Once Upon A Geek – Blue Devil Preview in Fury of Firestorm #24


Our coverage of the classic 1980s BLUE DEVIL comic series begins! Diabolu Frank and The Irredeemable Shag find their joy discussing one of their all-time favorite characters, Blue Devil! This episode re-presents a previous discussion exploring Blue Devil's first appearance in the 16-page free preview from THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #24!

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9 responses to “Once Upon A Geek – Blue Devil Preview in Fury of Firestorm #24

  1. Didn’t expect a clip show but looking forward to this blue devil series . And what’s wrong with having a Frank for sidekick it worked in mystery science theater 3000 and look how doctor foster turned out . Just wondering has any one in the fire water family played the 80’s mania return app game ? Also maybe a random idea for a once upon a geek episode maybe you guys could play the filsinger cards legends of wrestling card game or go fight pow as fun on off episode . Just a random thought.

  2. Fan casting Dan Cassidy would probably need to be a voice actor, as, after the 1st episode, we wouldn’t see Dan’s face anymore, since he’d be in the Blue Devil suit. That is, unless they do something monumentally stupid like making it so he can change back & forth between BD & Dan. That said, I think recasting the guy who played Dan in the short-lived Swamp Thing from 2019 would be fine. Ian Ziering is older, but could easily do the first episode (or scene, if its a movie), then do the voice work with someone else doing the body work of Blue Devil (see Doom Patrol and Cliff being played by Brendan Fraser & Riley Shanahan).

  3. I’ve never read a Blue Devil comic. Sure I’d read him in other books, but never his title. In 84 I got the vast majority of my comics from my uncle. I read the comics he read, and I guess Blue Devil didn’t interest him. I certainly didn’t avoid reading Blue Devil, he just wasn’t available to me. By the time I was buying my own comics and visiting comic shops on my own, Blue Devil’s title had been cancelled. He’s just never been on my radar.
    That changes now! You’ve convinced me! I’ll be buying the first few issues A.S.A.P., and I expect, putting a complete run together.
    Thank you for sharing your joy about this character. He sounds exactly like what I’m looking to read these days.

  4. Hi Guys, I really enjoyed this episode. I only have a small bit of Blue Devil history but I’m looking forward to finding out more. I’ve already shared on Twitter that I read this story via a UK reprint. It had a great JLGL (pbhn) cover and came in handy when I finally found a copy of FoF 24 as the preview had already been pulled out. Presumably to sell on Etsy.


    I’m with Frank in regretting the cancellation of the Showcase Presents reprints. Maybe one day you’ll get your Blue Devil and I’ll get my Sugar and Spike.

    I enjoyed hearing your endorsement of Dan’s mutton-chops but I can’t agree with the idea of making him a weedy nerd. The DC Universe is not big enough for two mutton-chopped nerds. Cliff Carmichael is more than enough. Maybe even too much.

    I look forward to hearing another Blue Devil episode soon.


    1. Thanks for buying our UK reprint Heroes comic, Damien – you likely noticed that the Flash cover was adapted from that JLG-L (PBHN) DC style guide I should have nicked from the office!

  5. Just finished this episode after a run in weather which honestly for Scotland is effectively Hell. So perhaps perfect for a story about a Devil.

    Anyway first of kudos for a F&W Podcast remembering the fact they actually covered an issue before and running the old version even if it’s in a new frame. Maybe someone jogged Shag’s memory about this after the whole Brave and Bold redo recently for JLMay.

    Secondly normally I assume that Frank has gotten a little more mellow over the years, but actually listening to the section from 8 years ago, Franck was mellow and friendly back then. I have no idea how Shag has managed to build this whole character called “frank” that he regularly complains about in other podcasts. Both 8 year ago Frank and now Frank seemed perfectly nice and friendly the whole way through this episode. I’m now beginning to think if the Frank that Shag complains about is even real or just a projection of Shag’s imagination!

    Anyway back to the story at hand. I enjoyed the episode and the general chat about BD, I’ll be looking out for future episodes of OUAG when Issue one will actually be covered, I’ve set my alarm for 2031 so let me know if it pops up before then. I actually bought this issue off the Newsagents Shelves as a young boy… While we can’t be certain what drew me to this Firestorm issue to want to buy it I am Scottish and the offer of some FREE Comic book inside might have convinced me. I’m not sure where my copy is – but I am frustrated that it’s not been reprinted in any format ever. Shame on DC for not doing that. Hopefully the power of F&W can will it into existence! Talking of which maybe someone can pitch a follow up series to Blue and Gold swapping out Ted and Booster for Dan and Dr Fate or throw them all in together!

    In summary despite the billing of having Frank on the show this episode was a great companion on a run in the sun* today and I honestly am looking forward to the next appearance of Frank on the show.

    *I should point out that I might be suffering sun stroke due to the current weather in Scotland and going for a run in it so my views and opinions might be impacted.

    P.S. I would have said that my top choice would have been Nathan Fillion as Dan Cassady but I’m sure he is busy at the moment and while his sidekick Alan Tudyk is also a good choice I actually think I’d love to see / hear someone who I’ve always thought was both funny and a great actor – Keegan-Michael Key.

    1. Doug, the Frank that Shag complains about is actually a creation of Frank’s imagination, and it is a hoot.

  6. Thanks for this blast from the past, who doesn’t love Blue Devil? And I’ll take a guest spot from Frank any year.

    I loved that preview insert when it appeared in my favourite comic, here was a character worthy of being in Firestorm’s universe. OK, the costume isn’t as good – that legless jumpsuit is something even Mike Grell would reject, and there were no puffy sleeves. And Dan’s horrific mutton chops hadn’t been seen by UK eyes since 1971, but he was a great character. And his supporting cast were terrific too. Story-wise, you never knew what you were going to get – a team-up with Zatanna, a date issue, an Invasion take on Of Mice and Men…

    I loved Frank’s speech about the podcasting community, it was heartfelt and true.

  7. Up until this broadcast, the character of Blue Devil had been one I had only seen on ads in DC comics. It certainly looked fun and engaging to me as a kid, however in that time period, grocery stores and drug stores had spinner racks in my town. There was no specialty nor comic shop to go to until the 90s. The spinner racks were highly unreliable if you were collecting the same title monthly. You were at the mercy of whatever was being placed on the racks, and then that doesn’t count if your mom or dad would give you the money to buy the title.

    ANYWAYS, I am looking forward in episodes coming up regarding Blue Devil. I did a quick search on mycomicshop.com and saw the run is available in stock! I may go ahead and get the first few issues provided you are reviewing them in order. I appreciate how you do translate the joy of reading these old titles. It conveys in how you speak so lovingly and it is infectious to this reader who is always finding new things to read from decades past. Thank you for the fun and entertaining content! I want to echo a comment I have seen here already regarding Frank’s speech about the podcasting community. It is heartfelt and true. I came across several shows from the Unpacking the Power of Power Pack show as different hosts were guests of Jeff and Rick. It’s great to feel the harmony of individual communities coming together. Now, onto listening to some of the archives! I’ve never seen any of the V miniseries nor regular series. I just read a lengthy interview with Kenneth Johnson in Vanity Fair as the show’s 40th anniversary is approaching. I am looking forward to hearing Shag’s excitement.

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