Midnight 16: The Curse of Ozzie and Mary from UNEXPECTED #194

Happy Halloween! Also, Happy Birthday, Midnight...The Podcasting Hour which turns one years old today!

On this special episode, Ryan Daly and returning guest Rob Kelly review the gruesome "Curse of Ozzie and Mary" from Unexpected #194. Plus, an original Halloween story by Ryan Daly (Warning: there is some inappropriate/offensive language). Then listener feedback and another (yeah, another) announcement about the future of this podcast.

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16 responses to “Midnight 16: The Curse of Ozzie and Mary from UNEXPECTED #194

  1. That opening story… words fail me. Bravo.

    On a much lighter note, Donny and Marie are strangely relevant for me this Halloween season. On last week’s Halloween episode of The Middle, Axl and his girlfriend dress as Donny and Marie, mistakenly thinking they were a couple, not siblings. And now this. But yeah, this doesn’t live up to the cover, but it’s an interesting twist-ending if nothing else.

    And of course the Wonder Twins were inspired by the Osmonds as well. Shape of…a rat!!!

    I need to do a count of how many times I was called a wienie this Halloween season. I’m guessing it’s in the double-digits by now…

    Great, GREAT Halloween episode Ryan!


  2. Great episode, if I do say so myself.

    All seriousness aside, that intro story was a doozy.

    And while I’m sorry the show is being moved back to a quarterly schedule, I’m telling myself it’s sort of emulating DC’s “Dollar Comic” format, which multiple segments. That lessens some of the hurt.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Hi Ryan, I was hoping for a new episode of the show for Halloween and I smiled in delight when I saw it posted today. I haven’t listened yet, but I’ve downloaded it for my drive home. The perfect thing to listen to while driving home on Halloween. Thank you and take care, Darrin

  4. Another spooky delight! And this was easily the best PJ Frightful segment to date. (The worst was the one with the scary guy getting in the truck, and when he started talking it was the introduction to the show.)

    I totally agree with you that too many DC stories have been spoiled by the covers. On my own show I’ve taken to describing the covers after the story synopsis.

    So on the Thanksgiving show, will you be covering the Eli Roth film of the same name?

  5. Great intro story Ryan. Fabulous. These are getting too scary almost. Brilliant.

    One thing though, if you were talking about Kylo Ren, he’s not Darth Vader’s son. Maybe fact check your details with the guy who does that Give Me Those Star Wars show next time.

    1. It seems to me the misidentification was deliberate, a call-out to Dave’s character – he’s not down with Star Wars like us kids from Nabu.

      I’m surprised anyone gives a fig about Kylo Ren, he’s such a whiner.

  6. The premise of the comic itself reminds me of that of the Twilight Zone Episode “The Masks”

    Also wouldn’t you say it’s “unexpected” to advertise the comic you are reading in that comic 😉

  7. Please don’t take this as negative criticism any any way, But, I think I would have like the story to have ended with him having woken up from a coma and wondering if it had been a hallucination from a fall until he got home and sees his door and with the kid begging to be killed because “he won’t stop until I pay” but of course no one else can see anything. I think leaving a bit of slight ambiguity to the ending would have been nice. But that’s just me and I’m not trying to take anything away from it.

  8. Ryan, thanks was the best PJ Frightful story yet, so bleak, and the tension built beautifully. You’re especially good with the slow drip of adjectives. I bet I couldn’t write anything near as good because my habit as a sub editor (jumped-up copy editor, US. chums) means I’m inclined to take away the adjectives unless I’m working on a colour piece. It’d be fun to have a free pass to go for the descriptive and decorative.

    I’m such an old fart fan of the comics that when we got to the description of the Invisible Man outfit, I thought you were going into Doom Patrol territory with Rebus…

    As for the comic strip, how great to have another entry from the bunny boys. I can’t see ‘Ozzie and….’ without defaulting to ‘Harriet’, despite having no real idea who Ozzie and Harriet were. Anyway, a fun story, inconsequential but amusingly odd. Mind, where was the curse?

    I’m delighted you’ve announced a quarterly schedule, because that’s a schedule – no one would begrudge you giving the show up, what with life being so busy. Midnight is an absolute Fire and Water Network favourite, and I’m delighted we’re getting bigger chunks. The promise of you and Angela doing Andrew Bennett has me salivating.

  9. Hi again Ryan, I just wanted to drop another note after hearing the episode to say that it was terrific as always. Great review and discussion. It was a treat to hear Rob back on the show and to hear his history with that comic. As he said, there was no way it could live up to his expectations, but it still sounded like a great story. Take care until next time! Darrin

  10. Another great episode from intro story to issue review. I agree with the general sentiment that the story did not live up to the cover… but I think it could have with just a few tweaks. First, spread Mary’s melting face out over a few more panels. (Okay, that sounds more disgusting than I’d intended). Second, make the rat faces less cute and more horrific. Third, make the transformation internal as well as external by having their speech and behavior become more bestial. Perhaps even have them attack each other as they lose their powers of speech, giving physical expression to their earlier verbal attacks. Of course, all of that might have been difficult to get past the Comics Code Authority.

    I also agree that this story would play out wonderfully in a live action format, complete with a Raider’s of the Lost Ark face melt.

    Finally, I’m looking forward to the new quarterly format, and hope that it provides a better fit to your current life situation. Still, I hope that you’ll be able to make the new episodes treasury-sized for Rob’s benefit.

  11. My instincts are always to hard pass on actual (*cringe*) artistic expression in podcasts, so I have to suppress that impulse for PJ Frightful, and am then rewarded. Every time I started to question the direction of the story, it would whip away in an unexpected fashion to my delight. Really great job. You should edit the story into a YouTube clip and parade it around social media. I think it deserves an audience outside graying comics fans.

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