Midnight 26: Elvira’s Haunted Holidays

T'was, like, three weeks before Christmas, and all through the graveyard, not a creature was stirring except for PJ Frightful who presents a brand new holiday episode of Midnight...The Podcasting Hour. Ryan Daly welcomes four all-star guests, Dr. Anj, Martin Gray, Kyle Benning, and Pat Sampson to cover the four stories found in Elvira's House of Mystery Special #1.

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9 responses to “Midnight 26: Elvira’s Haunted Holidays

  1. Best Present ever in this issue? The return of Kyle Benning to Podcasting.
    You are missed, Kyle. Merry Christmas to your family and yourself.

  2. Well, that was a podcast and a half and no mistake, guv’nor! It was great hearing the other fellas talk this comic. I especially liked your reading, Ryan, of the Dave Manak script, it really brought it to life.

    I wish the UK had horror hosts on TV… did they have some value for the sponsors? And was there a male Elvira, ie a haunted hottie?

    Oh, and I went back to my Golden Age Superboy hardback and read that Christmas tale Kyle mentioned, The 33rd Christmas, it’s a real winner.

    1. Yes, from Adventure Comics 113, which is a gorgeous Christmas cover, of course I couldn’t remember the issue number of Adventure or the story at the time of recording, but thought of it afterwards!

      And I also couldn’t believe that I forgot to mention Mickey’s Christmas Carol as one of my favorite Christmas animated shorts. We have literally watched it over 15 times already this year.

  3. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Sounds like a cool comic. The first story is not bad. The art is good. The second was kind of funny. Glad the bad guy gets it in the end. Even if it is because Santa’s vision was going bad. Pretty funny. I’m not a big fan of the last story… just not my thing. Still a cool harror charismas comic, Can’t wait to hear the next one.

  4. I love X-Mas, spooky stuff Mixing,

    Superhero Holiday Fun is a favorite-DC comic specials are part of that ever since that Superboy and The Legion story hooked me-
    I’m also a fan of DC Horror hosts interacting with the DCU- Cain tricking Mxy – and like 30% of the characters in Sandman also favorite things. I’m a fan of cheesy movie hosts, because of Elvira, for me that’s where it starts. So I should like this comic more then I do. Maybe it just was to much “so bad it’s good” clashing in a kind boring way. I’m just not a fan of the comic-
    Your coverage was amusing – and made it fun-
    What you did for this Elvira comic, is what Elvira does for bad movies. (That’s a great thing, I love it!)

  5. Fun show Ryan (and guests)! I watched Elvira’s first film over the Halloween season for the first time in decades. I forgot how funny it was. I really need to see the follow-up (20 years later), Elvira’s Haunted Hills.

    I’ll be honest, I sometimes wince at Black Humor Christmas tales, and despite loving almost every version of A Christmas Carol (Sims is best for me, followed by Finney musical), I don’t care for Christmas mixed with horror. Especially killer Santas. But for the most part, these were clever and in the vein of the old EC morality tales. I’m not sure about that last one, though. A little TOO black for me, personally.

    Too bad they only did this one issue. This would be a nice tradition!


  6. His name may be praised, but JLGL’s Elvira is off-model. Too angular and muscular.

    “Christmas Carol” sounds fun in a domestic terroristy way.

    “Slaying Song” was literally bloodless, and these over-the-hill gang artists are not making me jolly. The story on “O, Christmas Tree” doesn’t hold up for me, but at least the visuals were a welcome change.

    I refuse to believe that a man who has compiled two volumes of Christmas music for a nerdcentric audience has never heard of “Christmas at Ground Zero,” a holiday radio staple since 1986. Admittedly, I saw UHF theatrically and occasionally taped Doctor Demento broadcasts, which helps explain why I still remember most of the lyrics decades since the last time I heard it, but surely it’s still alternating with “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” every other hour from Black Friday?

    Despite the archtypical Paul Gulacy face and a seasonal costume change, I see a lot more Elvira in the pin-up than on the cover (again, literally and figuratively.)

    I used to watch Movie Macabre nearly every weekend, saw Mistress of the Dark theatrically, and had a pin-up poster of Elvira applying “Moontan Lotion” hanging on my wall, so I was a mark for this podcast. In sheer numbers and especially in proportion of run, I was far more likely to buy an issue of House of Mystery with her rather than without. While it wasn’t a full Tomahawk bait & switch, I still resented that the series was more HoM and less Elvira’s. I wish they’d gone full MST3K on inventory material, instead of treating her as just another Cryptkeeper stand-in.

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