oHOTmu or NOT Ep.96: Sabretooth to Scarecrow

Wolverine's potential brother. A human beach. A Canadian Big Foot. Antarctic natives. Not a Batman villain. Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad continues its coverage of OHOTMU's 11th issue and reveals how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amelie.

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16 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.96: Sabretooth to Scarecrow

  1. Another fun and great episode!

    Sasquatch – I didn’t know all the convoluted story about him at all. A gamma bomb busting into the Inuit god realm?? Insanity. Inhabiting bodies like Deadman??? Bizarre.

    Scarecrow – I definitely like this character and this outfit. Terrifying.

    As for the page signings, I am amazed that no creator has ever recognized the acronym OHOTMU. Every single time I have to write it out on a post-it note for them to copy. Each time they do ask a bit about the concept of the show. This time, each artist got it pretty quickly and picked ‘hot or not’ right away. There is a funny story for the Shadowcat entry but I will wait for the discussion to add the comment there.

  2. Another fun episode!

    Scarecrow: While I’m not a fan of murderous villains in general, I acknowledge that they have their place. However, Scarecrow REALLY became irredeemable in a Ghost Rider story when he murdered a mother and baby (off-panel, but still…). As I recall, he was killed off at the end of that story, but was later brought back to life with supernatural/demonic powers. I’m sorry, but when a villain crosses that line, you kill them off and keep them dead.

    Marvel also had another character named Scarecrow in the 1970s, a supernatural entity that emerged out of a painting to battle the followers of a demonic Cult. This Scarecrow appeared to be actually made of straw (bullets passed through him harmlessly, and fire was his weakness), and as I recall, he never spoke but had a terrifying laugh. I don’t know whether the ’70s Scarecrow was created before or after Batman’s Scarecrow was reintroduced, also in the ’70s.

    When the ’70s Scarecrow was brought back in a Dr. Strange storyline (not sure if it was the ’90s or 2000s), his name was changed to “Straw Man” to avoid confusion with either the Batman villain or with Laughton. This particular character does not appear in OHOTMU, either as Scarecrow or as Straw Man, because he had only appeared in three 1970s comics by the time of OHOTMU, and had fallen into obscurity.

  3. I like how the Sabertooth conversation devolved into Siskoid tying to explain the difference between “Mutant” and “Altered Human” as a superhero origin. (Yes, I bring in FASERIP whenever possible. 😀 )

    The Sasquatch entry is an example of knowing too much. I was much better off with thinking that Walter had succeeded in recreating Banner’s experiment. The “blew a hole in another dimension” thing is just a bit too out there for me. My question now is was Byrne involved in that origin or did that come after him?

    “Some people have hairy thighs.” Don’t make me send more pictures. Although, if I did, you might have to cover them under the Sasquatch feedback (which is appropriate to the compliment this episode). 😉

    The only experience I have with Scarecrow is his appearance early on in the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider series, as Erich mentioned, where he ended up impaled on a pitchfork but, dun dun dun!, his body was gone when they came back to it later. That made him seem like a bigger deal than he really was.

  4. In the comics, it was revealed fairly recently that the Sandman does have a daughter by an ex-girlfriend. Comic-book time being as confusing as it is, I’m unsure exactly when she was supposed to have been conceived, but I think he was already the Sandman when he fathered her. I don’t think his daughter has shown any signs of superhuman powers yet. In any case, that answers the question: His sperm is NOT sand (at least not at all times).

  5. Just wanted to mention one of my favorite Sabretooth moments, from an issue of Peter David’s run on Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man. (This was before Sabretooth became a really big deal in X-Men and Wolverine, so he was still something of a second-string villain at the time.) Sabretooth was applying for an assignment from an international crimelord/assassin, The Foreigner, but the Foreigner explained that he preferred to employ assassins who didn’t stand out and could blend into the crowd. When Sabretooth asked what it would take for the Foreigner to hire him, Foreigner replied: “Orthodontia, electrolysis, a manicure…and PUPILS!”

  6. It took me more years than I care to admit to realize the Sandman from Spider-Man was the same Sandman from the Frightful Four. At least I knew the guy who wears the gas mask and purple was different!

    1. That was a great run by Peter David on Spectacular Spider-Man, and I think it included Sabretooth getting his ass kicked by The Black Cat. Maybe Peter David hated Sabretooth.

  7. Sabretooth: I feel like Sabretooth was one of those characters who was said to be popular, but it was kind of artificial at first. Then by the time he achieved true popularity, no one knew why. Okay, tying him to Wolverine in any way, sure. But he was already rising in that way before the two ever fought. The Claremont creation factor?

    Sandman: Am I the only person who hated that they made his original name Flint Marko into an alias? The connection between Flint and sand or sandpaper make for a perfectly great comic book name, setting up a person’s eventual fate. William Baker? Bleh. I usually love Kirby’s designs, but not that Sandman armor. Give me the Ditko striped shirt and brown pants anyday. Loved Thomas Hayden Church in Spider-Man 3 (probably the best part of the film), hated the reveal about his involvement in Uncle Ben’s death. So unncessary, and undermining of Spider-Man’s motivations.

    Sasquatch: Uh, no. Just no with all that convoluted nonsense. I’ve heard Byrne hated doing Alpha Flight and was basically forced into it. Story upheaval like this shows.

    Savage Land Mutates: That’s Craig Hamilton on art? That’s really surprising. Seems much less detailed than his work on Aquaman around this time. Was Joe Rubenstein rushed this issue?

    Scarecrow: I’m a big fan of the DC villain, so this guy always seemed like a generic substitute. I do get he was created before Scarecrow was brought back, so I’ll cut him so slack. Scarecrow re-emerged about 2 years after this character’s debut. Too bad the very strange, heroic Scarecrow from the painting that Erich mentioned above didn’t appear in oHOTmu. I think the girls would have had a field day with that bonkers concept.

  8. Sabretooth’s real name, Victor Creed, sounds very Hannibal Lechter like to me. Just too impossible of a name to exist in the real world. He’s one of those characters where they wanted to make his past mysterious but also connected to the protagonist and they twisted it in a pretzel trying to keep it a secret and the reveal ends up being dumb. He’s dumb.

    I kind of liked Sandman until the panel started to talk about his sand babies and now I have oHOTmu PTSD whenever I see Thomas Hayden Church’s face.

    With Sasquatch I learned that the panel is okay with a monster as long as they dress up like a 19th century aristocrat. They can overlook foot hands if there’s a monocle and a stovepipe top hat nearby. Walter’s relationship with Aurora always creeped me out and felt kind of wrong. He and her brother really messed with her. Also, after hearing about Sasquatch’s history along with the rest of the team, I think John Byrne hated the members of Alpha Flight and might also have a gripe against Canada.

    The Savage Land dudes were all posed like they were displaying their crotches to us and I didn’t like that.

    I don’t know a lot about the scarecrow but him working with crows has to violate some kind of scarecrow union bylaws.

  9. Oh man, I’m so far behind! But slowly catching up! It’s always a joy to hear the crew so I’m sorry I’m so far behind. The episode was great to hear for all the joy and giggles out of the crew.

    Sabertooth – “If it was a jacket, I’d consider it”. I’ve heard worse reasons for sleeping with someone……..

    Sandman – To cats, he’s Litterman! Where this conversation went, I’m surprised the ladies didn’t think he should rebrand his look as Daniel Craig in a bathing suit on the beach. Talk about a bulge!

    Sasquatch – Yes! This CanCon is what I’m here for! I live at the bottom of Burnaby Mountain, which Simon Fraser University sits on top of. I’ve seen some bears, coyotes, owls, and heron in the woods near our house but no Sasquatches just yet.

    Savage Land Mutates – Lupo’s high pitched screeches? That’s the oHOTmu’s crew power! If short, hairy men are from Bathurst, is that were Puck is from?!

    Scarecrow – With the Umberto the Uncanny name, they were probably playing off Boris Karloff who was billed as Karloff the Uncanny for some of his films after Frankenstein.

    Thanks for holding off the cats from peeing on me! From what I understand, that would stink!

    What a wonderful episode, everyone! This was such a delight to listen to and I’m looking forward to getting back on track with the rest of the episodes. Keep up the great work!

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