Midnight 29: SWAMP THING #6-8

Throughout the murky, moonlit night, the bells chime for Midnight...The Podcasting Hour. On this episode, Ryan Daly welcomes Herman Louw and Billy D from Into the Weird: A Bronze Age Marvel Podcast to discuss the next three issues of SWAMP THING. Witness the muck-encrusted monster clash with bizarre robots in Swamp Thing #6, battle with the Dark Knight Detective in Swamp Thing #7, and gaze into the cosmic history of a Lovecraftian terror in Swamp Thing #8. Plus, a demonic substitute host spins a macabre story from Unexpected #190 in the prologue.

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4 responses to “Midnight 29: SWAMP THING #6-8

  1. I have a two-part question and a thought regarding Swamp Thing #6.

    1. On the bottom left panel of page 11, does Swamp Thing actually shout the word “no” out loud, because that looks like a speech balloon, rather than his usual thought balloons? If so, is that the first time he’s spoken, or am I forgetting an early instance of him actually speaking?

    2. On the bottom right panel of page 15, where Swamp Thing is thinking “stop it” over and over again, the “krump” and “squeee” sound effects led me to believe that Swamp Thing just smashed Linda-bot himself. If I’m reading that correctly, then that act really adds to the emotional impact of those six panels.

    Thanks for another remarkable episode. The more I listen to this show, the more I grow (like a malignant Cthulhu cancer) to appreciate Wrightson’s artwork, and the higher Swamp Thing climbs on my list of favorite DC characters.

  2. Fun show fellas. I’m kind of surprised the Batman issue was the least favorite…but I’m a Batman guy first and foremost. I totally get that it’s much more of a Batman story, and you get the idea that Wein and Wrightson were just itching to show what they could do with the character: “We’ll show Denny and Neal how it’s done!”.

    I think Wrightson was the first artist to take Batman’s ears and cape to extreme lengths. This issue is single-handedly responsible for the career of Kelly Jones, I think. 😉

    HIs Bruce Wayne is pretty rough though. Loved the “drunk uncle” line!

    I remember seeing ads for the DC Special Series reprint issues with the #8 cover, and wondering just WHAT was down there. It took me about 10 years, but my ex-brother-in-law had complete run of Swampy, so I finally got to read them. Nasty stuff, but so good!


  3. Thank you for this episode because years ago I got Neil Gaiman’s Books Of Magic mini & M’nagaleh was referenced in issue 4 & for years I’ve tried to find anything about him with no luck ,so thank you

  4. Another terrific episode, thank you so much. I adore PJ Frightful, but Nebiros was a delight, so demonically urbane. I wonder if Etrigan will ever guest host, I’d love to hear some good rhymes. I really enjoyed the Lola story – that Unexpected Dollar Comic is earning its keep.

    Billy and Herman did a spookily splendid job as co-hosts, it was great that you could recap one issue each and then share opinions and expertise. These really are remarkable comics, the artwork is manages to be grotesque, yet sumptuous. Mind, Swampy in a trenchcoat is ludicrous.

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