Midnight 30: SWAMP THING #9-10 and THE PHANTOM STRANGER #10

Midnight...The Podcasting Hour shambles zombie-like ever closer to Halloween. Before that, however, Ryan Daly welcomes Fire and Water all-stars Siskoid to discuss Swamp Thing #9 and #10, the final Bernie Wrightson issues; and Rob Kelly to chat about The Phantom Stranger #10, wherein the titular hero meets one of his villains for the first time. All that plus, John [some] Constantine relates a short story from Unexpected #192 in the prologue.

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8 responses to “Midnight 30: SWAMP THING #9-10 and THE PHANTOM STRANGER #10

  1. Great episode! My only disappointment was special guest host Oscar Constantine never said anything about apples and pears. The numpty.

    Obviously it is cold on that beach, as evidenced by that one panel of Abby in her bikini. The CCA was asleep at the wheel again! Thousands of kids were traumatized!!!

    I blame Siskoid for making me think of Anton Arcane’s dong. Or his Un-Dong, which probably has a face on it. Nightmare fuel. For that, I blame Ryan.

    As for the Phantom Stranger story, I think those ladies may be hanging out at the Universal Monsters Cafe at Universal Stuidos, FL. It’s more of an overpriced theme park fast food joint, but the decor is similar.

    And it’s always disheartening when you learn you’ve been replaced, second-hand. If Rob is cohosting JLUCast with is new wife Cindy, I guess I better bone up on my new Dylan albums at K2HQ!


    1. ‘Traumatized.’ Is that what they’re calling it nowadays? Then I was similarly ‘traumatized’ by images in comic books many times in my misspent youth.

    2. Oscar Constantine is from Liverpool – Apples and Pears is COCKNEY rhyming slang. Accuse Oscar of being a sissy southerner and he’ll gut you like a fish!

  2. The alien Swamp Thing issue was my first exposure to the character, bought at one of the yard sales my dad and I went to each summer in the mid-to-late 70s. Even then, as a little kid, I was floored by the Wrightson art, especially the splash of the alien. This wasn’t a Vince Colletta inked book!

    And yes, this was one of many many is the monster’ stories I read in this time period.

    I felt like I was a bit in the know when there was the invasion sequel decades later.

    Alan Moore also did a slavery/racism story in his American Gothic arc. I wonder if it was an homage to the one covered here.

  3. I love that kick to the head in the Phantom Stranger story, but with all due respect to Jim Aparo, he always makes me feel like he’s treating PS no different from Batman. Now that COVER, if the stories were more like THAT, but I’m no expert.

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