Midnight 20: Vampire Special

Dark Podcasts of Forbidden Love continues on an all-new episode of Midnight...The Podcasting Hour featuring three terrifying tales of vampires. First, PJ Frightful recounts the story "Tomorrow I Hang" from House of Mystery #209. Then Ryan Daly and Max Romero discover "The Castaways" from DC Special Series #12. Finally, Angela Drew joins her husband Ryan to cover the first "I...Vampire" story originally told in House of Mystery #290.

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9 responses to “Midnight 20: Vampire Special

  1. Fun episode! The first two stories are the kinds of very classically themed vampire tales I just adore. The art in both looks amazing too. Great coverage from PJ, Max and Ryan on these!

    I have always wanted to read the entire I..Vampire saga, having met Andrew Bennett in his one-off appearance in The Brave and the Bold months before that book was cancelled. That story involved Mary and the Blood Red Moon as well. I did peruse a few issues in my ex-brother-in-law’s collection, but I need to jump into a trade of this. I do think the garish color on the scans detracts from Tom Sutton’s artwork. Have you seen some of his Charlton horror work? Disturbingly frightful, at almost a Stephen Bissette/John Totelben level.

    Angie’s car-ride treatise on vampires was fascinating. I consider myself pretty learned on the subject myself, so if we ever have another F&W get together, I know what conversation I’M going to strike up!!! Nothing like talking about bloated corpses and graveyard desecrations with someone you just met!


  2. Always happy to have IM back, and to have Max on a show. Enjoyed the segment with Angela as well, it had a real “Badlands” feel to it.

    That Joe Kubert cover is superb (of course), as is Jim Aparo’s work on “Tomorrow I Hang” (of course x2). Funny, by this point Aparo was a DC superstar, yet he kept doing these little horror jobs now and again. I can only assume he liked the change of pace, I’m sure DC would have given him more Batman if he wanted.

  3. Great episode and cool to hear all the history of vampires and how that legend has changed over time to represent the era.

    I love the artwork on Castaways. Especially creepy.

    I … Vampire was one of the characters in the wildly meta Dr. Thirteen story by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. And I have heard good things about the New 52 series. Anyone out there read that book?

  4. Excellent discussion on vampires, both in and out of comics. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but vampires do have this interesting juxtaposition of predatory savagery and genteel sophistication. In some ways, it reminds me of the dual nature of the Banner/Hulk character. There must be something about that duality that fascinates us as human beings, given the popularity of characters like vampires and the Hulk.

    I also enjoyed the discussion of eternal life, and what lengths we would go to to obtain it. I believe that we as mortal beings have this knee-jerk reaction that assumes eternal life is a great thing to possess. The older I’ve grown, and the more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that’s it’s really only under a rather narrow set of circumstances that I’d want to live forever. FYI, giving up my soul to gain eternal life is not one of those circumstances.

    Lots of interesting things to think about. Thanks.

  5. Terrific episode, as ever. I remember the Castaways, I’m so not keen on bleak endings, but can appreciate the craft. Nice job Ryan and Max.

    I followed I…Vampire from beginning to end, later stories were written by Bruce Jones and kept up the quality. Angela’s insights were splendid, should you ever get to Edinburgh we have got to get you both on a ghost tour. So, no men on your road trip carrying lanterns?

  6. Great episode, as usual. I remember reading The Castaways and being disappointed by the downbeat ending. I enjoyed the craft, though.

    I read I… Vampire in HoM from start to finish, Bruce Jones Later took over as writer and kept up the quality. It was great to hear Angela with her insights, when you get to Edinburgh we have GOT to drag you on a ghost tour.

  7. Excellent podcast Ryan – was good to listen to this Vampire special and am definitely looking forward to the next one.

    Listening to you and Max Romero talk about “The Castaways” put me in mind the two parter from Giffen and Clark’s Doom Patrol about the aristocrats, a family of immortals who have to go from country to country seeking shelter – while I do not think they were strictly vampires, they did have a habit of biting the noses or killing staff and were often used by their patrons for torture and murder, and in the Doom Patrol issues, did so under the guise of hosting a ball. Quite a fun issue if you have a chance to read it.

    It was a great discussion between you and Angela on I..Vampire and vampoires in general. I read the New 52 version and thought it was an excellent read, would highly recommend it. Am looking forward to hearing about the original version of Andrew Bennett in future episodes.

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