oHOTmu or NOT Ep.94: Richard Rider to Rogue

Marvel's teenage Green Lantern. A big-headed alien race. The Circus of Crime's boss. A woodland animal in space. An untouchable mutant. Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad begins its coverage of OHOTMU's 11th issue and reveals how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amelie.

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18 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.94: Richard Rider to Rogue

  1. I loved your rant on Gambit, it was fucking funny even though I’m biased we only have 5 heroes from or in Louisiana ( Swamp Thing , Photon, Shadowman, Gambit, Hawkman) . Can you have an episode about heroes and villains that you just loathe? That would be awesome!

    1. Loathing certain superheroes is where I Find My Joy.

      And I get it! Gambit isn’t just from Louisiana, he’s Cajun! Which makes him a cousin as we’re Acadians! So he offends me personally. I imagine we’ll get back to him on the next Wedding Special…

  2. This was a fun episode to listen to and I can finally comment on the individual entries!

    Nova: I feel bad that his entry was basically all about objectifying his helmet, but I agree that you always put the helmet on if it shows up at your home, no questions asked. But sure, check for lice first. Also…did someone say “hand juice”?

    Rigellians: This entry went from Grease to Euphoria very quickly once the discussion turned to naked aliens and genitalia.

    Ringleader: Looking at those white gloves of his, all I could think about was all that evil and manipulative hand juice in those things. Also, it sounds like there is not a lot of money in circusing if you have to supplement it with hypnosis crimes. All those years of acrobatics training just so you can find yourself at 35 trying to pawn off a kid’s Casio watch. It’s sad really.

    Rocket Raccoon: I’m sorry Nath, but Raccoons are the worst. One night, I heard a loud crash from my backyard, looked out the window to investigate and found five of those grubby trash bandits swimming in my pool. I thought I’d go outside and scare them off by banging a broom on the deck but they were unfazed and even started to approach me menacingly. Needless to say, i retreated and resigned myself to acknowledging that it was no longer my pool, it belonged to them. I actually think they collect rent from me now. So, I don’t care how pee-warm their paws are. They are little suburban terrorists!

    Rogue: Having to read Rogue and Gambit’s dialogue, with those outrageous accents, was basically a war crime. If I never see the word “sugah” or “dat” again I’ll die a happy man.

      1. These weren’t freedom fighters defending the oppressed! One of them was kicking back and relaxing on a pool float! I think another one had my blender and was making cocktails!

    1. I understand about Gambit’s accent—I like the character but I’ve tried to read his solo series on Marvel Unlimited and I gave up because it was SO MUCH WORK to interpret the phonetically written accents. Can’t they trust us to use our imaginations to plug the accent in if we want?

      1. You’d think so. It’s not like they Canadian’ed up Wolverine’s dialogue and filled it with “eh?” or “hoser” or “sorry”.

        “I’m the best at what I do, eh? And what I do best, eh, is down a 2-4 of Candian and get into some kerfuffles before chowing down on a plate of poutine. Sorry, eh?”

  3. Nothing like an episode of oHOTmu in my “Latest Episodes” box on a rough day.

    Rider, Richard: I really dislike OHOTMU’s insistence on listing “defunct” characters this way. At least he wasn’t put in the Book of the Dead like those characters were in volume 1! I always thought Nova looked cool, but man, is that origin incredibly derivative!

    Rigelians: The Grease references make me want an all musical episode of this show.

    Ringmaster: I always thought he looked like classic character actor John Carradine, who was mostly known for horror films. Look him up, he’s the spitting image. Often seen with a tophat and tails, too.

    Rocket Raccoon: Rocket’s bug eyes here kind of looks like when they were going through the warp portals in Guardians 2. Totally agree with those movies activating latent tear duct activity. Bastards.

    Rogue: Her accent (and Gambit’s) on the 90s X-Men animated series were so thick, you’d have to slice them with a steak knife. I like how she got the white streak in the first X-Men film better than just bleach. I don’t hate Gambit like Siskoid, but I never really got the appeal, either. When they were starting to reveal too much about Wolverine, bring in Gambit as the new “hot mystery guy”. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder” is a term I learned from my wife. So it definitely gets around!

    1. I always thought the white streak in Rogue’s hair was because she’s a mutant. Like how Polaris has green hair or Storm has white hair.

  4. It’s hard to sympathize with the Rogue/Gambit angst when it’s so trivial a problem to solve. The X-mansion probably has an armory full of different power inhibitor devices, and there’s always the ” lock Leech in the next room” solution if those all fail.

    1. Yeah I never understood that. As many times as the X-Men have been taken prisoner and had their powers negated, you’d think Rogue would pick up one of those gadgets for herself. Or the X-Men would go to the Black Panther, Reed Richards, or Henry Pym for help for Rogue. Heck, the X-Men even have Forge, who actually invented a power negating gun, on speed dial.

  5. Regarding the line about raccoons: “They don’t look smart … but they make nice hats” – it must have taken me a full minute to get the image of Rocket Raccoon sitting with knitting needles tenting to make a hat for Groot – and then finally realized you were probably talking about a Daniel Boone style coon skin hat.

    Then again, I haven’t seen the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie yet and it could be one of those tear jerking scenes everyone is talking about.

  6. I liked the 80s Rocket Raccoon miniseries and am probably the only person on the planet who prefers earnest, cheerful swashbuckling Rocket. I remember being very disappointed how he was portrayed in the Guardians movies. Complete personality 180.

    I should also mention that Rocket’s friends in the miniseries included a walrus co-pilot who fired lasers from his tusks. How did James Gunn not give us that, I ask you?

    1. You’re not alone. I always imagined Rocket Raccoon sounding like Ronald Colman, and the Guardians version torpedoes those movies for me.

  7. I love, love, love the subtle Rigel High edit to the Grease commencement sample clip. Masterful as always Siskoid.

  8. I love love LOVE the original Nova series and the superbly designed, perfectly coloured costume and blasting motif were a big part of that. It broke my heart when Skankie Raye nicked his name and he was demoted to ‘Kid Nova’ in New Warriors, and his costume was turned brown, with cut-off arms. Richard has never recaptured his original glory, but he looks great in and out of uniform here. Hot.

    I can’t stand bigheads, so the Rigellians are a definite Not.

    Usually I’m a sucker for a chap in formalwear, but the Ringmaster’s star-spangled wellies are just too, too much. Also, take away the tacky tache and he’s a dead ringer for one of my 47 first cousins. Not.

    I have seen a raccoon, in suburban Edinburgh, in someone’s front garden. It was weird. I don’t do Furrys, so Rocket Raccoon is a definite no-no. I bet he reeks. Not.

    Similarly, Rogue does indeed look like she’s just come from an aerobics workout. A sweaty Not.

  9. Another excellent episode, everyone! So many squeals of delight in this episode that it certainly made my day brighter.

    Rider, Richard – That hair is magnificent! I always thought I would enjoy Nova stories more than I did. The concept seems fun, but I just never felt compelled to read much. BUT that helmet would always hook me with the cool factor (much like Dr.Fate’s helmet). I always wondered how his nose fit under there, though? Whenever it’s drawn it always looks like the edges of the helmet are right against his skin, so where does the nose go?

    Rigellians – That dude is a bipedal butt plug.

    Ringmaster – His main pic looks like he has cat whiskers.

    Rocket Raccoon – So many squeals!

    Rogue – I have a huge crush on Rogue, ESPECIALLY this ’80’s look (and the next “swimsuit” costume), so I’m glad the ladies liked her. As fer her power getting the way of any contact, there was certainly a storyline where they would Leech to come around so she could, at least, hug someone. Though having that little wart staring at you while making out with Rogue would be a definite turn off. While I was never a huge X-Men fan, I fell for them hard around the Fall of the Mutants time and loved how Marc Silvestri drew all the team. I think this is roughly around the time they started putting out the Marvel Swimsuit Specials? Yeah, definitely a formative time for me……

    Thank you for the compliment, but I have no “rugged” version. And only Elyse would like me? Shunned by the rest of the group! What is this, high school all over again?!

    Kidding aside, I love listening to this show as it brings me so much joy. You folks are awesome! Keep up the great work!

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