Midnight 31: DEADMAN: DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE and “The Secret Origin of PJ Frightful”

After four years, the final bell tolls for Midnight...The Podcasting Hour! This monster-sized epic begins when Ryan Daly unearths the Secret Origin of PJ Frightful, then continues with a dissection of the DC miniseries Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love with an all-star cast of guest commentators, including Martin Gray, Doug Zawisza, and Nathaniel Wayne. Finally, Ryan makes an important announcement that is anything but expected. Featuring more surprise guests than you can shake a blood-splattered axe at. Be sure to stick around for the final moments of this episode. You won't believe what happens!!!

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21 responses to “Midnight 31: DEADMAN: DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE and “The Secret Origin of PJ Frightful”

  1. See? Proven fact that if I guest on one of Ryan’s shows it will die within a few episodes. Wow, this one made it almost 10 more after I was on. PJ had a lot of unlife left in him, I guess.

    Goodbye, old friend. I’ll miss you.

    1. That was totally my thinking after your appearance on the show: “We’ve cratered. Eighteen more months and then I’m done with this shit.”

    1. I have yet to guest on there, so you’re (potentially) safe. However, if you’re looking for an excuse to shut this one down, too, I am available.

  2. So what did everyone make of the show? Ryan did an amazing job with the editing and hosting, and that spooky true crime story… brrr! No word of a lie, I was listening to the secret origin of PJ Frightful in the bathroom, having left my chap Steve working downstairs, came out, saw a figure in the bedroom with peripheral vision and near jumped out of my skin. Of course, it was just Steve popped upstairs for a shower, but boy, Ryan got me!

    I loved Doug and Nathaniel’s comments, the insightful buggers!

    I’m devastated that is the end of the show but you’ve done a great job Ryan, and deserve to rest in peace.

    Anyway, the rest of the Fire and Water podcasts gang will revive it in a couple of years!

        1. How much does it need to get to? I’ll start digging pennies out of wishing wells and mall fountains (two other things that, like Midnight, have been virtually put to rest).

    1. The entire show was fantastic (yourself included, Martin). And I’ll agree, the secret origin of PJ Frightful was a doozy of a tale. Worthy of its own place in horror comics.

  3. Man, I’m so sorry to see that this show is going away – especially considering this is the first one I’ve ever heard! Where has this show been all my life??

    Also, how is it I’m the guy who makes people feel bad? This network has Nathaniel Wayne on it – and he hates everything! Diablu Frank leaves more negative posts than anyone, but I’m the villain?

    Gonna take a long hard look in the man in the mirror.

  4. With apologies to Shakespreare:

    “Alas, poor Ryan Daly! I knew him, Midnight listeners:
    A fellow with infinite DC Horror titles, of most excellent quality:
    He hath been borne through my headphones a thousand times;
    And now, how abhorred in my imagination is his secret origin of PJ Frightful!!
    My gorge is full because of it.
    Here hung those lips that I have listened to I know not how oft.
    Where be your Swamp Things now? Your Spectres? Your Phantom Strangers? Your Secret House of Mystery tale, that I were wont to have guested a podcast on?
    Not one more podcast now, to mock the first time you have literally just heard of this title?
    Quite Ryan hath fallen?
    Now get you to Chris Franklin’s chamber, and tell him, let us do a Knightcast post haste, to this favour he must come; make him swear to that!”

    Congratulations Ryan on an amazing run and look forward to hearing your next podcast…..from beyond the grave!!!!!

    The Deadman story was quite interesting, and the insights of Doug, Martin and Nathaniel were quite interesting. Regarding Martin’s query on Ralph and Sue, Ghost Detectives, they did appear briefly during Chuck Dixon’s run on Batman and the Outsiders, but were not developed beyond them being introduced.

    The PJ Frightful origin was a great Halloween tale and kudos to Ryan for developing his back story. Although, given what happened at the end, maybe Ryan went too far in revealing the history of Mr. Frightful!

    Excellent show and a great way to end a great series.

  5. Impressive Podcast. Most Impressive. Was fun hearing the podcast while it lasted. Next time you may want to do a Comic Cavalcade Podcast. 😀 Moving on. Interesting Back Ground on PJ Frightful. Ah Dead Man. Now the story may have not needed him. But, JLD Dark. Didn’t need Bat Man in it. But, it had him in it to boost sales. If it works it works. The Last movie had Supes in it. Even though it was mostly a Constantine story. So Boston being in this is fine. Wait. Why couldn’t he posses Sam? Hmm, was this a story point for a latter bit that didn’t happen? Dead Man can posses super Natural creates why not them? Soo Green Arrow under Kevin Smith’s run.

    That’s different. Something in this kept him to the house, but He could posses Berenice and her evil Immoral finance, So why not Sam? As for Boston messing up and calling them her. He was quickly notified. And he stopped after it. And other than the one close up. Sam is drawn mostly Masculine. So maybe that was a thing between the artist and writer to note Sam as Non Binary. Yeah it sucks that some small minded folks could mis gender them if they wanted… but, they’d do it any way. I was anoyed by the hospital bit of Born sex. On the list so a doc or Nurse could be a jerk if they wanted. One don’t they always take blood tests and ex rays? So they could treat you with the right way with out that being an issue.

    And trust me after the oh so fun comments I get on U Tube I get to watch them say their oh so fun comment’s …sigh. And I’m just a Trans Woman. One Woman for real said. “I’m not saying you don’t exist. I’m just saying your not Trans.” And I was like oh…so your not saying I don’t exist…your just saying I don’t exist…sigh. Sadly I saw her U tube page she has kids. She may pass this goody thoughts down. Any way. to steal Shags line Bernie is hot in this. Sam is a lucky person. Bernie is drawn as thick and a bit Volomptous. Any way although this story is a bit like What Lies Beneath is is still a good story.

    And I’m glad the story works weather or not Sam is Trans or Bernie is Bi. That to me is a good story. Me I just want us to be included at the table. Not a table made for us. Jennifer Hale said it best when talking about female leads. It’s best when the story is made great and the female character is placed in as a character first. Or as Avery Brooks put it it’s more fun to play a Captain than a “black” Captain. Like it works best when the character is informed by who the person is and not their skin tone or sex. And a plot of course. But, yeah I want to know who Sam is as a person. Why they like Bernie. And Why She likes them.

    So unless it’s a bio. Or a Trans related story. I’d like a good story ware the character is their falts their merits. Likes dislike friends family. Yad, yad and at the end and their Trans. I mean do you really want to read a Steve Rogers Cap story ware it doesn’t work if he’s not a white Cis Male with Blue eyes, and blond hair? No huh. Rather hear a cool story Ware Caps in it. Doing his Cap Speeches shield slinging and doing something cool? Yeah that’s how Trans Characters should be as well. So yeah this works. And the Stranger would need a real good resin to not just step on the ex. Cause as the Wondering Jew. His power levels or way to high. Same with Xanadu. Nimue would have reaked this house.

    And Spector …. oy. Not even going into why the spirt of Vengeance wouldn’t work here. Maybe Baron Winters could have Sam and Bernie as Agents. A Night Force team. Night Force is kind of the level of stuff these two could fit in. Or Have Kane do a house of Mistires story on them. Or… sigh they Work with John Constantine. Though they seem way to nice to get mixed up with him. Maybe June Moon. Though again not sure I’d want to subject them to Ms. Moon’s second form. Maybe if Xanadu or Zed Martin was their to keep her in check. Or Zatana. The story works well. From what ya’ll spoke of. Though Maybe Boston should get more to do. He has the romance with the ghost. The second one I know of.

    THe Kelly Jone’s mini from the 80s or 90s being the other romance he had with a ghost. Though this was his book in name only. It sounds like it was fun.

  6. Ryan, since we didn’t hear your death rattle, I’ll assume you’re nursing your wounds. Get well soon! Please keep a clean, dry dressing, and for the future, I suggest watching the hands, not the knife. PJ doesn’t have your best interests at heart. (Although, if you did shuffle off, it was nice of him to do the final editing.)

    Thanks for entertaining us for 31 episodes. Feel free to keep canceling shows as long as you keep making new ones. And I hope you made it through the “stuff” stronger, kinder, and wiser for having been through it.

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