oHOTmu or NOT Ep.45: Grey Gargoyle to Gypsy Moth

A stone cold bastard. 31st-Century heroes. An armored security guard. A fan of fabrics. Which are hot and which are not? The Girls weigh in with their usual light touch.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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29 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.45: Grey Gargoyle to Gypsy Moth

  1. On the sock thing…if you have to have on socks to get there…well, someone’s doing it wrong. Just saying. 😉

    Also didn’t know that certain crystaline….objects existed. Who knew this show could be so educational?

    I knew the ladies would love Gypsy Moth. Sandy Plunkett’s art is always more lyrical than most of the Marvel-style stuff we see in this book. And if she hates solid objects, then shouldn’t her opposite number be…The Grey Gargoyle?

    Fun show ladies (and gent). Thanks for cheering up a gloomy Tuesday.


  2. I have to say I was a little surprised that it took so long for the Grey Gargoyle ‘he touches himself and becomes rock hard’ to go to penis talk. I am also shocked that the first take on it would be a rough gritty tool. Not polished stone?

    No surprise that Gypsy Moth is the big winner of this episode. As a kid growing up in a straight laced household, the idea of joining a hedonist cult led by her seemed like a decent life goal.

    Thanks for a great show. Laughed the whole ride into work!

  3. Grey Gargoyle – *Gags* Oh dear god. No. Even before the dealing with the whole stone thing, just no. There’s something so half-assed and lame about a cape that only goes down to the ass. Lando was the only person alive to ever pull that off. Otherwise when it comes to capes it’s go big or go home. Oh my god it’s actually worse now that I’m looking again. Because, unless I’m misreading this, he doesn’t have a shirt. He’s got straps to hold on the cape, with a stupid Dracula collar built into it, but he’s bare chested. Ugh. And then the mustache. BLECH! NO!

    Also, sidebar: living in the northeast, I get that cold feet can make it harder to get into the swing of things. But the sight of somebody in just socks (because let’s be honest, socks with good insulation aren’t the sexy kind) is even more of a mood killer. So it all comes down to whether or not you’re going to see them (so account for variables like setting, position, how well lit, etc.). #businesssocks

    Guardians of the Galaxy – Groups are always tough, but if I’d probably have to collectively “hot” them after I run the numbers. (Charlie 27 is the only hard “not,” Starhawk is “fneh” for reasons other than looks so i’ll be coming back to that, and I can work with the rest of them). I like how chunky Martinex is, almost cubist in a way. I bet he catches the light in some really interesting ways… mmm, candle light refracting through his crystalline… *clears throat* ok, moving on. The fin on comic Yondu is a little much for me, but not a deal breaker. But Nikki’s the true highlight, easily. She’s just got that cute pixie thing going on with fire hair that won’t actually burn me. What’s not to love?

    But on Starhawk, seriously, what is it with the two genders merged into one body thing? Dr. Fate, Cloud, that weird Elektra/Bullseye combo from that Daredevil Noir thing, now this. Seriously comics, you’ve got some issues to work out. I wish I could get on board because it’s kind of a genderfluid thing in a round about way, but please comics, just stop with this bull crap. Wait, WAIT! Ok, I did a little extra leg work to see if I could get a look at the female half (Aleta) on her own (a bit heavy on the deep V’s but otherwise a hot when taken on her own) and came across the fact that she and her “brother” had kids?!?! I don’t care that they’re related by adoption rather than blood, FUCKING STOP WITH THE “NOT QUITE INCEST” SHIT! Oh my fucking god. And she fell in love with him during a period when he basically forcibly held control of the body and kept her in limbo?? So she’s got Stockholm syndrome for her fucking BROTHER?!?! I retract that “fneh” and replace it with an exuberant “EEEEEEWWWWWW!” And now I need a shower.

    Guardsman – This is a pretty solid “fneh.” It’s a good design, and I even kind of like it, but everything about it reads “military guard,” “storm trooper,” or “security android.” He looks like he came off an assembly line and there’s a hundred others just like him. Which is fitting, I suppose, but it means I also pretty much forget him the instant I’m not looking at the picture.

    Gypsy Moth – Ok, first impression was really positive. Cute and fluttery and well matched colors and wings, yay! But as I looked a little closer I kept finding nitpicks. The way the hair comes out of the back of the mask makes it look wispy and thin, I don’t know if I like the headpiece in general actually, and the pose is just a little too unnatural and done for effect (a bit too “model” I suppose). It’s also one of the weirdest powers I’ve ever heard. Control of textiles? How in the hell do you naturally mutate a power to control something man-made? What if textiles hadn’t been invented? Or what if they’d been supplanted by other things? Seriously nature, what’re you doing to this poor girl? But those wings. I WANT THOSE WINGS…. I think that and the design from the neck down is enough to just barely nudge her into “hot” for me.

    1. The other male/female amalgam character that immediately sprang to my mind was DC’s Dr Occult. From memory, the Vertigo Doctor Occult series of the 1990s leant heavily into the differences between male & female sexualities that were merged in that character.

        1. ‘How in the hell do you naturally mutate a power to control something man-made?’

          Maggott. Havok. Cyclops. Stacy X. Goldenballs. Mimic… oh Vera, it’s hard to think of a single Marvel mutant who would exist if the ‘evolutionary tweak’ was stuck to.

  4. Another highly entertaining episode!

    A little side-note on the Guardsman: After the Guardsman armor was mass-produced for the guards at Project: Pegasus and The Vault (Marvel’s prison for super-villains), we did see some female guards in the armor…and of course, the women’s armor had metal boobs. Check out the “EXTREEEME” 1995 Avengers spin-off title Avengers Unplugged #1 (if you can bear the ’90s-ness of it).

    Gypsy Moth: Looking forward to the ladies’ reactions to her revamped costume and identity from Thunderbolts…also wanted to note that her appearances in Thunderbolts had her coming out as bisexual and flirting with Songbird (whom we saw as Screaming Mimi in the Grapplers entry).

    Regarding the feedback’s discussion of Devil Dinosaur not getting an entry: I think that Devil Dinosaur’s title was regarded as a stand-alone series and not part of the canon Marvel Universe until the Fallen Angels mini-series brought him and Moon-Boy into the fold.

  5. Great episode – I’m commenting after listening is this a first?

    Grey Gargoyle- I can not remember a discussion about him where eventually “Rock hard” didn’t lead to penis talk.

    Guardians of the Galaxy- I love both Yondus. My favorite part of both comics and MCU teams. They are not even the same guy a little. Explaining the Vance from here, the Vance from New Warriors and how they related to each other was one of my favorite geek things to explain. Eventually the under her one name the Female part of StarHawk DID take over and present as female. She just didn’t go by the name “Star Hawk”. I was the one guy buying the old series.

    Guardsman is just an “armor type” now. I like the green.

    Gypsy Moth: I’ve always liked her look. – she was part of my “awakening” at least partly because of this very page.

  6. I love Grey Gargoyle; he’s always been one of my favorite villains. But I’m starting to think I might judge these characters based on different criteria than the girls do.

    Also, that image of Guardsman makes it look like he’s wearing a sports bra.

  7. Fun show, as ever. ‪I never knew Aleta was Starhawk’s sister… Avengers #167 gave a very different impression… I’ve posted a couple of interesting pages written by Jim Shooter. Oh, hang on, the entry here lists Aleta as his wife AND his step-sister. Eurghhh.

    Yeah, judging!

    Grey Gargoyle looks far too grumpy to be hot.

    All the Guardian men are most acceptable, bar Martine … I’d likely cut myself. And Nikki is terribly cute.

    The Guardsman’s bikini line is nice, but he needs to lose the bucket head.

    I’m amazed by the enthusiasm for Gypsy Moth’s look – I like the wings, but that’s about it. It’s just a lot of very plain colour blocks. I look forward to the update conversation – worse names, super-tacky look.

    Still, Gypsy Moth appeared in a great run of Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew’s world has never been as interesting. I cannot wait for the gals to get to Nekra!

  8. A great episode, everyone! This episode was a great one for digressions. It really sounded like the ladies really had fun with the entries this time. No f’nehs!
    Thanks for the boardgame update. No joke, I would totally listen to you ladies and gent play games on a podcast. I really like co-operative games as well. Pandemic is big favourite in my househeold. My kids like Takenoko, mostly because of the panda figure. Due to the nature of the podcast, have any of you played Marvel Legendary or the DC Deck-Building Game?

    Grey Gargoyle – I’m not sure I learned a lot about Grey Gargoyle but I learned a TON about socks.

    Guardians – Martinex reminds me of those Swarovski crystal animals my mom would collect. I’m interested if Starhawk’s outcome would change if the ladies saw a version of him/her with the big wings/strings(?) unfurled.

    Guardsman – He must buff that armour to make it so shiny.

    Gypsy Moth – I was ignorant of this character but your highlight of her makes me want to find out more. I was surprised to hear the entry was by Sandy Plunkett as, to my eye, it looked like a Jerry Ordway drawing. Now, I also want to seek out by Sandy Plunkett comics!

    Keep up the great work, everyone!

  9. Time Priest and Auntie Freeze! Yay!

    Grey Gargoyle: I was half expecting Siskoid to include the Divinyls “I Touch Myself” for this one. He has a scary powerset, but those toe socks with claws. Ugh.

    Guardians of the Galaxy: There’s been a few articles and memes on the internet making fun of the original team in light of the movie team. So color me pleased you gave most of them a “hot”. Glad I don’t try to predict the gang’s reaction. Martinex? Never would have guessed. But Starhawk’s history is the awfullest mess, and I did read a few of those stories a long while ago! “Kids with his sister?” *gagging on throw up* Just “NO”!

    Guardsmen: So he’s Irish, and thus, his armor is green. Sigh.

    Gypsy Moth: I read very little with her, and overall, she’s ok. But I really dig the pigtails! It’s so rare in superhero comics. That’s adorable.

    Thanks for more blushes and laughs, Hot Squad!

  10. One general compliment I just wanted to make: I love the choices of musical numbers for each character. Not only are they always entertaining and appropriate, they’ve also given me a bit of inspiration sometimes…I keep a sketchbook that I take to conventions and have artists draw “musical sketches” (drawings captioned with song lyrics or titles that suit the characters), and these episodes have given me a few ideas. At the next convention I go to, I’m hoping to have Ron Wilson draw “Help, I’m a Rock”–albeit with The Thing, rather than Grey Gargoyle.

    Here are some of my “musical sketches,” if you’re interested…


  11. I love this podcast, the cast is fun, funny and charming and their alternative takes on the characters borders on interesting and hilarious. Now that I have caught up it’s going to be a long wait between episodes.

    Grey Gargoyle should be a serious threat, but with the socks and moustache, he becomes less and less worrying he becomes.

    Guardians of the galaxy are one of my favourite comic teams of all time, I did a blog covering every appearance they had and got a tattoo done of one of the team. So I was excited to hear your thoughts on them, relieved they were so positive. In my head I see the movie Yondu as an ancestor of the comics one, the comic’s Centauri growing mohawks to match the metal fin movie Yondu had.

    Guardsman is a weird design that fit in the background of stories and you just accept. But taken on its own, the crop top and abs just look weird.

    Gypsymoth is just a nice design well drawn, it would be an interesting one seen as cosplay.

    Ttfn lovely ladies of Canada

  12. I have literally been waiting months for this show. I have been looking ahead in my copies of OHOTMU and wondering just how you all might react. I’m relieved that the gang really liked the Guardians of the Galaxy. They are one for my all time favorites, both old and new. The positive comments about Armadillo gave hope but one never knows, except I always thought Nikki was going to be a hot for sure.

  13. Oh that’s right. I don’t have my books in front of me as I’m traveling in Canada right now, Otherwise I’d look up another character. Sad about HH reminds me that I never got my Dr. Glitternight entry back in the day either.

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