oHOTmu or NOT Ep.90: Hank Pym to Quicksilver

A size-changing scientist. A flaming mutant. The wearer of the quantum bands. A computerized hunchback. Scarlet Witch's twin brother (and bonus warning as this one gets filthier than usual). Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad continues its coverage of OHOTMU's 10th issue and reveals how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amelie.

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10 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.90: Hank Pym to Quicksilver

  1. Yes! The Quasar issue! … What the heck is he wearing? Well, we’ll get there.

    Hank Pym (Sorry. Pym, Dr. Henry) – My first exposure to Hank was in his “Dr. Pym” role, being a science advisor who used his powers to shrink I grow stuff. That remains my preferred version of the character, especially after he and ex-wife Janet made up and stayed friends. Now, I’m not excusing the slap of Janet, but it seems like EVERY writer brings that back but no one mentions when the SUPER STRONG Spider-Man slapped the PREGNANT Mary Jane. Both are bad, Spider-Man is much worse.

    Pyro – This powerset is really interesting, being able to control already existing fire but not able to generate it. Cutting the lines to his flame throwers is the go-to way to beat him. He’s always been an X-Men villain in my mind because of “Pryde of the X-Men”.

    Quasar!!!!!! – OK, allow me to explain why Quasar is my favorite Marvel hero, he’s an Everyman. He got the Quantum Bands via his father being a scientist for SHIELD but never sought out the power. He also is completely star-struck whenever he’s around other heroes, referring to The Thing as “Mr. Grimm” for example. He muddles through the best he can, learning as he goes what his Quantum Bands are capable of, and repeatedly beats himself up over his mistakes. More than any other comic character, in my opinion, Wendell is the reader.

    Now, on to the costume pictured – He never wore it. Mark Gruenwald was poised to bring the character back in 1989 and they were going to update his costume, so this was one of the possibilities. it has elements of the final design, but isn’t it. The actual costume (with short sleeves, headband, and no gems on the boots) can be seen here: https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Quasar_Vol_1?file=Quasar_Vol_1_1.jpg (His biceps are exposed, so I’m sure the ladies will like it. 😉 )

    OK, now that my day has been made (not only “Hot” but “Yum” and “Also, Yum”) on to the rest.

    Quasimodo – Talk about your toxic self-images. The Surfer really shouldn’t just fling his power around like that.

    Quicksilver – Once they wrote in that he was a jerk because of how his powers made him perceive others I felt I could relate to him more, so he wasn’t just the team’s a-hole. Still not one of my favorite characters.

    … “It comes out your mouth” … “It’s a spit-take moment” … Oh boy.

  2. Hank had an history of hitting Jan. he did so previously during the Kree Skrull War.

    I have a special thing against Pietro. He refused to attend Wanda’s wedding because he didn’t approve of her marrying Vision. He also didn’t invite Wanda to his wedding to Crystal

  3. Ok, so it was not that risque comment that almost made me have an automobile accident, but I was just entering a busy roundabout when that *beep – beep – beep* sounded and scared the hell out of me.
    Thanks Siskoid.

  4. Always a grind when I don’t have a particular fondness for any character! Interesting mix though.

    Pym: Always like the Yellowjacket persona the most. Flight, handbeams, nifty uniform. It is the comic ‘slap heard around the world’ and it is the ‘albatross’ moment that Shag sometimes talks about, an event that forever taints a character. Pym can’t escape it despite the retcons, mind control, and even Janet’s forgiveness. Never a fan of him as the action scientist in the white coat. And ‘I have something in my pocket that grows when I touch it’ sounds like an awful line about his powers.

    Pyro: The control of the flame limitation seems like a decent enough limitation. But I always felt that the flame thrower rig was too easy to overcome. You think he’d have all sorts of other gear – cigarette lighter in the boot, matches in his pocket, flint around his neck, etc.

    Quasimodo – his self-loathing made that body?? Sounds like me at various points in my life. I have never felt more seen! I do like the medical terminology in the entry! Kyphotic! Hypothryoid!

    And yes, the ‘out the mouth’ comment made me laugh out loud. Thankful for the warning.

  5. Wow, a comment so bad Siskoid edited it OUT!?!

    Hank Pym: I agree with the girls, I like Michael Douglas’ Hank much better than the comic one. He is indeed, very cool. I like how they gave him and Janet so much to do in Quantumania. Moreso than Hope/The Wasp! I wish the girls could have seen Hank in his actual West Coast Avengers, red jumpsuit costume. I always kind of dug him as “aciton scientist” in that getup. Yellowjacket LOOKS cool, but those shoulder things give him NO periperhal vision!

    Pyro: I can’t see past “rubber chicken” now. Someone throw him at Svengoolie!

    Quasar: I always thought his “standard” look was cool. This not so much. He does look like 80s David Bowie here, however!

    Quasimodo: Have he and M.O.D.O.K. ever merged? I feel like someone needs to create QuasiM.O.D.O.K.!

    Quicksilver: I like both movie versions better than any comic iteration I’ve read. Thankfully you didn’t mention the icky and incestful Ultimates version. Ewww. My favorite comic appearance of Pietro was a one-page gag in Comic Collector magazine by the great Fred Hembeck where Flash, Kid-Flash, Johnny Quick and other DC speedsters convinced Pietro he should ditch the powder blue and white, because it doesn’t say “speed”. So they gave him a red and yellow verison of his costume and sped off. He was then promptly slapped with lawsuit by DC’s legal department!

  6. Hey ladies. Sorry I’ve been radio silent for… I don’t want to think about how long. I used to listen to this (and a bunch of other podcasts) while in the office at work, but I was laid off in July 2020 (don’t feel bad, I couldn’t stand the job by then) and now am self employed working from home. The upside is that I actually enjoy what I do for a living. One of the downsides has been that since I’m not doing so much mindless stuff I can’t fit in podcasts much anymore. But I’m trying to jump back in… and of course I do it on a total sausage fest episode… ugh.

    Hank Pym – Oooooooooooooooooooooooh boy, talk about a loaded topic. I’m with the opinion that “he was under the control of Ultron” reads too close to “he was drunk,” allegorically at least, for me to be comfortable with it. And on top of that “Hank” was my grandfather’s name which would make it weird. I see sooo much potential for fun with his power set, but he’s not worth it himself. Pass

    Pyro – Ok, the novel writing was news to me and I won’t lie it bumped the potential interest quite a bit more than I was expecting. That said I really can’t stand the primary costume they’re giving him in this. His old one I could work with so… I guess it’s a “hot” if I can help him with his fashion sense.

    Quasar – Generico McSpaceBoy. Yawn. Pass.

    Quasimodo – I want to be kind to Quasi, because this look is not his fault. But… I can’t picture cuddling him and it’s got nothing to do with his face. Calling him an “incel” pretty much nailed it. Got what he wanted and still turned into a violent dickhead, if that isn’t bitter privilege in a nutshell, I don’t know what is. Ultimately my preferred Mad Thinker creation is still Awesome Andy.

    Quicksilver – Ok, so I could go for the X-Men movies version because he seems to understand that concept of fun. Quicksilver from the Avengers and especially the comic one? The brooding would grate on me really quickly. As was briefly noted the comics version only ever seemed to try to be good because his sister said they should and his heart was never in it. He’s just such a prick looking for excuse to stop trying to be a good guy. He reminds of people who claim to be queer allies and then as soon as somebody corrects their pronoun use one time they start being openly transphobic out of spite. Big pass on the comics version.

  7. This was a treat! And the warning klaxons were an unexpected bonus, though there was so much laughing, I’m not sure I actually caught the nasty comment! I guess that’s better for me, though, as the ladies did NOT seem to care for it.

    Pym comma Henry comma Dr comma period. – I loved how this quickly went to all about taking advantage of his Ant-Man power and accordions, and not about how Pym is a jerky jerk. I have a soft spot for the Yellowjacket costume, though, not necessarily the character.

    Pyro – I never understood why Pyro had “FF” on his costume. Is it for “Fire Fire”? Doing some Googling, I guess it stood for the Freedom Force team name? But why was he the only one with it on? Also, I associate him more with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants team name. Dumb.

    Quasar – I had a Quasar phase in the ’90’s, so I associate that costume with him more than the shorty shorts. Aren’t you cold, man?

    Quicksilver – I always felt that Marvel gave Northstar Quicksilver’s attitude and now you have two “fast” characters that are snarky and jerks who are over-protective of their sisters. Both are a hard pass.

    I’m not sure about that “compliment”. It makes me sound like a pyromaniac…… of the heart!

    This was so great to have all that laughter! It brightens up my day every time. Keep up the great work!

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