oHOTmu or NOT Ep.52: Imperial Guard to In-Betweener

Marvel's Legion of Super-Heroes. A green guy who goes POP and it's not Ambush Bug. His wife. A black and white entity. Which are hot and which are not? The girls of the Canadian Hot Squad weigh in as coverage of OHOTMU issue 6 continues, and break a record for the number of characters covered in a single episode!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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29 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.52: Imperial Guard to In-Betweener

  1. Thank you for another side-splitting episode. Fortunately, I’m working from home today, so I didn’t have to suppress my laughter like I normally have to do in the office.

    Some random thoughts I had on your review of the Imperial Guard

    1. I laughed every time Siskoid had to remind the girls that these characters were all aliens, and did not have to conform to human anatomy. This got me wondering why there are so many humanoid-shaped aliens in the Marvel universe. In the end, I decided to blame the Celestials, because they were constantly traveling from world to world, messing around with everyone’s DNA. Therefore, these aliens don’t posses a humanoid shape, rather all of us posses Celestial shapes, due to their tampering. I don’t know if that’s the cannon explanation, but it works for me.

    2. I loved listening to the girls create in-depth personalities for what are effectively comic book extras.

    3. Is it just me, or does Fang look like a Scooby-Doo monster to anyone else? It’s something about his face that screams fake monster mask to me.

  2. Still listening, and loving the Legion Hot or Not callback. Wolverine has many fathers. I believe the current consensus is John Romita designed him, with input from editor Roy Thomas and writer Len Wein, and an unsolicited submission from a Marvel fan. Herb Trimpe helped define the look in his first appearances in Hulk and then Gil Kane (on the cover of Giant Size X-Men #1) and Cockrum modified it to it’s more or less “classic” look with the bigger mask wings. Making things more complicated, Cockrum had Wolverine take Fang’s costume and wear it, because he planned to switch Logan into this suit! Incoming artist John Byrne hated it, and put him back in his original yellow and blue, although Byrne would later modify that costume, using Fang’s colors and give us the 80s brown/tan/orange Wolverine costume. Phew!!!


    1. Right, I could have said designed instead of co-created, but I don’t think Wolverine would be a fraction of the star he is today if he’d kept the costume from his first appearance.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t blow the Girls minds by bringing up that it was implied by John Byrne that when the Impossible Man gets bored he goes over to the DCU and bugs Superman as Mr. Mxyzptlk! Unless you read this on Female Bag, and in that case, I just blew their minds.

    In-Betweener is obviously a Cheron from Star Trek’s classic “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”.


  4. I love it when the girls find out something about the character (or, as in this case, just look at him or her) and start laughing uncontrollably.

    By the way, I am undeservedly blessed to know two members of an orchestra that once played Carnegie Hall. In theirs, the cellists are the uptight type As of the crowd — and that’s saying a lot. I can see Manta with a cello.

  5. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve heard any “Good Genes” or “You must look good in jeans” lines. Normally I get “Hi, Gene. Get it? Hygiene!” or “Are you related to Jimi?”, so the ones the ladies came up with were actually refreshing.

    I also don’t believe they actually want pictures of me in jeans, but if they actually do for some strange reason, just take a look at my Facebook cover photo. 🙂

  6. Lol schrödinger’s Boyfriend… best line ever!
    I’d love to see a Katy Perry music video with her trying to date the In-betweener, cosmic hilarity ensues!
    Maybe Marvel can work that into the next GoTG movie!

    Also enjoyed the laughter on the impossible man and woman… they’re supposed to be funny after all!

  7. Imperial Guard: Eventually they realized that “Midget” was a terrible name, and renamed her “Scintilla.” (I believe she was also called “Micro” at some point, but I’m not sure whether or not that was before or after she was “Midget.”)

    When I heard them debating whether the fur on Astra’s wrists and ankles was her own hair or just part of the costume, I was thinking “Just wait until they see Hussar, where there’s no question about it!”

  8. A Giant-Sized edition of OHotMU with the amount of characters! It sounded like everyone had a fun time except for Siskoid who sounded like the Imperial Guard taxed him. I mean, why even put the Borderers in there? And that starts the entry? Not a good way to make a first impression, Marvel.

    Oracle – “Go to the space disco” is a great description. I would hope Oracle wants to roller disco as a 2nd date.
    Tempest – The Venn diagram of this includes Beethoven and a Thundercat, and I totally see both now.
    Smasher – I see a tongue, please evaluate my psyche.
    Manta – “Scariest penguin” made me laugh out loud. Like a lot of the entries the ladies evaluate, I can see nothing else but that now.
    Warstar – Before I saw the entry, I heard Siskoid refer to him as to two symbiotic beings and my first thought was a two guys in a horse costume. That’s not helpful.

    Impossible Man and Impossible Woman – The sheer joy of this entry from the ladies made my day. I enjoy before any discussion happens, there is just laughter. That does not bode well for a “Hot” rating. Also, it lists one of their occupations as hedonist? Isn’t that more of a lifestyle?Can you get paid for that? Another occupation is student of Earth popular culture so they are a geek/nerd?

    In-Betweener – He seems like that guy in college who took one Philosophy class and now thinks he has all the answers. I hated that jerk. It popped into my head that he is also the human embodiment of the Almond Joy/Mounds commercial, if anyone remembers that. “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.”

    Well done, everyone! Keep up the great work!

  9. Loved this episode for any number of reasons.

    As a Legion fan, I loved how the Imperial Guard/Legion talk permeated the discussion, especially when the exasperated Shotgun said ‘I am talking to Mike!’. That is definitely the voice of an obsessed Legion fan! One of us! One of us!

    I also laughed at the sheer length and volume of the girls response to the Impossibles. They are insanity defined. But I do love when every so often you get to see the power they have. If they lose their tempers, look out.

    My plan was to get the In Betweener page signed by Jim Starlin for the crew but his line at Terrificon was way too long.

    Personally, I loved when Chris Franklin commented that I might be the most likely to become a super-villain. Given that I identify with the Mad Thinker (spoiler alert), you never know. Also, my friends say I am most likely to get recruited by a Red Lantern ring too.

    1. Really? Anger management issues? I hadn’t pegged you for that.

      As for the laughter, it was indeed Impossible. I don’t know how my microphone was set, but it peaked to the point of distortion, which it never had in the past (see Boomerang). So I reduced the volume a lot, and also cut a lot of it out. You did not actually get the “sheer length and volume”.

  10. Are the Borderers supposed to be the Wanderers? As though that clarifies things at all!

    Smasher: Now his chest emblem looks like a “Killroy was here” face.
    Where’s the page with Astra in the image gallery? She was my favorite, even if that was leg/arm hair. (slinks away)

    The sheer joy for the Impossible Family panel with “They’re all in Mickey Mouse ears!” Loved it.

    I thought In-Betweener was the definition of Fneh! Live and learn.

    Especially nice job on the images hover text, Siskoid!

  11. Halfway done- loving it so far-
    The in-Betweener is another that was used as a “Blank” for super RGP game, it was the “Evil Playboy”,(yes there was more then one-)

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