oHOTmu or NOT Ep.95: Rom to Sabra

A sad Spaceknight. A judgmental Kree. An elegant crime boss. An evil corporation. Israel's national hero. Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad continues its coverage of OHOTMU's 11th issue and reveals how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Isabel, Elyse, Nathalie, Shotgun, and Amelie.

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20 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.95: Rom to Sabra

  1. ROM – I’m sorry, but I kept expecting someone to yell, “Brain and brain! What is brain!?”, but I’m a hopeless old school Trekkie, so that’s to be expected. 😀

    Ronan – When you said “Cosmi-Rod”, Siskoid, I heard “Cosby-Rod” and that with the rest of the “Rod” comments made for a really bad mental image. And that was replaced due to Ronan’s chest emblem.

    The Rose – I never made the Tuxedo Mask connection, but now I’ll always have that in my head. I guess he needs to go save his middle-school girlfriend now.

    Roxxon – One of the best comeuppance bits for Roxxon that I saw is when The Thing and, you guessed it, Quasar flooded their secret base with oil that they were stealing from an alternate dimension*.

    Sabra – She is one character who I’ve seen a lot in supplemental material (OHOTMU and FASERIP) but I don’t think I’ve ever read a comic with her in it. Also, why a duck? Why-a no chicken? 😉 **

    * See Marvel Two-in-One #73 as covered on April 24, 2018’s FW Team-Up – Genial Gene

    ** https://youtu.be/kHMrLpDHXc0 – Ye Ol’ Commenter

    (Yes, I put editor’s notes on my own comment. 😀 )

        1. Well, I did force the gang into a Trekathon earlier this year, which included Space Seed, then movies II-IV, VI, First Contact and Insurrection, so I wouldn’t want to push my luck.

          Also, after constantly referring to Trek on Straight Outta Gallifrey, our friend A.J. has started chugging Trek from the beginning and is mid-Season 1 on TNG right now, coming to it with zero knowledge. Some people I can still influence.

  2. I never read Rom, but the Dire Wraiths showed up a lot in the X-men and scared the crap out of me, too. I was glad to hear they were finally defeated … only to be replaced by the Warwolves in Excalibur who would suck you dry and wear your skin, but somehow do it in a humorous way.

  3. Loved Rom. The half-human, half-dire wraith Hybrid was even scarier than the female dire wraiths, though. I think Marvel eventually decided the Dire Wraiths were Skrull offshoots.

    There is an amazingly fun, informative, inspiring, and sometimes heart-wrenching podcast called Funny, They Don’t Look Jewish! Therein, Henry Bernstein and Rabbi Brandon Bernstein (no relation) review comics with explicitly Jewish content. They cover most or all of Sabra’s appearances, a few of which I had seen in old Hulk comics. She’s one of those characters that’s so hot it often comes up in-story. Whether it’s comics, movies, or television, I always appreciate when the creators don’t expect the audience to accept that a clearly gorgeous character is average looking in-story.

    Keep up the great work. I think the S entries will give plenty of good material.

  4. I’m super relived that the “OHOTMU or Not” team liked ROM. He’s one of my favorite characters of all time so it shows good taste (imho) that ROM is a hot. It’s weird how so many of my quirky faves are approved by you all, Armadillo, the Original Guardians of the Galaxy, Richard Rider, Jack of Hearts, Rocket Raccoon, Serpent Society, etc

    A few notes about ROM. The best way to describe the comic, for a modern audience, is that ROM is like a 1950s Alien invasion horror movie mashed up with the ambience of Stranger Things with tons of Marvel characters appearing regularly. It’s Creepy, Cosmic, and super-heroic all in one… and Yes, those Female Dire Wraiths were terrifying. It’s wild that Marvel was able to get away with them in a kid’s comic. One of the great things about the artwork was how ROM was able to convey his emotions without having much of a face.
    On another note, ROM is not based on a Japanese toy, unlike the micronauts. He is an original American creation by the defunct toy company Parker Brothers. Sadly they didn’t want to spend any money on the articulation and he wasn’t popular… except for the Marvel comic which created his whole backstory. After the title ended, Marvel lost the rights to the cyborg version of the character but they had the rights to literally everything else in his storyline: the dire wraiths, The space knights, Galador, his girlfriend Brandy, and even his human long-haired form. But they could never reprint the original stories to much frustration by the fans… but finally Marvel and Hasbro (who now own the rights) have worked things out and the first ROM omnibus is due January 2024 ! Im so happy about this.

    P.S. I’m also glad you liked the Rose as well, it was great to be kid reading Spiderman at that time.

    Side note, the guy who wrote ROM and created his whole mythology was the same guy that created Sabra: Bill Mantlo. (He also created Rocket Raccoon too)

  5. ROM: Isn’t it weird that Steve Ditko drew the entry for ROM, but not Spider-Man or Doctor Strange? I know he refused to draw either again, due to the detested co-creator credits, but still. In Who’s Who, the creators often came out of retirment to draw their signature characters.

    I’ve only seen the ROM toy in person like once, and it’s kind of unimpressive. The comic took something that would have been a footnote in the anals of toy history and made it a beloved character. Good on you, Bill Mantlo!

    Ronan: He’s probably squat because Byrne likes to channel Kirby pretty heavily sometimes. Sometimes not.

    The Rose: Man, the Spider-Office was full of some shady shenanigans with rewriting character histories, weren’t they? Richard Fisk had already been a mysterious villain once before, the Schemer. The most recent Back Issue (#145) has an article on The Rose. Exiting writer Tom DeFalco wanted Fisk to be Hobgoblin, and Roderick Kingsley to be the Rose. Kingsley was who previous writer Roger Stern had pegged as the original Hobgoblin, and years later, he did reveal he WAS the true Hobgoblin. So confusing!

    Roxxon: That extra, dropping “X” in the logo is very similar to the real-life equivalent. Not a sponsor.

    Sabra: She looks cool, but are her powers too “kitchen sink”? I don’t know. Aren’t the quills enough, with maybe some super strength?

    Fun show as always! Thanks for the laughs.

      1. My thoughts exactly about Ditko on ROM, maybe if he drew in a style like did in the 1950s it would have been better. I often wonder what ROM might have been if they had handed the art duties to Michael Golden or Pat Broderick… or maybe even Paul Smith…

  6. This was a fun episode to listen to, but it sounded kind of subdued, which I can only imagine is due to the Siskoid embezzlement funded new podcasting studio.

    ROM: The way Siskoid described the Dire Wraiths gave me the heebie jeebies.

    Ronin: I told you. This group can not be trusted with a loaded word like “rod”.

    The Rose: I like the idea that the group put in my head of The Rose wearing a woman’s pantsuit and a bonnet. Smelling like bourbon and stinky leather masks. Just this sharp dressed, androgynous rooftop crime boss gardner.

    Roxxon: I feel like I could listen to the panel tear down old rich white guys all day long. Next episode I hope to hear someone randomly shout out “Eff you Bezos!” While they discuss what Sandman’s junk is like. I figure Sandman’s junk will come up. I’m just playing the odds.

    Sabra: A Marvel Eurovision sounds fun and weird and I bet The Abomination has a beautiful singing voice.

    I forgot all about the Marvel Swimsuit specials and I feel like they are weird and hyper-sexualized and probably inappropriate and filled with bulges and disappearing nipples and that’s right in oHOTmu’s wheelhouse.

    And lastly, I loved hearing someone say “mon dieu” because that always seemed like French dialogue I’d see in a comic that i assumed no one who spoke French really said and it makes me hopeful that I’ll hear “Sacre Bleu!” next!

  7. Well, I’m incredibly behind listening (and commenting!) on all the shows, but I’m glad to be getting back into it and what a show to get back into! Once again the oHOTmu crew does not disappoint and left me with a smile during the work day! On to the entries…..

    Rom – I couldn’t get my head around Rom. I mean, I understand the whole “comic is a tie-in to the toy”, but I just don’t get the “lore” of Rom. It’s not bad at all and the few issues I’ve read, I didn’t mind them. But I can’t sit down and read the whole Rom arc. Having said that, that armour is hot!

    Ronan the Accuser – So many giggles through this while entry for me, but what takes the cake is the exasperation in Siskoid’s voice after all the “rod” talk.

    Rose, The – I was deep into Spider books at this time and so really liked the Rose. I guess after all the crazy villains, I enjoyed the street level crime of the Rose. I even enjoyed that he was the Kingpin’s son and was trying to separate himself (and do better) than his dad. I was glad to hear the ladies thought he was hot.

    Roxxon, Company, Oil – What a bunch of crusty old white dudes. And what is up with DeVoor’s hair!?! As a blading man myself, that is not what my first go to look would be. And am I the only one how thinks Dearsborn looks like Stan Lee?

    You wouldn’t laugh at my Cosmi-Rod? I don’t think there is any joke I could make here that wouldn’t be creepy, disgusting, or disgustingly creepy so I will leave well enough alone…..

    Thanks again for all the great laughs! Now to keep catching up with my listening so I can comment on ep.#96!

    Keep up the great work!

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