oHOTmu or NOT’s 2nd Wedding Special

Last October, our very own Amélie got married to long-time Patreon supporter Monsieur Luc (it wasn't a Patreon reward), which is just the excuse the Hot Squad needs to compare their wedding to a famous SUPERHERO wedding: Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson's! [at 51:14] How do the dresses, venues, ceremonies and receptions rate?

Featuring permanent panelists Isabel, Elyse, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie.

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10 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT’s 2nd Wedding Special

  1. First off, congratulations to Amelie and Luc! Sounds like a wonderfully fun time! Love the spooky theme. Cindy says your dress is gorgeous.

    Speaking of Cindy, we covered the Spidey/MJ wedding WAY back in Super Mates #25 in 2015, and had pretty much the same assessment. My opinion hasn’t changed much since 1987. Why are these people getting married? Their wedding and courtship was extremely rushed in the comics. They weren’t even dating at the time! I missed an issue or two of ASM, and came back to the big “proposal” issue, and was gobsmacked. My understanding is Stan had evolved the Peter/MJ relationship in the comic strip to where it made sense. In the comics…not so much. Jim Shooter just saw publicity possibilities. But writers like Michiline and J.M. DeMatteis eventually made it work…until Marvel decided to throw it all away. Sigh.

    A little info on the Spider-Man and Mary Jane actors at Shea Stadium: In some of the pre-nuptial promotional pics, Spidey is played by Stephen Vratoss, but he played the Green Goblin at the “actual” wedding, and the bachelor party before it. The Wallcrawler who tied the knot was played by the long-time Spidey appearance actor who Vratoss only identifies as “Jeremy”. Mary Jane was portrayed by Tara Shannon. There are some funny stories about all the wedding hoopla over on Vratoss’ blog: http://www.heroesinmycloset.com/

  2. The only footage of the Spider-Man wedding on YouTube was posted by me! I stayed home from school navn in 1987 to tape it off good morning America and somehow I’m the only person who taped it!. All these years later no one else had l posted a better copy! So the footage the girls are watching was my old vhs tape

  3. I love how unique and personal the oHOTmu weddings have been. They feel like they embody the personalities of the people getting married which doesn’t always happen. And the way everyone reminisces about and the warmth that radiates from the group during that part of this episode really shows off how close you all are. That’s really special and very endearing. Congratulations again Amélie and Luc!

    Of course, now there is a lot of pressure on everyone else when they have their own wedding…with a patreon…I guess? Is that really a reward unlocked with $10 bucks a month? Well, when it is our turn Siskoid, you should know that I like lilies, and my favorite movies are The Fugitive and Steel Magnolias. That’s if you’re still looking for a theme.

    And just a few things about the Peter/MJ wedding:

    I would like to point out that you are allowed to be from Queens and like the Yankees. You are still not allowed to be from Queens and prefer Chicago style pizza though.

    I feel like Peter wore a lot of crop tops and cut off Jean shorts in the 80s.

    I like the retcon that Bruce and Clark were trying to steal MJ and bring her to the DC universe.

    While the comic is still underwhelming, this time around, I did appreciate the subversion of gender tropes by giving MJ the oversexed wild bachelorette party and making Peter’s more laid back and introspective. Especially for the 80s, a decade that had an entire movie industry based on men behaving badly at bachelor parties.

    Lastly, I just wanted to point out some of my highlights from the pod.

    Elise gets extra points for saying charcuterie board because that’s a word I can never pronounce correctly.

    Siskoid keeping everyone honest when they get too sentimental about the wedding, by calling the bride a hobbit, seemed dangerous. But I guess that means the Megalodon stalker was preemptive karma.

    The lines:
    “We weren’t the terrible ones.”
    “I’m a fan of food that comes to you.”
    “I wasn’t aware I hated MJ.”
    “They’re rich people, they don’t have any morals.”
    “Electro thirst.”
    All had me in stitches.

  4. So great to hear the in depth review of the wedding and absolutely love the pics!

    The whole things sounds like it was fun and the idea that the reception was in a home where people could sort of wander around sounds wonderful.

    I have always been more a Gwen fan than MJ. As a kid, it never made sense to me that nerdy Peter would land the supermodel.

    And the megalodon story was a hoot!

  5. Fun episode! Congrats to Amelie on her real life wedding, sounds like it was fun.

    As someone who started reading Spider-Man comics in 1986, all the grumbling about married Peter Parker always puzzled me. To me, this is just who he was.

    It’s interesting the impact the films have had on people’s perception of Spider-Man, that he’s a teenager, when in the comics he was a teen only for a relatively short while, then he moved out on his own and has been twentysomething ever since. Again, because of where I started reading Spidey comics, the films dwelling on his high school years never felt right to me, though the Raimi movies have him graduate partway through the first movie.

    The podcast inspired me to read annual 21 again and ooooof yeah not the best story in the world. I remember why I’m not compelled to reread it. No explanation in the story why Peter doesn’t move in with MJ, who has a much nicer place, vs her moving in with him. Very odd. Iirc in the comics they move into a luxury condo pretty soon so I wonder what the point was of her moving in with him.

    I remember the “she makes more money than me” nonsense angst going on FOREVER and even as a kid I recognized it as nonsense. You wanted to smack Peter upside the head and be like, dude, you’ve been broke your whole life. ENJOY THIS. Just go finish your masters degree for crying out loud. Don’t worry about taking photos for the bugle anymore. Very dumb storyline. It made Peter look like a tool.

  6. Congrats on another Wedding Special! This was tons/tonnes of fun and what a great way to celebrate Amelie’s wedding. Monsieur Luc is one lucky guy!

    Boob tape call back! Sorry to hear how much the dress was hurting your back, but you look beautiful in the pictures. I guess this was a case of fashion over function, which is a very comic book-y choice to make.

    Is Amelie like a Hobbit because of her agile feet?

    I think this Amazing Spider-Man annual is the first time I realized there were different covers to the same comic. I didn’t realize that could be a thing until seeing the ads for it. It led me down a rabbit hole to find out that Justice League 3 also had an alternate cover (shout out to Bwa-ha-ha). I was also deep into Spidey at this time. This was just after the Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline and that story made me want to start collecting comics. So I started with the Spider-Man series and tried to get every issue from then on. The’90’s broke me for that run but I was in on the ground floor for Venom. But because I was collecting all the Spider titles, I made sure to pick up the Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7 where Puma is ripping up the cover to the Amazing Spider-Man Wedding Annual! You get to see more of the honeymoon but that’s all really remember. I’ll have to pull those issues out to reread them….

    Well done again on another fantastic episode! Keep up the great work/marriages!

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