oHOTmu or NOT Ep.17: Captain America to Captain Ultra

The world's premiere patriot. England's pale copy. One in a long line of copyright holders. A stand-up comic. Which are Hot, and which are Not? Our panel takes on the all-Captains episode!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), Amélie (AmyUltraViolet) and Shotgun.

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18 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.17: Captain America to Captain Ultra

  1. A few answers about Kentucky. Yes, we have trees. It does snow here, but not much by your standards. We are indeed famous for horse racing (Kentucky Derby), and there are MANY fancy horse farms/ranches in my area. Makes for nice scenic drives through the country.

    I’m glad the girls found Captain America hot. Cap is my favorite Marvel character, so you have somewhat restored my faith in humanity. The van and motorcycle were influenced by the late 70s TV movies starring “hunk of beef” (as co-founder Rob put it), Reb Brown. Siskoid, you should show the girls some clips of this. I think they’ll get a kick out of it.

    Oh, and as the only other regular female voice on the network, Cindy votes a resounding “HOT” for Cap.

    I never thought of Captain Britain as a luchadore, but now I can’t UNSEE it. He carried a staff with his old costume, and given his stuck-up demeanor, I think I know where it went with this redesign.

    That is a great costume for Captain Marvel. I’ve always thought it was one of the better super hero designs, and I got that ASM Annual right off the stands. I kind of hate she’s succumb to Marvel’s merry-go-round of name changes.

    Captain Ultra…really? You girls never fail to surprise. But good on you for appreciating a good sense of humor. For some of us, it’s all we’ve got. It’s how I landed Cindy!


  2. I got endless enjoyment out of hearing the girls initially gush over Captain America (knowing he’d start with an advantage because of the movies) and then listening to the little things keep adding up as they were forced to deal with the comic book version (from the 80s no less.) Siskoid mirrored my own amused sentiments when he said “So… hot or not, because I’m confused?”

    And Captain Ultra… wow. While I had the Captain ‘Murica conversation pegged I would never have guessed how that one went down. You ladies sure know how to keep a listener on his toes.

  3. I was so sure Captain Britain would be a slam dunk, he’s such a mountain of muscle! I wonder what they would have thought of his previous outfit.

    What did I do to earn some of the girls’ enmity?

    1. 1. The girls really don’t like musclebound guys.

      2. Like I’ve said elsewhere (the Facebook post where Shagg gloats), the girls don’t know either of you from Adam. I shouldn’t take it personally.

  4. My life was incomplete before now because I didn’t know about THIS version of Captain Marvel. Just…yes. All the yes and a side of “please come closer.” It’s a great look, even the boots, but it’s the hair that puts the whole thing over the top. I’m not 100% sure I know how the mask connects either, but I don’t care. I just want her to fly me off somewhere cozy for a while.

    Thank god she came after Captain Britain to cleanse the pallet. Oddly I remember liking the look from back in the day, but I couldn’t tell you why now. And realizing that his British accent would probably be snooty posh stiff upper lip rather than the rough and tumble on the street lovable kind put the nail in that coffin. Unless you’re Patrick Stewart the full on posh just doesn’t work. Mmmmmm…. Patrick Stewart. Pardon me now, I think I need to write some Monica Rambeau/Jean-Luc Piccard crossover fan fiction.

  5. I almost died in a car crash because of the girls NO hot or not and driving from this day on. And I think weather you know it or not you talk done some characters to the girls really no love for captain Britain

    1. And I do like Captain Britain! I read Excalibur and MI-13! But I thought it was an interesting conversation to have given how the show is more or less tracking nationalist characters and what they mean to us, specifically Alpha Flight. It’s just one of those running themes.

      1. I was losing it over the deep love for caps van not cap but his van.
        It was when she would merry him the get a divorce just to get the van that got me love this show ! I wish we had an on going alpha flight comic again

  6. This is the first time I heard one of the girls swoon over a character, a much different response than merely saying someone is hot. That’s awesome.

    Loved the in depth discussion about Captain America’s van, or as he calls it, ‘The Love Wagon’.

    And, like i.e. Many other characters, I’m surprised Britain was a not!

  7. Captain America looks fantastic in the main image, I love the buccaneer boots and the dramatically splayed gloves, and yeah, the A on the head is a bit odd in one way, but this is Captain America, the Big A… he just looks perfect here, to me. All the faffy chainmail they draw these days, post-Brian Hitch. Ultimates, just pees on the simplicity of the classic design.

    Those handbook pages for the phone and van are hilarious in their detail. And sort of sad, unless you’re strangely attracted to schematics revealing the secrets of every last nut and rivet. It’s the Official Handjob of the Marvel Universe. I mean, I quite like those old cutaways of FF headquarters, or secrets of the Batcave, but ‘anti-dive air assisted fork’? ‘Compound ramming armour’? Mind, it IS vital to know the van has ‘carpeted interiors’, Cap must have his comforts.

    Captain Britain does not look like a Mexican fighter, he looks noble and amazing and manly. The trousers and boots are based on Napoleonic cavalrymen – well, I assume! All I know is that this Alan Davis design is loads better than the original version with the chest lion. That’s not an X on his chest, it evokes the Saltire, Scotland’s flag of Saint Andrew. I find the boots and tights well sexy.

    I’m a big fan of puffy sleeves – Firestorm, Firebrand, Seventies Supergirl – but Captain Marvel’s look too much like Spidey’s underarm webbing, flaccid and flappy. Also, I preferred this costume in the original pink rather than the silvery blue it became. And her Afro looks like it’s in a baker’s hairnet. I do like the boots and mask and chest blotch, though.

    I would say Captain Ultra is deliberately ridiculous in its migraine-inducing overdesign, but George Pérez also gave us Triathlon and Troia and Jericho.

    Brian Braddock (I think ‘Benjamin’ was taken) was never fighting for the Establishment, just to save the people of the United Kingdom, and if that brought him into occasional contact with HRH or the PM, well, these things happen. And what’s wrong with Captain Britain being English, he has to be from ONE of the countries! I’ve never heard of actual British comic fans having a problem with Cap being a toff, just anti-English folk who don’t actually read comics.

    Pip pip!

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