oHOTmu or NOT Ep.27: Deathlok to Demons

A cyborg from the future. Criminal jugglers. A Demon as black as pitch. And his friends. Which are Hot, and which are Not? Only one way to find out, in one of the darkest episodes we’ve done as we head into Halloween week.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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19 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.27: Deathlok to Demons

  1. The discussion of whether or not Deathlok has a synthetic penis reminded me of another cyborg character that addressed that issue: Axel Pressbutton, created by Steve Moore and Alan Moore.


    All that was left of his original body was his head and the upper right quarter of his torso, so to compensate for his lack of “equipment,” he was given a button on his chest that was wired to his brain’s pleasure centers. So, despite his lack of a “robo-penis,” he could have an orgasm in his brain by pressing the button (hence his name). He was in a professional and romantic relationship with a female bounty hunter/assassin named Mysta Mystralis, and their partnership was depicted as being committed and mutually satisfying, so apparently the absence of a penis wasn’t an issue for her.

    For a moment, I was wondering whether Deathlok’s name was the first example of “X-treme spelling” in comics, but then I remember that he was introduced after the X-Men’s Havok.

  2. Incidentally, I was just looking through my copy of this issue, and I see that there are nine more entries left in issue #3…does that mean that you’re going to be doing another five-course episode to finish off the issue? And if so, will you be bringing back Science Girl as a guest, as you did the last time you had five characters to cover?

  3. Am I nuts, or is there some version of Deathlok who had his brain (or what was left of it) put into another body that was of a different ethnicity? So his human parts didn’t even look remotely like his original self?

    I think Deathlok showed up in some form on Agents of SHIELD? This was long after I departed the audience.

    The girls bring up a good point about the amount of pages Deathlok got. We didn’t even get a maskless shot of Black Panther, but we get a schematic of Deathlok’s laser gun. Whoopity-doo.

    Deathurge is pretty intriguing. And writer/editor Mark Gruenwald drew him! I love it when the writers/editors do the art chores on these “simple” characters.

    From a gang of criminal jugglers to denizens of the netherworld in just a few short pages. Such is the scope of the Marvel Universe. And thankfully we have the girls (and Siskoid, of course) to guide us.


    1. Deathlok has indeed appeared in Marvel’s Agents of Shield. In this version, I believe he’s a SHIELD agent, who is presumed to be KIA, but is actually captured and turned into Deathlok by HYDRA. HYDRA doesn’t control him directly, rather they hold his son hostage, and monitor his action through his cybernetic eyes to ensure his obedience. TV Deathlok is less grim than his comic book counterpart, at least that’s so when he’s around his son and not under HYDRA’s control.

  4. The ladies didn’t have a lot to work with this time around, but they still managed to pull off a great episode. Talk about making a silk purse of a sow’s ear.

    I must agree that Deathurge definitely has the cool factor going for him. As I listened, I knew that I’d seen him in the pages of a comic book before, but could not remember where. Consulting the Marvel Universe Wiki, I see that he has had a few run-ins with Quasar, who’s book I followed back in the day. So, I’m guessing that’s the source of my recollection. It’s nice to know my memory hasn’t completely failed me in my declining years.

    On a final note, the wiki states that Deathurge is currently trapped in the form of a squirrel, after an encounter with the Great Lakes Avengers. I don’t know if that entry is up to date.

  5. A little later to comment than usual, but I’m still recovering from a weekend in Montreal. Late nights and poutine takes its toll.

    So Deathlok! I never read him much, but I always thought his look was pretty badass. Or at least it was in the 90s when I saw him. I’m sure I’ve ever seen him look less impressive than he does in this primary image. Something about the face I think. He really only looks cool when he’s scowling. Plus that American flag patch and the cord just keep drawing my eyes to where his nipples would be, and frankly I don’t want to think too much about what kind of tech is occupying that area at this point. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt on the lack of bulge and say his junk (or whatever has replaced it) is now retractable. Then again maybe it really is all gone and that’s why he just wants to die. Pass.

    The Death-Throws… what in the hell is this madness? Even if I overlook the ridiculousness of “criminal jugglers” (I can’t overlook it, but let’s pretend for a minute,) there’s no cohesion to their outfits. It’s a total mishmash of elements and taken individually they all either have looks that have nothing to do with their gimmick or lean into it WAY too hard.

    Deathurge was an interesting conversation. I’m not sure there’s another group of panelists who could pivot from dark talk about suicide to butts and dicks as seamlessly as these ladies. Bless you all. He’s a hot for me on the look alone, because it is super awesome. Philosophically… yeah that’s a bit more of a mire.

    The Demons. When I heard there were 30 of them, I went in determined to find at least ONE demon I could defend as hot. But alas I must admit defeat. The only way anybody would get a “hot” would be if I graded them on a curve, but I refuse to do that because being slightly better than the ball of tentacles and mucus next to you doesn’t actually make you desirable. I’m not quite at an “any port in a storm” phase in my life yet. I came close to giving it to Gaea, and even rechecked her image from the Chthon entry. But she’s too grim looking. While I like my dark ladies, there needs to be a sense of fun. I’m pulled to people who take glee in dark things (hello, Morticia Addams) but she just looks miserable and that’s a turn off.

    Great episode as always. I’m going to adopt the label of “Dangerous but cute,” going forward.

    1. You would think we’d get some hot demons. Marvel too tame at this point to create Succubi or Incubi?

      Though some versions of Magik in her Darkchylde form could be disturbingly sexy.

  6. Great episode.

    As I was listening to the beginning of the Deathlok discussion I thought to myself “if I was talking about Deathlok for this length of time with my buddies, we surely would have gone to the ‘does he have a penis’ topic. ” Almost immediately after I thought that, the junk talk began. Don’t ever change OHOTMU or not.

    I wonder if The Death Throws and the Ringmaster’s Circus of Crime have a rivalry/hatred thing happening. I figure the reason they haven’t been more successful is that eventually someone drops the ball.

    Lastly, I am really hoping that Dormammu gets more love in his own entry as opposed to getting lost amid the other demons. I guess I have to wait a bit to get there.

  7. Regarding the “Demons” headshots: I know they wouldn’t have had room to list EVERY demon who’d appeared in Marvel comics, but I wish they’d been able to include the six demons collectively known as “The Six-Fingered Hand” from an early ’80s Defenders storyline: Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppokri, Maya, Puishannt, and Unnthinnk. It would have been worth it just for the “unnthinnkable” jokes the ladies could have made about them…

  8. I thought Bombshell’s first costume might be better than the OHOTMU entry, but no, it’s the same just lacking the face mask. However, I do like this later version better, with the black body stocking under the pink uniform. It doesn’t count since it’s later, but fun to revisit.

    Another fun episode from the Hot Squad! “Dangerous but cute.” Can’t say you never warned us.

  9. Finally getting the respect I deserve for inspiring this show! You’re welcome for me being, “creepy!” However, I find it somewhat hypocritical that my “Hot” shtick gets criticized mere moments after one of the girls says, “You want to fill my mouth more.” Hmmmm…. #HotFounderShaming

    Another great episode! Love the Death Urge design, and the discussion on Bombshell had me legitimately laughing out loud!!

  10. Love the podcast! I remember hearing on the femalebag that someone actually knows who is saying what. I honestly have no idea who is saying what. But it sure is fun!

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