oHOTmu or NOT Ep.81: Mutant Force to Nebula

A wannabe Brotherhood of Mutants. A special effects artist. A mutant who isn't as naked as in the movies. The Sub-Mariner's cousin. Thanos' daughter--no, granddaughter. Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad continues to rate OHOTMU's 9th issue on how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie

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10 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.81: Mutant Force to Nebula

  1. Either the Hot Squad (or actually Siskoid) know when I need a fun podcast pick-me-up, or Tuesdays just generally suck. Either way, thanks for the show.

    Mutant Force: Throw-away Jack Kirby concepts are still better than most creator’s best work, so these are servicable baddies. No one bothered to check with the Spider-Man office, since Marvel already had a Shocker?

    Mysterio: Quentin Beck was usually depitced with a black bowl cut, and on the 60s Spider-Man cartoon they doubled down and gave him pointed ears, giving him the appearance of Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock! I guess it kind of makes sense from a special effects perspective. The movie version of Mysterio was boss, and I’m kind of sorry he didn’t show up in No Way Home.

    Mystique: Speaking of special effects, I have always wondered who decided “more naked” was a good approach for Mystique in the films? I mean, as a straight male, I’m not going to say the look wasn’t appealing, but it sure was an odd way to go, an undoubtedly very uncomfortable for both actresses, and all their stand-ins and stunt doubles. Plus, more time consuming applying all that make-up…everywhere!

    Namorita: I would have thought she’d been a home-run. Alan Weiss’ more realistic approach to the body appeals to my artist’s eye. He put some thought into how the character would be built. Surprisingly, she showed up with Namor on the 1980s solo Spider-Man cartoon.

    Nebula: Seeing the character with the long black hair makes me wonder what the Girls thought of the blonde-haired Nebula in the What If animated series. Maybe throw that into the character update special?

  2. Since the question “Does Slither speak with a lisp?” was brought up, I dug out my copy of Captain America Annual #4 and found that, no, he speaks in a normal voice (albeit in typically stilted Kirby dialogue). He introduces himself to Cap by announcing “Greetings, Captain America! Slither is my name! And strangling is my game!” Rather refreshing that Kirby resisted the cliche of having a snake-themed character stretch out their “s” sounds into a hiss. And to answer another question, Slither DID later join the Serpent Society (so they evidently did not discriminate against having mutants join the Society).

    Regarding the revelation that Mystique is Nightcrawler’s biological mother: Chris Claremont’s original plan was that Destiny (I don’t know if the ladies remember her from back in the D’s) would be Nightcrawler’s mother and that Mystique was his biological FATHER! Yes, when Mystique assumes a male form, the reproductive system is fully functional in every way. Marvel’s Editorial department nixed the idea…probably too much ahead of his time. Claremont did still present Mystique and Destiny as having a longtime romantic relationship; while he couldn’t outright SAY that they were a couple, he implied it as strongly as he could at the time…although at one point, he managed to get past the editorial restrictions by using an obscure word (“leman,” an archaic term for “lover”) to describe their relationship.

  3. Great episode as always, and now you’re more than halfway through the alphabet. Plenty of Ps, Rs, Ss, and Ts to go, however.

    I like the use of the Mysterio art in the podcast episode cover image.

  4. As a follow-up to my previous comment about Slither’s speech pattern, apparently by the time Slither joined the Serpent Society, he WAS now speaking with a hiss/lisp. For example, when questioned about Viper’s plans, he said “I’d sssooner die than betray my missstresss!”

    1. Maybe he developed a lisp from all the times he got punched in the mouth by Cap? What’s the super-villain dental plan like?

  5. With the number of times Atlantis got destroyed, moved, rebuilt, taken over in the 60s. Namorita made a good call living on the surface during her childhood.

  6. This show is always fantastic and always brings the chuckles. You all are super awesome and I can’t thank you enough for the amazing content you create every month!

    Force, Mutant: I’m surprised the ladies didn’t like Burner. He seems to have a real “bon vivant” type of energy with his entry pic. But I guess so many “nots” drown out the “f’nehs”. Shocker’s face looks like Tommy Lee Jones to me.

    Mysterio: When I first started reading Spider-Man, I really got into his early stories reprinted in Marvel Tales. So Mysterio always seemed like a formidable foe to me, right up there with Green Goblin and Chameleon. Now, I see having a fish bowl on your head may not be the best fear inducing tactic. Like one of the ladies (Nathalie?) mentioned, I also love his gloves/lantern gauntlets. Siskoid, I loved your Patio Lanterns needle drop. Anything to spread the gospel of Canadian icon, Kim Mitchell! ……aaaaand now I see you labeled it as one of the worst songs to get air play. Not Fun Fact – the first time I heard it, I thought it was about an Irishman, Paddy O’Lantern. I’m not a very smart man.

    Mystique: I never noticed her Batman ears boots before.

    Namorita – I always confused her with Marrina. So I was disappointed with New Warriors (Heroes for the ’90’s!), for more reason than one. I just want more Marrina stories……

    Nebula – Am I the only one who is getting a Vampirella vibe from this pic? Specially from that pose. For the lady that likes the maximalist style, is she a fan of four-popped-collar man?

    “Mate with the comments section”?!? I’m just glad I wasn’t talked about being dipped in a butter sauce!

    Once again, everyone is knocking it out of the park! You rock! Keep up the great work!

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