Mountain Comics #36 – Marvel’s Greatest Comics #93

Rob welcomes writer/editor Danny Fingeroth to discuss MARVEL'S GREATEST COMICS #93, featuring The Fantastic Four!

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9 responses to “Mountain Comics #36 – Marvel’s Greatest Comics #93

  1. Great discussion! My mind was blown about Mr. Fingeroth’s revelation on why so many reprint comics were in circulation back in the Bronze Age. I bought a lot of Marvel Tales, Marvel Super Heroes, and a handful of this title, Marvel’s Greatest Comics. And for what it’s worth, my son LOVES the Clone Saga, and everything to do with it!

  2. Wow! Fact of the year! Reprinting comics helped provide more ad space and revenue! It also never occurred to me that those old reprinted covers would have been filed away in black and white, and need to be recolored. I’ve got several of those in my collection filling in for the originals. I’d noticed that several of them not only had different colors, but the images were also in reverse. Like if someone had flipped the negative.
    I loved Mr Fingeroth’s story of sending his mom with a list of comics to get from the newsstand! Absolutely classic. As Rob has often said, it was a whole different buying experience back before comic shops became common place.
    Once again Mountain Comics has provided me with that warm nostalgic feeling. Thank you so much.

  3. I’m always delighted to see a new episode of Mountain Comics drop, but it’s a special treat when your guest is someone from the old Bullpen. It was a really great conversation, and Mr. Fingeroth provided some great insights about Marvel’s reprints line back then. I also didn’t know that the sudden appearance of several new reprint titles in 1979/1980 was due to the need to meet advertising commitments, although it makes sense. I have to say that for my part, I absolutely loved them while they lasted: since I was totally into X-men at that point, I really appreciated the old X-men stories in Amazing Adventures, and what was not to love about the Silver Surfer and Sub-mariner reprints in the revived Fantasy Masterpieces and Tales to Astonish, respectively, with all of that lovely John Buscema art?
    And speaking of Big John’s art, it’s Interesting that Marvel’s Greatest #93 was highlighted in this episode, because that’s the first issue of that title I ever bought. Even though I was a regular reader of the FF ongoing series, I never got this reprint title before. Something just compelled me to pick up #93 (maybe the striking cover art?) and I really ended up really enjoying the Overmind story. And then the title was cancelled a few issues later…
    Anyway, thanks again for a great discussion.

  4. Wonderful episode, Rob. It’s great to hear from someone I associate with so many great stories, and even better to hear he’s still active in comics and prose. Please take Mr. Fingeroth up on the offer to return. Also, I loved the reprints, too!

  5. Outstanding episode! As others mention above, the existence of the reprint books as a medium for ad quotas was news to me, and fascinating! My parents were supportive of reading comics and I remember asking them on occasion to look for a specific comic, but the 2 month list while away for camp was a riot!

  6. Like Mr. Fingeroth, my mom had a list to buy from the first summer I had to spend with the Paternal Figure in Texas, and I ended up buying several duplicates because I couldn’t wait and didn’t trust the stores in my home town to have them when she walked in. Not that many, but some. She was upset about it. I don’t blame her.

  7. Great discussion.
    I was a routine buyer of Marvel Tales, getting all the issues around Capt Stacy, Harry’s drug issue, and Gwen’s death. I felt like I was reading some lost religious tome when I would read those.
    I rarely got the other reprint books for some reason.
    Fascinating discussion on cover colors, ad revenue, etc.
    Always a great show!

  8. First time caller long time listener .

    I enjoy your stories and adventures of days gone by .
    I do remember getting a x-men comic on a car ride it was part four and featured a four armed female mutant chef named marlin and night crawlers daughter I can’t remember the issue or the x-men tittle . Also my first comic was a issue of Sonic adventures with sally tailing tails a bed time story about a knight version of Sonic .

  9. Rob, I hope you put fresh sheets on the spare bed at the cabin, because Mr. Fingeroth deserves nothing less.
    Hanging on every word that’s spoken by Danny Fingeroth is definitely something that only a very hardcore subset of comic fans can relate to, but here we are. What a great episode. What a legend.
    Getting to hear these “golden age” veterans reminisce is always pure gold, but it’s even better when they’re so deftly interviewed by one of the best in the biz.
    Keep up the great work, Rob.

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