oHOTmu or NOT Ep.92: Red Ronin to Rhino

A giant mech robot. A Native American hero. The ugliest Deviant of all. A hard-headed Spider-Man villain. Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad completes its coverage of OHOTMU's 10th issue and reveals how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amelie.

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20 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.92: Red Ronin to Rhino

  1. The discussion about Red Wolf’s pelt making Lobo uncomfortable made me smile because I know of a She-Devil coming up that has a very weird pelt story. Then a leg popped on the cover belonging to that character.

    Red Wolf construction work was pretty much because the authors had heard about Mohawks working on New York skyscrapers. He’s also shown selling Navajo trinkets if I remember that issue

  2. To answer the Red Roni question, walking from New Brunswick to Toronto would take approximately 17.4 hours (782 miles, via walking route on Google Maps, @ 45 miles per hour).

    I can relate to the Red Wolf’s companion coming running from “somewhere” since whenever I so much as shift in my chair, both dogs (Male & Female German Shepherds, pictures can be provided upon request) seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

  3. Red Ronin: I have a lot of respect for Elliot R. Brown, who did all the schematics in the Handbook, but I have to agree with the girls, Red Ronin looks like someone flipped up his head and dumped a storage unit in it. Hey, that would be a pretty good use for this thing when that kid isn’t piloting it, wouldn’t it?

    Red Wolf: I always thought he looked cool. It is weird that he’s wearing the pelt of the animal he also has as a pet. I’m sure the creators were sliding into Native American stereotypes where they are “at one with nature” to the point they can use the pelts of the animals, and still respect their place in the “circle of life”. Or something like that. OR…someone just thought it was a cool visual.

    Reject: Brunette Luke Skywalker drawn by Jack Kirby clone? That’s all I got. Oh yeah, please give the guy a different name! I like Reggie too.

    Rhino: Man, I don’t like this look. I’m glad they went back to the original. Those are definitely Rhino eyes, and not ears on his headpiece. The girls didn’t disappoint with the “ramming” and “horny” discussions. I didn’t expect them to get into where the two horns could go at once…but I wasn’t surprised either!

  4. As one of what must be a tiny number of people who’ve podcasted about Red Wolf, I have to supply you all with some crucial information. I covered Red Wolf over two short episodes of my podcast a year-and-a-half back, and I won’t get into everything I learned, BUT:

    1) Your boy William Talltrees can sprint for 10 miles. So, I don’t know whether he can show you a good time, but he can definitely show you a long time.

    2) Red Wolf acquired his pet wolf, Lobo, by killing its mother when Lobo was a cub. It’s a long story — this was not first degree wolf murder, this was more like voluntary wolfslaughter — but, nonetheless, it casts the man & wolf relationship in a new light. Also, the wolf was replaced by a skrull at some point, so if things get heated with Red Wolf, definitely kick Lobo out of the bedroom.

    (For those who want details, you can find my Red Wolf episodes if you google “[MT2 Pg 57] With Some Kind of Stick Comes Some Kind of Responsibility,” and “[MT2 Pg 58] Owayodata, Patron and Orphaner of Wolves”)

  5. Red Wolf: Y’all should check out Occupy Avengers. In that book, the sometimes-villain, sometimes-hero Nightshade decides she’s going to join up with Hawkeye’s pick-up team of road-trippin’ Avengers. She unapologetically admits her cooperation is for one reason only: to achieve physical intimacy with Red Wolf. She was employing the time-honored relationship tactic of wearing down his resistance when I hit a grad school-induced hiatus from comics. Hence, I cannot report on her results. 🙁

    Reject: I remember reading a Thor comic with Reject and his friend and life coach, Karkis. They were actually pretty cool together, like people you’d enjoy knowing. Like Siskoid said, Reject was working on himself.

    Rhino: It’s true that most rhinos are (potentially lethal) vegetarians. However, we should never forget that James of Ronald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach had his parents eaten by a rhinoceros. People tell me that story’s made up, but Roald Dahl was with British intelligence, and those people know things the rest of us don’t.

    Regarding Marvel’s Rhino, I think they eventually revealed him to be from a Russian or Eastern European immigrant family. I remember a story wherein Peter Parker saw Rhino and his family in the hospital once when Peter was visiting someone — probably Aunt May. He recognized Rhino, who was out of the suit and in street clothes, but Rhino didn’t recognize Spidey. They commiserated about their ailing loved ones and hospital bills, and Pete realized his foes were as human as he was (animal mutations notwithstanding). It was a nice moment.

    Anyway, thanks for a swell time. Keep up the great work, Siskoid and Hot Squad!

  6. Another great episode! Hard to believe we are at the R’s!

    Red Ronin – so crazy to believe that Marvel had the rights to Shogun Warriors too. Red Ronin looks like he stepped right out of those pages. I wonder if there was some planned Shogun Warrior/Godzilla crossover but the license folks stopped it forcing Marvel to make their own.

    Red Wolf – This guy looks so cool! Shocked he wasn’t fawned over! Looking at him as a DC fan, it strikes me so similar to Black Bison although I know Red Wolf came first. He falls into the ‘I thought he was a huge deal’ mostly because he was a big part of the Tigra Marvel Chillers run I read to tatters as a kid.

    Rhino – what is up with the bracelets and boot bands. Just breaks up the former fantastic smooth design. Makes him an immediate not. Don’t over accessorize! Simplicity is the height of elegance! I really hope he is able to urinate and defecate freely. In all my years of reading, I never thought about the Rhino’s bathroom capabilities so thanks OHOTMU squad!

    1. Oh, the bathroom question with Rhino came up when I first saw the Rhino on the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. My dad pointed me to the “Ask Greg” (Weisman, showrunner) message boards, where that question was asked a *lot*.

      Greg’s response: “Plumbing is built into the suit. The results are voided through the bottom of his feet.”

      I definitely do not want to follow in O’Hirn’s footsteps…

      (And I just realized that “O’Hirn” is an anagram of…)

  7. It filled my heart with joy when Josie (I think it was Josie) said the words “Musketeers and Pirates” when discussing the never-ending subject of Bucket Boots.
    I know this has probably been discussed ad nauseam, but those Golden -and Silver age artists and writers did not create their superhero fashion statements in a vacuum.
    They were obviously inspired by heroes and adventurers from their childhoods in books and movies, so the works of Robert Louis Stevenson and Alexandre Dumas would of been right up there, and boots from these periods a given for that heroic look.
    We could also discuss other adventurous influences like Circus performers, Aviators, Knights, Cowboys etc. And for the ladies, acrobatic thighs and swimwear all the way, because that’s what little boys like.

    So, in conclusion, I’d suggest refraining form calling them “Bucket Boots” and using the term “Heroic Footwear” from now on.

  8. This show continues to make me laugh and brighten my day every time. The Hot Squad rocks! The giggles, the snorts, the squeals are all music to my ears. To your editor’s ears? That I can’t say….

    Red Ronin – That is not an aerodynamic head.

    Rhino – I love this Spidey villain! He seems to be a good (ramming) foil for the nimble Spidey. And this was definitely a learning experience when it came to his horns. Considering I work on the pre-school show, Spidey and His Amazing Friends that sometimes has Rhino as a villain, “Flap sex” was not a phrase I needed to hear.

    I’m not a Reject! You hear that, high-school girlfriend?!?

    Well done on another fantastic episode, everyone! Keep up the great work!

  9. I haven’t listened to this episode yet, I’m just getting up to #80, but I’ve been working on a very informal oHOTmu Hall of Fame while I have binged. The criteria for me for the OHOTmu HoF is based on the initial reactions from the panel when they see the character or ehen they hear a detail about them, or if I think Isabel would actually be able to remember who they were.

    So far I have the loud laugter tier:

    Bushmaster (that mouth!)
    Diablo (and all his mustache sucking awesomeness)
    Electro (ridiculous mask)
    Howard the Duck (mostly for Quack Fu)

    I have the “aww, I want one” tier:

    The “broke my ear drums” tier:


    Sorry, I was covering my ears for a minute there just in case Amélie’s high pitched squeal could reach Manhattan.

    Then there is the “did the microphone actually pick up the sound of people drooling?” Tier

    Moon Knight….but he was added only because of the panel’s reaction to Oscar Isaac…

    ..you know what, on second thought, let’s scratch off Moon Knight and just write in Oscar Isaac.

    Did I miss anyone?

    1. I think the mouth is on Cottonmouth. Loud laughter should also include the OG: Boomerang.

      And the ultrasonic scream was Shotgun (it’s in the name, she’s the loudest).

      There’s definitely some sort of lovable animal-themed tier: Armadillo, Dragon Man, I guess Lockheed and Frogman are in there.

      1. Did I say Bushmaster?

        That was probably autocorrect.

        Shotgun really can get away with anything! I blamed her F bombs on someone else. Her shriek on someone else. She should turn to a life of crime!

      2. I also wrote a message to all the moms I know wishing them a Happy Birthday instead of Happy Mother’s Day….so….yesterday was a banner day for saying the wrong thing.

  10. Red Ronin – Well first of all, forget about the pilot because that’s a child. Let’s talk about the robot. I’m going to ignore cross section because it seriously doesn’t even really look the same as the main images. I’ll admit to a bit of indirect nostalgia. The first Godzilla movie I ever watched was the much maligned Godzilla vs. Megalon, which included the giant robot Jet Jaguar, and I can’t help but get that nostalgic tingle looking at this (I should probably see a doctor about that). But in the end I don’t think that’s enough. It’s a not, with no malice intended.

    Red Wolf – Ok, strictly physically this is a hot. Wow is it a hot. The question for me is personality. He does seem a bit over-serious. And while I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt and say he’s only serious about the work and not in private, I’ve got nothing to back that up and ultimately I see work attitudes reflect home attitudes most of the time. I couldn’t go long term, but as an occasional hookup? Yeah, I could work with that. It’s a hot, by a thin margin.

    Reject – Oh hell no. Who told him it was ok to slap brown cricket pads over a karate gi? I’m glad he found acceptance somewhere but this is a hard pass from me.

    Rhino – Like some of the ladies, I wanted to give this guy some benefit of the doubt because I can work with big and dumb if they’re also sweet. And that’s the problem. I don’t think he’s sweet. And then they got into the relentless ramming issue and yeah, that’s going to get old real quick. Or it would if guys who did that lasted more than a minute and a half. Pass

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