oHOTmu or NOT Ep.58: The Sambuca Special

It's become a tradition after every second issue: We revisit issues 5 and 6 of the Official Handbook and look at what happened to some of those characters after 1985. Especially fashion-wise. Which are still Hot, which are still Not, and which have been redeemed or condemned? Get your shot glasses out and strike a match, we're burnin' down the house.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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13 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.58: The Sambuca Special

  1. “If I saw him, I’d be like, ‘oh no’.”

    I love the fact that it wasn’t a hulking monster or supervillain who elicited this response, but a guy doing yoga.

  2. Again, I love how the girls take something most comic nerds take for granted, characters speaking in “logos” for dramatic effect, and give a whole new perspective on it. I can understand why they think Iron Man 2020 speaks in strange ways from this. Maybe kind of like the movie version of Bumblebee from Transformers speaking in audio clips from his car radio?

    Cindy often mentions that she appreciates Sue drawn with some hippage, since she has had two kids. I think another reason most folks balk at the “4-boob window suit”, is poor Franklin had to look at his mom fighting the Mole Man in that getup. She can wear that stuff in private, but…geez. With Malice, I think the girls hit the nail on the head with creator wish-fulfillment, considering Byrne did multiple storyline stunts where he teased a nude She-Hulk. And then there’s “Superman and Barda Make a Porno”.

    Maybe I’m watching too much Stargirl, but I’m getting a Luke Wilson vibe off Madison Jefferies with that big robotic suit.

    When you put Kale, Jennifer in that super hero outfit, she kind of looks like a dull Scarlet Witch. It’s better than the other two, though.

    Rick as A-Bomb was a featured character on Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon my kids watched a few years back. So that idea has some legs, despite the protests here.

    Fun show as always gals and gent!


      1. Chris–Yes, the “speaking in logos” thing. I remember the first time I showed a comic book (i think it was Superman) that had stylistic flourish that to a non-comic reading friend, and he was baffled as to what it meant or how you were supposed to read it.

  3. Always a fun show! And for solidarity, I was wearing my OHOTMU or Not shirt as I listened.

    Skein – boy this is a big drop off from the Gypsy Moth outfit. I am sure there is a skein/skin pun inside me somewhere given how much skin she is showing off here. But I can’t quite get there. I definitely like the moth costume way more.

    Hellcat – still a big hot for me. Like the color reversal very much.

    Invisible Woman – that is the first time that I have ever heard someone say that the 4 boob window is the best thing about that outfit! Amazing! And now I must contend with the obvious reality that she couldn’t be wearing underwear as Malice. Crazy.

    Jennifer Kale – For me the ‘pant button unbuttoned’ was more like a time stamp putting this squarely in the ‘Christina Aguilera is singing Dirty on the radio’ time for fashion. Interesting to hear the panel’s thoughts on it.

    Lastly, a big thanks for having ‘Un-Hulk’ now be part of my lexicon. Another great addition thanks to the OHOTMU girls!

  4. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Em the Goliath costume…yeah it’s very 90s. Not the best, but not that bad. Graviton…. wow that is an improvement. Sexyness. Though not sure what red dots have to do with gravity, but ah well the out fit looks great. Same with the hair. All cheese romance novel cover. Like all Antonio Banderas in Zorro. Gypsy Moth…. em. Nope … also she doesn’t look like any goth I know. She kind of reminds me of Blair White with bangs. (A U-tuber. Sorry ya’ll are probly like who?)

    Havok. 1 is fine. 2 is good. 3. Was Oliva Nutan John making a come back and a new video for the song physical? 4. Costume is fine, but em… was it cold when they dew this? The Man has the irish curse here. I’ve had a few exes that were close, but not even that…oh you pour man. Maybe he’s a grower and not a shower. Though Cry Havok has a different meaning here. Cry for him…oy.

    Hawkeye likes fine. 2… some one watched Small ville. Looks like Green Arrow on Smallvile . Roana’s fine. Ah… Home girl has an art issue. The perspective is opps. So it looks like the arrows are in her cup. But, their in a quiver. THe cup is just her having a cup of coffee. But, hey with her job. She needs the coffee. Coffee is awesome. Her outfit is…..fine. A bit to Matrix belt thing for me. What’s with all the straps? Though the aviator glasses are cool. A beret? Why? She’s not going to high school she’s fighting crime. Maybe a pony tail or sweat band. How would you run around shooting arrows with this.

    Uggh. Any Way I have a bow like that. Moving right along. Al Heck Cat. So from Tigra hand me downs to…. this. It’s fine. Not my fav. But, it’s a descent costume. Hulk. It’s fine. Em it’s an 80s tie. Thus why it’s purple or pink. But, I always like Joe Fix it. So can’t judge hmm fairly. Cause my fandom. Time Aromor look…why…just why? I’m gonna say nooooooo. Hydo Man… King of Vouge he is not.

    Ice-Man… first look ok. Second….no. Looks like he stole a shield out fit threw xes on it and put on a purple coat. Did he steal it from Prince? The boots…. sigh. Next costume. Tony Hawk is….Ice Man. Last costume…. no. Looks like a scuba suit. The X is cool, but what’s with the red part? Looks like he threw a woman’s swim suit over his scuba suit.

    First look fine. Though that is down right a Super Man level mullet. Invisible woman… aw I always liked this suit…. I wouldn’t ware it, but still. It fit her character at the time. She had reconnected with her Malice personality. She had an evil persona opened by the Psyche Man. Whom she beat at the end of that Bryne run. And this costume was her reg personality and her evil one merging. Cause she felt she needed her dark side in the battle with the Universal church. think it was. All the heros were teaming up. Can’t remember what it was back then. Also this hair is better than the mullet.

    Malice… meh I’ve worn worse. The current was fine. Yeah the hip dip looks fine. Wouldn’t ware this out fit if you have a muffin top though. Iron Man. 1 and 2 are fine. 3… yeah Jim Lee opps on this for the Heros reborn bit. When Image had Iron Man for a second. It didn’t go well Yeah I can see this armor not working. War Machine looks cool. Yeees Iron Man 2020. Still looks awesome. Soooo awesome, I can’t rember is Death’s Head in the hand book? If so can’t wait till ya’ll see him. LOL. Yeah Box looks way better. Jim Lee Art there on Box . Er M.J. The second works great. And I can see why he and Heather dated in this run. Before Garden came back to life…long story.

    Rick James…. A-Bomb… no. just no. Moving on.

    Jen… again there goes my plans for an acoplise look. 2. Did she raid Lita from the WWF’s closet? Even to the weird Tattoo. tats arte cool… just not that one with this out fit. It’s like one hair color change to red from Amy Dumas sewing for gimmick infringement. Just saying. 3rd. Trinity from the matrix wants her cloths back. And she can take the thrift store crap she threw on the out fit to make it loon different back.

    Is this what she would have warn if she was in the first X-Men movie? So much leather. Karnak…. not one of Jack’s best sorry. And the second outfit…. looks like he should have a u – tube show ware he talks about being off the grid. And shoeing us his mix taps. And him telling us he was into Captain America before he was cool. And maybe he wares the hoodie cardigan in an ironic manner. He’s a cool character. And very B.A., but he can not dress himself. Karnak is cool. Not sure how he’s a fortified village, but he’s cool. And yeah the hardening ones body parts is a thing in the M.Arts. You barely feel it and it’s done over time. So after a while your body adapts.

    Oh to bad the Inhumans tv show sucked, because his costume in that was cool. So while Karnak is no Gorgon he’s still pretty cool.

    Anyway cool pod cast can’t wait to hear the next one.

  5. I’m noting the squad’s reaction to Madison Jeffries’ updated look when you eventually show them the Brown Jacket Avengers. Purely for comparison purposes.

    Iron Man 2020 is fun almost because it’s trying TOO hard to look evil. “I have spiky shoulders! Check out my metal teeth! Grrr!”

    Iceman’s big change was really to get his hair frosted. … (I have a problem.)

  6. I do enjoy these catch-up episodes and this one did not disappoint. Well done, everyone on a great job! It’s great all of you can still get together (virtually) to bring us fanboys (is there a term for followers of the OHotMU show? What is our version of Juggalo?) some great entertainment. Now on to the entries…..

    Graviton – It’s nice to know a bad look can be saved by a good butt.

    Gypsy Moth/Skein – This seems to be trying too hard to show off her sexiness that it comes off as desperate.

    Hulk – To help out the ladies, I would say the armour suit makes him think of baseball to make him soft.

    Hydro Man – “I could take care of your delicates?” made me laugh out loud. It could be a helpful thing he could do, but it turns into a very sleazy pickup line.

    Jeffries, Madison – He was one of my favourite members of Alpha Flight so I don’t think there was any wrong look for him. He seems like a more friendly Forge.

    Kale, Jennifer – I totally agree with the ladies and Dr.Anj for her jeans look; this is every early 2000’s music video. The only thing missing is the leather trench coat.

    Karnak – Sorry Siskoid, this new look makes me hate him so much. He looks like a cross between a hipster and a bro and has the worst personality traits of both of those stereotypes. He would want me to try his artisinal, locally-sourced, beeswax soap.

    Invisible Woman – “Nothing is less sexy than the number 4” gave me another laugh out loud moment. Like Gypsy Moth, a lot of these costumes are just trying too hard to be sexy. I really, really like the white costume as it makes her seem like a real woman.

    Iron Man – That 2020 version is one of my favourite suits as I remember buying an Amazing Spider-Man annual that featured him. I’m not saying it’s a great look, but my nostalgia makes me like it. And it’s the future!

    I get to be a spicy drink? This bean-bag-full-of-vanilla body? I’ll take it! If I may, I would say all of you are a fun, classy drink that you can’t get enough of. No one is a Jagermeister in this group!

    Another stellar episode! Keep up the great work!

  7. Thank you, oHOTmu, for another chance to laugh my cares away.

    Gypsy Moth: If she really felt the need to change her name, then there are many other types of moths from which to choose. Just to name a few options, she could have gone with Hawkmoth, Luna Moth, Sphynx Moth, or Silkmoth. While Silkmoth is probably most appropriate given her powers, I kind of like Luna Moth, and could imagine simply redoing her original costume in silver and black.

    Hawkeye: Your discussion made me realize that I need to find some Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) comics for my daughter, who has developed an interest in archery via her love of Greek mythology and the goddess Artemis.

    Hellstrom: Here’s an example of how the Satanic Panic of the 1980s ruined a perfectly good character design. It also kept me from being able to play D&D as a kid, but I’m not bitter about that… anymore.

    Hellcat: I actually prefer her new costume, including the sash, which I think of as representing a cat’s tail. To be fair, her clawed boots aren’t going to win her any friends among people with hardwood floors.

    Hulk: Maybe the Grey Hulk would look better in a different color suit, for example, a purple suit with green tie that harkened back to his classic color scheme? Of course, my wife buys all of my clothes, so what do I know about fashion.

    Hydro-Man: My first thought upon seeing his new look was also washing machine.

    Iceman: To me, Iceman looks a little silly with clothes on over is ice armor. So, I’d probably take the original Iceman and add in the more textured ice of skater-dude Iceman.

    Invisible Woman: While it was fun to get the ladies’ reactions to the second and third costumes, I have to give my vote to the white uniform.

    Iron Man: I like seeing what this artist thought would be the design aesthetic of 2020. Based on the Iron Man of 2020, we appear to live in a Mad Max-inspired post-apocalyptic world, which may be closer to the truth than I’d like to admit.

    Jeffries, Madison: It’s amazing what a nice haircut and a new pair of boots can do for a man.

    Karnak: I’m not feeling the new hoodie look, then again, I never had a problem with his original look, enlarged cranium and all.

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