oHOTmu or NOT Xmas Minisode!

A quick episode to wish you all the happiest of holidays as the girls open up their gifts and talk about their most hated Legionnaires, Sun Boy, and their most beloved “big spoon”, Armadillo. Share in the laughter!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), and Shotgun.

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Relevant images and further credits at: oHOTmu or NOT Xmas Supplemental

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4 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Xmas Minisode!

  1. I didn’t realize the levels of Sun Boy’s douchery until the Girls pointed it out on the Legion of Super Bloggers site. But I’m still not sure he deserved to be a flaming zombie, or have his head caved in by Kirby Tech. Okay, if he betrayed the Earth to the Dominators, he deserved the flaming zombie bit.

    I also didn’t realize the giant spoon was Kong-sized! Wow!

    A fun little bit of Christmas!


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