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Imagine a podcast that celebrates the things we love.

Why spend time being so angry and cynical about our fandoms?

Join the Irredeemable Shag for a show where we’re just trying to be happy. Our discussions cover a variety of geeky subjects that we’re passionate about. While the topics will be ever-changing, our focus will be on science fiction, comic books, pop culture, what it means to be a geek in this world, and other nostalgia-fueled ideas.

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Life is short. Focus on the positive. Find Your Joy.

9 responses to “Once Upon A Geek Promo

  1. Wow, talk about rolling up the red carpet! Find your joy? Be positive? I feel targeted. You could have just DM’d me a dis-invite. Looking forward to seeing how this isn’t FW Presents. I’m guessing more Mannheim Steamroller?

    * Shag gets it, but as a disclaimer for anyone who wants to get pissy on his account, this is the nerd-bullying equivalent of “break a leg.”

  2. About time because I’ve felt Shagg slipping into negativity in recent times (who could be blamed?). Find your joy again, my friend! I’ll help!

    I do think your list of “focuses” is missing “pictures of bare feet on the beach”.

  3. The music and the tone made me think of TV commercials for prescription meds — not the ones for chronic, debilitating conditions, mind you — maybe ED or psoriasis. I was listening for the list of disturbing side effects, but it never came.

    Based on where my mind went, I probably need this podcast.

  4. Looking forward to this.

    I especially like the idea of ‘being a geek in a world of normals’ idea that you spoke about in the JLI podcast. I’m ‘that comic book guy’ in some circles here at work.

    As we learned long ago, ‘accentuate the positives, eliminate the negatives’.

  5. Listening in UK so it’s fascinating to hear about an American geeky childhood. I watched an episode of Square Pegs as a result – it reminded me of how much of a misfit I was – and still am. However as you say, the geeks seem to have taken over Hollywood, which is not something I would have predicted!

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