Midnight 12: NIGHT FORCE #5-6

Ryan Daly and Paul Hix continue to explore the Marv Wolfman/Gene Colan horror series Night Force. This time, Doctor Anj joins them in their review of issues #5 and #6.

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11 responses to “Midnight 12: NIGHT FORCE #5-6

  1. Love the opening story (again).
    Congratulations you were officially what got me to find and read this series, thanks I have loved it.

  2. I want to say more about the opening story, but I don’t know how with out spoiling it…. it’s great

  3. I don’t think I ever realized that PJ Frightful exists in the current day…for whatever reason I always assumed these creepy tales took place during the heyday of HOM and HOS.

    I love the coloring of NIGHT FORCE–it’s so often day-glo, completely at odds with the kinds of moody blues and heavy blacks that you’d associate with a horror title. It gives the whole thing a very “big adventure” vibe which I don’t think I appreciated at the time.

    Nice to have Anj AND Koala Puncher on the show together.

    1. Yeah, PJ Frightful, as the “P” in his name suggests, is aware that he hosts a podcast. Thus, has to be contemporary.

  4. It’s Ryan and Paul with added Anj, how could this episode not be great? Thanks for continuing the terrific commentary on this underrated gem of a book.

    Excellent introduction story from PJ Frightful, the story had a touch of the MR James, with the uncanny flapping garment, though this had a bit more in the area of bowel movements. I love the way you segued it into the Night Force bit (when I was dictating comment notes as the podcast went along, ‘autocorrect’ changed those last three words into ‘night for spit’… stick that up your Sheena Easton!)

    Tied to yet another horror machine, Vanessa was the very definition of a woman without agency, before the notion became a widespread concern in pop culture – if there was a rail track around, you can bet she’d be tied to it. Moustache-twirler-in-chief Valdis didn’t scare me as a kid, he’s the spitting image of a Carmine Infantino drawing of a friendly professor who got a monkey’s body, probably in Detective Chimp… anyone remember that one.

    Vanny reaching 21 seemed to me to be more about her claiming her psychic inheritance rather than becoming a woman, though I realise we Europeans bestow adulthood a tad earlier than does the US.

    Am I the only one around here sad/awesome enough to remember that Wolfman also used Science City in New Teen Titans?

    I know plenty of Night Force covers feature a skull in the main artwork, but the one in #5 is a tad random, just floating there as if it’s dropped off the logo. The one on #7, with the gaping jaw, reminds me of the way Dutch paintings would have a skull hidden in the art to evoke mortality, but it could only be seen from a certain angle. Hey, perhaps if you turn the comic on its side and stare at the black and white-themed Baron Winters while letting your eyes lose focus, he looks like a massive skull?

    Yes Paul, surprint is really a word in the publishing industry- at least it was when I was proofing chromalins and doing dummy flatplans.

    I’ve never heard that Sheena Easton Sugar Walls platter, but I looked it up and it is DIRTY! And now I get to reference it too!

    1. I was messing with everyone over the surprint comment. I well recall Shag coming to terms with it over a number of Who’s Who episodes and this was my little tribute.

    2. I am thrilled to have introduced you to Sugar Walls. I think I tried to persuade Ryan to use it on the ‘buildings’ episode of Secret Origins!

  5. Wait..what, what happened to the rest of PJ’s opening story? Was the girl a vampire? A zombie? A ghost? A girl in need of a Mento (and not Paul’s kind of Mento…I mean “The Fresh Maker”).

    Great to hear Dr. Anj stop by and man, this story is going in some very interesting places indeed. When you dust off the old Sugar Walls disc, well, you know it’s special. I still remember my Mom lamenting that Prince “dirtied up” pure innocent Sheena Easton like that. What a cad. ; -)

    Great show fellas!


    1. Anyone see Arrival? The random location of the alien ships was never explained though someone theorized that Sheena Easton had a hit at each of those points.

      YO is bullet proof, but I find myself hoping to hear you chew over more unfamiliar gristly fare soon.

      Plus only 72 Batman issues to go till you get to one with a letter of mine in it.

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