oHOTmu or NOT Ep.100: Shocker to Sidewinder

One hundredth episode! A vibrating villain. A modern-day cowgirl. A heroic crime lord. The Serpent Society's leader. Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad ends its coverage of OHOTMU's 11th issue and reveals how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Nathalie, Josée, and Shotgun.

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5 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.100: Shocker to Sidewinder

  1. Shocker, The – Yeah, that went pretty much where I thought it would. Although the bra talk was an interesting sidetrack.

    Shotting Star – I’m not familiar with her, but she’s 2 degrees away from Quasar (“The Kevin Bacon of the Marvel Universe”) being that they were each on a team with The Texas Twister. The entry makes her sound mostly forgettable (except for the apparent hair disaster) so there’s probably a reason she

    Shroud – I actually have more exposure to Shroud in the RPG than the comics, since I ran the “After Midnight” module. The problem in that is he was (spoiler warning) mind controlled, so it’s not like there was any personality shown. I’m guessing his creators were big fans of The Green Hornet, who had the same “I’m posing as a crime lord to destroy the mob from within” schtick.

    Sidewinder – Sounds like he was a miss-ile. (…I’ll show myself out.)

    On the cover I know it’s a way to show “I’m moving really fast”, but Shanna looks like she tripped and is about to fall on her face.

  2. Happy 100th Anniversary Ladies and Siskoid! Thanks for 100 fun days you’ve given us.

    Shocker – I always thought his brown/yellow combo was actually pretty original for comics. It’s often more of a golden yellow than what is shown here. I was confused why “Shocker” didn’t fire electricity…but Spidey already had Electro.

    Edited to add: Another knock against him: He can’t dance. He’s literally got two left feet! Look at that right foot…everything looks like it’s on the wrong leg!

    Shooting Star – I was kind of surprised that the ladies were so harsh on her, but the weird anatomy/pose was kind of Jackson Guice’s thing at the time. I believe those are straps to hold her holsters to her thighs, so she doesn’t have on shorts, if that helps.

    The Shroud – Man, Marvel could pile on the crap onto an origin, couldn’t they? I’m not sure I even followed all of that. I thought he always looked cool though, and I guess that’s what counts here.

    Sidewinder – Yeah, he’s just a hot mess. Pick a lane, dude!

  3. Great episode as always.

    The Shocker – If you look at his original costume, his belt buckle is a V. The urban legend is that he was supposed to be called ‘The Vibrator’ but that had to be changed. But makes more sense given his power than Shocker. Of course, it is amusing that they changed it from Vibrator to what is now a rather lewd euphemism. I always liked the quilted costume but this page is pretty rough on the eye. And how sad that 5’9″ is too short. Maybe if I straighten up I hit 5′ 9.5″

    Shooting Star – first time I have laid eyes on this character. Pretty hot in a Cowboys Cheerleader sort of way. Honestly, this looks like a costume that is the beginning part of a burlesque show. We are five minutes away from Nancy Callahan from Sin City.

    The Shroud – I knew him mostly from Super Villain Team Up where he was basically the hero star. He is pretty cool. I think he took a bad turn in the 2000s but I don’t recall. I do like your assessment Mike. He is a sort of spumoni of other characters – a little Batman, a little Daredevil, etc.

    And yes, I can control the amplitude and area of effect of my vibes …

  4. Fun episode! I can’t believe it’s been 100 episodes! Thats how you get syndication and all those sweet, sweet residual checks.

    Sounds like The Shocker should have gone on Project Runway instead of entering a life of crime. Or make sex toys. Or quilted sex toys.

    Shooting Star looks like a gender flipped Captain America.

    “He’s a little bit Daredevil, a little bit Batman, a little bit Green Hornet, a little bit country, a little bit Rock n Roll…..” The Shroud was the first time I thought the girls were ready to fight each other over their goth king.

    Sidewinder sounds like one of those sneaky good bosses where he gives you perks and fooseball tables and a cool cafeteria with cup o noodles, but it’s really just to make it so you never want to leave work. Like Serpent Google or something. And his layoffs are probably just murder.

    Shotgun’s story about someone calling Shotgun and her thinking they were calling for her reminded me of the time I was driving and someone was waving enthusiastically at me from the back window of car in front of me. I waved back in the same wild and exaggerated manner. I didnt know if it was a kid or someone I knew. But we finally stopped at a red light after about ten minutes of over the top waving at each other and I was finally close enough to see inside the car and I discovered it was a dog wagging it’s tail. So I spent about 15 minutes wildly waving at a dog’s ass.

  5. Given that one of Spider-Man’s nicknames for Shocker is ‘Quilty’, I don’t think it’s just you.

    Generally speaking, he is pretty unpleasant but was at least somewhat likeable during his short-lived teamup with Trapster and when helping She-Hulk with the Blue File during Soule’s run.

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