the scenes. It’s been mentioned before on this show that there wasn’t a lot of improvisation on the set of MASH. Maybe there didn’t need to be, because the actors were able to provide input into their characters and the story before the cameras started rolling.

    Thanks for another remarkable episode.

  2. Amazing interview. Like others, I loved hearing about Mr. Farrell’s interaction with the writers, his work as a director. I especially loved hearing his take on working with Harry Morgan.

    I also loved how he mentioned the research part of the show. As I have said in my comments here, I appreciate the medical side of it, especially the grind of medicine, as it is shown here much more at this point in my life than when I was a kid watching reruns. The show has grown with me. And that is the mark of the highest quality.

  3. Amazing interview Nr Kelly! Bravo. BJ is also my favorite MASH character, so it was great to hear about the him from the man who portrayed him. Excellent, excellent interview.

  4. Rob, I envy you this experience, and I thank you so much for sharing it with us all. Mr. Farrell is gracious, and as you said, delightful. Thank you for letting him know how MASH informed the principles you live by. You spoke for all of us. There aren’t many podcasts I re-download and listen to again, but I will this one. As you said, this was a total blast and a complete honor.

  5. Rob….YOU MADE BJ CRY! Of course, you made me cry as well, and probably a few others listening to this episode. Just a bunch of blubbering idiots, out for their daily job or on the treadmill. And we THANK YOU FOR THAT! Thank you for the obvious care and insight you put into this interview, one you’ve been literally preparing you whole life for. And we can’t forget to thank BJ Hunicutt himself, Mr. Mike Farrell, thank his for his graciousness, his obvious enthusiasm and appreciation for not only the work he contributed to, but for the relationships and connections that work forged. They say never meet your heroes, but from listening to your conversation, Mr. Farrell is the exception to the rule. Again, a big, BIG THANK YOU to both of you. In different, but similar, ways you’ve both been bringing a little bit of joy into my life during these dark times with what you do and who you are. THAT IS ALL!

  6. Rob, Bravo. I just finished the interview with Mike Farrell. You did a great job.

    My favourite BJ scene (which I quote every chance I can) is the Corporal Captain scene. Having been a Sergeant-Major myself, it cracks me up.

    The favourite scene of mine that you spoke of was the appendix scene. Very memorable.

    I have to specifically thank you for asking That Question at the end. Thank you, Thank you.

    Job well done, you have a lot to be proud of.


  7. What an amazing interview! Hearing Mike Farrell get misty about his time on MASH had me wiping my eyes. I could have listened to his stories all day. Great job, Rob!

  8. Bravo Rob. As a lifelong fan of the show and an admirer of your work, my hat is off to you-not to mention my hair. You knocked it out of the park and created a lifelong memory for yourself. Fantastic!

  9. Oh, what a treat! Thank you for this wonderful interview, I enjoyed it immensely!
    Everyone involved in MASH just seem to be be most awesome people, I just want to be friends and hang out with every single one! 🙂
    Thank you again for this, amazing work!

  10. I have heard him tell the appendix episode story before and was happy to hear it again.

    Fantastic interview. I hate the offseason around here but this was a great thing to hear.

  11. What a great show! What a great guy! What a great interviewer! I haven’t had the time to devote to listening to this episode (because large chunks of time are hard for me to come by now) but I’m so glad I finally could listen to this. You done good, Iron Guts, you done good.

  12. This was a wonderful interview! Great job, Rob! Mike is a lovely, gracious man. I am very glad that I was able to watch this one!

    1. There’s always a hiatus between seasons and Rob always says there will be in the one covering the finale… isn’t there?

      On that note, I wish people would panic when *I* put a show on hiatus. Because believe it or not, people ask this about MASHCast ALL THE TIME. We’re all secretly (or overtly) jealous of Rob over it.

      1. Well, I miss Panel by Panel when it goes on break, and I really miss FW Team-Up. I just try not to complain, since you’re all working for free. I’m available if you need guests (or content ideas for Team-Up), but I’m definitely still on guest trainee status.

        Also, I look forward to Canada Day every Tuesday. We may all have preferences regarding shows, but we appreciate your hosting regardless.

        1. It’s true.

          The bedlam at the beginning of the Aquaman and Firestorm Podcast is actually the chaos that broke out in the streets when Ryan ended his Secret Origins podcast. He’s started and cancelled a dozen podcasts since then to try and recreate that furor, chasing the dragon that is demagoguery, but to no avail.

          The other Network All-Stars pretend they were horrified by the carnage, but deep down they all long for that kind of power. Rob has gone so far as to begin Pod Dylan with a recording of Jack Nicholson subliminally suggesting the listeners riot.

          Of course, there’s no proof of any of this. They’ve made sure of it, so they can get away with calling me a madman. Madman, am I? Madman?!? I know the truth!!! I TELL YOU TH–

          Sorry. My daughter says I’m yelling, and it’s disturbing her friends. I’ll speak more on this topic at a more opportune time.

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