Once Upon A Geek – Blue Devil Interview with Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn


Our coverage of the classic 1980s BLUE DEVIL comic series continues! This episode offers a fascinating interview recorded in 2009 with the Blue Devil co-creators, writers Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn.

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5 responses to “Once Upon A Geek – Blue Devil Interview with Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn

  1. Sing it with me now. I know you all know the words.

    Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue Devil, wider than a mile…

    Wait. What do you mean that’s “Moon River” and has nothing at all to do with Dan Cassidy? OK, so it’s time for me to admit I couldn’t think of any David Cassidy song parodies that would fit (as if this one did, sorry).

    Glad you re-presented this interview, Shag. Pretty good chance to let other people do the talking and you be lazy by broadcasting podcast reruns.

  2. That was a very interesting interview. I’ll have to look in to reading blue devil . I’ve only ever seen blue devil when he was in the swamps thing tv show .

  3. Excellent interview Shagg. I found Dan and Gary very forthcoming about the Blue Devil character and the process they had for writing him. Thanks for sharing the pitch they made on Blue Devil as well, very interesting and gives you a great sense of the work they put in to flesh out Blue Devil and the supporting characters. Loom forward to you diving deep into the Blue Devil series later on.

  4. Did I hear you correctly about fan-casting Dan Cassidy…?

    My ideal casting for Dan Cassidy would have been Brendan Fraser from his time doing THE MUMMY movies, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, and GODS AND MONSTERS. I think he would’ve fit the bill physically, but would also have been able to do any of the comedic bits which were part of the original stories. If I had the talent of someone like Alex Ross, Fraser would be my model upon which to base my drawings of Blue Devil.

    Unfortunately, time marches on, and I’d be really reluctant to use an AI duplicate of Brendan Fraser just to maintain my fan-casting… I fished around for some alternatives, but nothing really sparked my imagination. Anyone else?

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